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  1. G

    Movie updates - where does it go?

    I tried your suggestion, thanks! There is now more space available on my Strato 12 than before, so I suspect the update indeed went to the Terra and then it erased the version on the strato
  2. G

    Disc to Digital Price Reduction

    Is there any way to know if the disc to digital prices we see are better than the usual ones? As an example, the Pirates of the Caribbean series is around ~$16. I can't tell if that's the normal disc to digital price or if its better. All the ~$4 ones were easy to tell. :)
  3. G

    Movie updates - where does it go?

    I have an Alto 4T, Strato 12T, and now a Terra 24T. When an update for a movie comes out, does the update overwrite the original movie if the movie is on the Alto or Strato? Or does the update get routed to the Terra, and the prior copy deleted off the Strato or Alto? I know this is less...
  4. G

    OFF-TOPIC Forum Members, Enter to Win Store Credits

    Thanks for hosting this Jim, and for sharing the pics!
  5. G

    Sound Drops with slight pop

    Your Strato is HDMI out directly into the Acurus? HDMI is a pain. I'd double check (unplug & replug) both ends. Also, try using HDMI inputs 8, 7, or 6 on the Acurus. Which HDMI out are you using? - Garrett
  6. G

    OFF-TOPIC Forum Members, Enter to Win Store Credits

    Thanks so much Jim! I'd love to be included in the drawing also. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !🎄
  7. G

    Collection View Sorting

    Actually, it'd be nice to have multiple criteria and filters. Sort by alphabetical, filter by common sense rating, etc.
  8. G

    Lord of the Rings

    I don't see a benefit.
  9. G


    Love it, thanks!
  10. G

    Movie Updates

    Thanks for that explation John. I had room for 2 more 4K movies and had 5 updates queued up. When I woke up, the downloads had stopped and there was no more room on my Strato. I was wondering if I had to delete a movie before downloading an update, but your explanation covered what is going on.
  11. G


    Sorry to bring this thread back up... but I'm maxing out the storage on my Alto and Strato 12 before adding my new Terra 24. Is there an amount of leftover/unused storage that I should leave on each unit to optimize performance, for defragging or other purposes?
  12. G

    Home Router Recomendations

    Good point. I think I dismissed those when I was looking into their equipment, but its excellent to point that limitation out.
  13. G

    Movies Anywhere?

    I think discs and any other "hard copy" concepts are going to fall off in the next few years. Disney already said they weren't planning on any future releases. Some companies have limited or stopped producing disc players. And studios would probably rather have control for copywrite purposes. I...
  14. G

    Home Router Recomendations

    I know the thread is bouncing a bit, but I keep meaning to put in Luxul as an option. I have a Luxul router, and a Ruckus switch and wifi APs. I'm relatively informed about computers, and it has been my other hobby for 35 years. Luxul stuff is super easy to configure and manage, and has been...
  15. G

    Sort by Price in the Movie Store

    Yeah, I could see that. Usually I'm filtering a specific search, but I can see a case for that.
  16. G

    Movies on Sale...

    Woah! That's a TON of increases, some small, some not. Wonder what prompted that?
  17. G

    “Uber Terra”

    Yeah, I' didn't read the SLA. But I knew what I was getting in to though. After all, K must be able to reasonably ensure copywrite protection for media as well as their own intellectual property. When you look at just the price of bare hard disk storage, there's a huge disparity between that...
  18. G

    Disc to Digital Price Reduction

    I think the vault only allows you to play the disc and sends it through the Strato. It will also allow you to catalog the disc, so it shows up on your Kscape movies as a title you own. In order to get a digital copy of the movie downloaded to your Strato though, you'll need to purchase the...
  19. G

    NEWS: Warner Bros Hybrid 2021 Distribution Model

    I'd expect most studios to do something like that. Looks like Disney did already. It's a hook for new business. They'll offer initally exclusive material to subscribers only. But I doubt the majority of people want to pay a reoccurring monthly subscription to several different studios/sources...
  20. G

    NEWS: Warner Bros Hybrid 2021 Distribution Model

    It's a niche market for sure. Lots of folks couldn't care less or identify the difference in streaming vs Kscape. But, consider high end 2-ch audio. There are several manufactures who are still creating new equipment (speakers, pre-amps, amps, digital players, DACs, etc). That's never going to...