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Search results

  1. J

    Spartacus 4K HDR

    This new 55th Anniversary 4K HDR transfer looks amazing! Regardless of how many times you've watched this epic, you have never seen it looking like this, with a new 4K digital intermediate taken from a 6K scan of the original 35 mm Super 70 Technirama prints. And if you've never seen it -- as...
  2. J

    Strato with 2020 D&M receiver?

    Hi. I've got an install with a Strato connected to a new Marantz SR7015 and Sony 950H TV. Running through the Marantz I get flashing white screen periodically when watching 4K HDR content. Might not happen until 5-10 minutes into a movie, but then once it happens, it regularly happens every 10...
  3. J

    Interview with Kaleidescape's Mike Kobb

    Chances are you've interacted with Mike Kobb here at the forum as he's the Principal Engineer of User Experience at Kaleidescape. You might not know that he's an avid movie buff with an incredibly custom built home theater that he was heavily involved in designing. Here's an interview I did with...
  4. J

    Kaleidescape Movie Reviews

    Hello, all! I've been writing for a site called Cineluxe for awhile that focuses on luxury home-cinema topics, and I've reviewed a BUNCH of recent Kaleidescape store releases, mainly looking at picture and sound quality. (I try to keep the reviews spoiler-free.) Kaleidescape has been very...
  5. J

    1917 video issue?

    Hi. I watched 1917 last night (great movie!) and while the vast majority of the movie looked great, there was a moment in the scene marked "The Dogfight". The camera is traveling horizontally behind these vertical wooden slates of a small pen and the image is a real mess. I watched it a few...
  6. J

    New Collection: Titles available to redownload

    I have a 6TB Strato, and I find that I'm now regularly needing to delete 4K content to make room for new. (Yes, I know this is a total First World Problem and that I should just upgrade to the 12TB or a Terra!) One thing that would be really helpful (for me at least) would be a new collection...
  7. J

    IMAX Enhanced Titles

    Just saw this post over at soundandvision.com https://www.soundandvision.com/content/imax-announces-expansion-imax-enhanced-program which talks about some studios announcing IMAX Enhanced content. (I have a meeting scheduled with DTS to discuss at CEDIA next week...) I'm thinking that there...
  8. J

    Kaleidescape Movie Reviews

    Hello, all! I've been writing for a new website (www.cineluxe.com) that focuses on luxury home cinema, and part of what I've been doing for them is reviewing movies downloaded from the Kaleidescape Store. I've done quite a few so far, and try to look at all the quality re-issues. You can...
  9. J

    The Natural 4K

    Just purchased and downloaded the 35th anniversary re-release of The Natural. The disc is touting a new director's cut which is said to run 2 hours 24 minutes. When I look at the store info for the movie (both on the web and the mobile app) it lists the run time as 2 hours 24, which made me...
  10. J

    Why Kaleidescape Could Own Day and Date

    Check out part one of my post over at Cineluxe speculating why Kaleidescape is poised to own the day-and-date delivery market. https://www.cineluxe.com/kaleidescape-and-day-date-pt-1/ Part two will be dropping tomorrow.... Love any feedback or comments as well as gauge the interest IF...
  11. J

    Remote Title Deletion?

    I've just run out of storage on my Strato :eek: and need to delete something to make room for Alien 4K HDR to watch tonight! Is this something I can do remotely? (I don't have a VLAN to my house...) Wondering if there is a way to do it through the Store or the app or if I need to be at my home...
  12. J

    Extras Added After Initial Release

    Thought I'd start a thread here that hopefully others can contribute to... Often early release movies don't include any extras (or sometimes the Atmos audio track). It's hard to keep up with what is added across a large library, so I thought maybe we could crowd-source this info to keep up with...
  13. J

    2001: A Space Odyssey audio mix

    Hi, all. Just curious, I have this film in my collection in HD quality from like 2 years ago. Is there any point to deleting that version and re-downloading the new version? Do you know if the HD version received any upgrades/updates when they did the 4K HDR version? Like is it a better video...
  14. J

    Dealer Newsletter call for best demo scenes

    Hi! We're looking for some dealers to share their favorite demo scenes. Do you have a really powerful demo scene you use? Tell us something about it—where it is in the film (or if it’s bookmarked by Kaleidescape), why you like it, why you find it effective, and how you set it up for your...
  15. J

    Bought Jedi in HD and want HDR...

    I just spoke to Kaleidescape's CEO, Cheena Srinivasan, about having to purchase The Last Jedi twice because it is offered in two separate formats. Kaleidescape, like other retailers, distributes licensed content for sale. The confidential license terms and conditions may restrict retailers from...
  16. J

    Sneak Peak: On Screen Movie Store Enabled

    Sent to dealers last week: Starting today, the Kaleidescape Movie Store is available in the onscreen display of all dealer Strato systems running kOS 10.2 software. With this fully functional beta version, you can now browse, search, and purchase the highest quality movies available online...
  17. J

    MoviesAnywhere NOT UV

    Just a heads-up to the group... If you redeem a movie code at MoviesAnywhere it will NOT port over to your UltraViolet account, and then won't appear for you to download in your Kaleidescape account. Just got burned on 4 discs I got with UV codes.... So, MoviesAnywhere is definitely not...
  18. J

    UV Movies delay?

    I added three movies to my ultraviolet locker last night: fate of the furious, transformers last knight, war of the planet of the apes. All of these movies instantly showed up in my Ultraviolet, Vudu, and Movies Anywhere accounts, but 14 hours later so far only transformers has appeared at...
  19. J

    Kaleidescape CEO discusses Apple 4K Announcement

    Hi, all! I spent about an hour on the phone last night with Cheena discussing Apple's 4K TV announcement and his thoughts on how this would affect the market, the state of 4K in general, and thoughts about mass-market versus discerning clientele. Think everyone here will enjoy hearing his...
  20. J

    Show Available Upgrades

    I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but now with UHD/HDR coming out, and also with some titles initially coming out in one version, then staggered with another version, then with a better audio soundtrack added later, it would be awesome if there was a tab on your store account -- or on...