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Search results

  1. cinelife

    Disc to Digital Price Reduction

    @ccool, agreed, and understood, I'm just illustrating why this is confusing to owners. I get one or two questions on this weekly, especially when there are sales in the store. Forum members have the ability to figure these things out and share findings on the forum, but there are many...
  2. cinelife

    Disc to Digital Price Reduction

    I'm not sure how this all gets so confusing, but clearly it is to many owners. Owners are reporting different price offers for the same Hobbit content, with variations in resolution and audio. When I checked my system, I already own the extended HDR/Atmos versions of the Hobbit movies...
  3. cinelife

    Home Alone

    That's weird, I see it on mine......agree with John, check with support. (Obviously with the Alto you will not see an HDR version anyway, and my HD version was tied to that option, but John sees what you're seeing and he is using Strato (or Terra) like me. This might be just be the...
  4. cinelife

    Home Alone

    Not sure why it's not appearing on your end, I have the HD download from the Store, and it still shows when I select the UHD/HDR version as well. Try selecting the HDR version and see if the HD version is listed with it. Jim
  5. cinelife

    The Godfather, Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone

    Interesting that FFC was never really satisfied with III, and rightfully so IMO (and others), so I'm curious what effect re-editing and shortening the film has on my initial disappointment with III. Jim
  6. cinelife

    How get HD movies onto Alto 6tb instead of full Terra Server 40tb?

    With the Alto/Strato/Terra systems I've always liked the idea of being able to identify the location of a title, and be able to move that title internally from one of those devices to another for two reasons: 1. It gives us more control over content within our systems, and 2. It saves K the...
  7. cinelife

    How get HD movies onto Alto 6tb instead of full Terra Server 40tb?

    From the Strato Install Guide: In a multi-zone system, up to four Strato players with internal storage may be used. This configuration is suitable for installations where one or two movies will be played at the same time in the household. Beyond four zones, or if more than two simultaneous...
  8. cinelife

    Definitive steps to preparing a server for resale

    Correct, and there is a fee. (Check with K Support, the fee may have changed, but it was $250 for up to the first 5 disks, $30 each additional.) Jim
  9. cinelife

    Catalog with M700?

    Brent, I'll send you my M500 to use in cataloging those discs, return it when your done. Jim
  10. cinelife

    Thanks to our Forum heroes!

    Well said Chris.....especially the part about me....😁 On a serious note, nothing we do here would matter without you guys, and I know I speak for Josh as well when I say we are truly grateful for all the memberships, and in particular the folks who continue to share here on a regular basis, you...
  11. cinelife

    New Disk set problem

    Still very good of you to help Chris so quickly!! (He's a great guy!) Jim
  12. cinelife

    New Disk set problem

    Very nice of you John, that's awesome! Jim
  13. cinelife

    World's First SONY Crystal LED powered by Kaleidescape si going up as we speak at the Blofeld Clone PH

    Ha! I'm being ignored at the moment (but I'll reach out to a few)! Jim
  14. cinelife

    New Disk set problem

    Chris, unless something has changed in the software that I'm not aware of, you will need that password from the previous owner (assuming they have it), OR you will need help from K Support (I believe they can reset on their end). Jim
  15. cinelife

    Thanks to our Forum heroes!

    Just echoing Josh here, incredibly grateful to have all of you folks participating in and supporting the Forum, THANK YOU! I also want to thank my incredible friend Josh, without him there wouldn't be an owner's forum!! He certainly is the brains behind all of the work that goes into...
  16. cinelife

    NEWS: Welcome Tayloe Stansbury, Kaleidescape CEO, to Kaleidescape Owners' Forum!

    I had a great conversation with Tayloe last evening. Incredibly smart and caring leader, and I feel very comfortable saying that his ideas and leadership will be a positive force moving forward. That said, I want to thank Cheena for his tireless work ethic and leadership in bringing...
  17. cinelife

    Sound levels: 3U vs. 1U+

    My experience is the same as John's. I did not try to measure the dB levels when my 3U's were installed, it would have been impossible without shutting down a dozen other components in the two racks, BUT, as John said, there is a noticeable difference in sound levels. (A side benefit...
  18. cinelife

    Stuck at completing update

    Thanks for that explanation John! Jim
  19. cinelife

    Avatar - huh?

    The priority is finishing Av2. As you all likely know, the live filming was technically finished awhile ago (although I'm sure there will be some reshoots, there always are with JC). There is more work on the virtual/CGI side than the live filming, which is one reason Av2 continually...