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    SOLD: 1U K-server-1500, 4x 1TB; grandfathered

    I am selling my original 1U server now that I have finished moving to a bigger server. This server is grandfathered for DVD imports. It has 4x 1TB drives for 3TB of usable storage. All content except the preloaded demo content was moved to the trash. I have owned this for just over 2 years and...
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    1U face/bezel broken clips

    I acquired another 1U with a bad power supply. It runs now but the remaining problem is that all of the rataining clips are broken on the bezel so it won't stay on. It looks like the clips are riveted to the metal mesh piece on the back side of the bezel. Is this piece available in a repair kit...
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    Tip when upgrading Kaleidescape Conductor

    It looks like there were some small changes to Conductor in the release of kOS 8.6.0-21023. When I started it up today, it said the version on my PC was outdated and needed to be updated. No biggie, just click the link on the web ui and and install. There was however a minor issue. At first when...
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    SOLD: 1U K-server-1500, 4x 1TB; grandfathered

    I am selling my extra 1U server now that I have upgraded to a bigger server. This server is grandfathered for DVD imports. It has 4x 1TB drives for 3TB of usable storage. All content except the preloaded demo content was moved to the trash. The power supply was repaired last year and has been...
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    SOLD: 1TB spare drives for 1U or 3U - READ

    For sale: 1TB spare drives for 1U or 3U server. These will work to replace a failed 750GB or 1TB drive or will add space to a server with empty drive slots. I have 6 available for $125 each, plus S/H. Details: These were from a 3U server that I purchased recently. The server came with 11x 1TB...
  6. A

    Hot spare clarification

    I had some weirdness with my new 3U that I am not sure about. Somehow everything I thought I knew might be wrong! The server came with 11 x 1tb drives. One drive was flashing indicating that is was a hot spare. The server page indicates the capacity was 8948 GB. I have read here somewhere that...
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    1U power supply replacement (maybe)

    I am trying to fit this power supply inside the 1U: https://www.fspgroupusa.com/ecommerce/retail-products/flexguru-250w.html It is closest thing to a drop in power supply for the 1U that I have found but will require a little bit of modification. Mainly and critically the power input has to...
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    Alien Warlock's scenes

    AlienWarlock submitted a new resource: Alien Warlock's scenes - Just a few scenes that I marked Read more about this resource...
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    Premiere no longer shown on K's website

    I just noticed that there is no longer any mention of the Premiere product line or Co-Star on the product pages of K's website. :( I guess one could infer this is another signal about the end of that product line.
  10. A

    Reviews missing on some popular albums

    Let me start by saying that the album database that k uses is pretty impressive in that in recognizes most of what I throw at it. Out of almost 500 albums loaded, only 36 were unrecognized or wrongly recognized and thus required keying in all the information. And then there is the occasional...
  11. A

    1U power supply repair solution

    I have some helpful information to share on fixing the 1U server power supply. As you probably know, these power supplies are prone to failure and are unavailable from K and almost anywhere else on the internet. Knowing this, I picked up a used spare power supply on eBay to be prepared for the...
  12. A

    Too late to redeem UV codes?

    So I decided to dig out all the little pieces of paper with UV codes from my BR cases. I figured that I should try to get them in my k store account if possible. So I created a new UV account through the k store and then... How do you actually redeem these things into UV? The paper on most of...
  13. A

    Add RAM?

    I'll try and tread lightly on this... Would adding RAM on a 1u server increase performance any? I have found a few old for sale threads that mentioned doubling the RAM by adding the memory module from a dead 1u to the second slot. It was stated that this would speed up response times accessing...
  14. A

    FOR SALE: 2ea dummy/blank disk filler cartridges

    Just as the title says, 2 filler blanks for a 1u or 3u server. These will expand your Premiere server's storage capacity by exactly zero bytes. $20 buys both with free shipping.
  15. A

    FOR SALE: M300 player

    For sale: 1 ea good working KPLAYER-M300-A S/N: 0039FA44. Includes remote, power supply, and cord. $850 shipped w/ priority 2-day.
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    OpenHAB for Kaleidescape

    Here is a small write up on getting OpenHAB talking to your Kaleidescape. OpenHAB is an open source home automation system that is capable of interfacing all manner of technologies and systems into one integrated interface. I have configured my OpenHAB instance to interface with my Kaleidescape...
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    PROBLEM DISC: La La Land (DVD)

    I had imported the Blu-ray version of this title but it did not have the 'Play Movie' option, only 'Play Disc'. I moved the BD import to the trash and then decided to try the DVD that was included along with the Blu-ray. After identifying the disc, the vault says the disc must be ejected and...
  18. A

    Ability to bookmark main movie without sending disc to K.

    I just imported about a dozen Blu-rays and 3 of them do not have the ability to play the main movie from the menu (only disc mode). The titles are La La Land, A League of their Own (25th anniversary), and Dr Strangelove (Australian import). The first two have the cover art, synopsis, and cast...
  19. A

    PROBLEM DISC: Back to the Future (Blu Ray)

    Back to the Future - BD (Part 1 of 3 disc set). This disc will not import. It tries for several hours then fails near the final percent. Import log says 'problem reading disc'. It tried twice and then said the disc needed to be removed. The disc is pristine. It was inserted into the vault...
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    Change collection and/or minimum rating of Covers view

    Is there anyway to change the 'Covers' view to a favorites collection instead of all movies? If not, it would be nice to do an inverse rating filter for the Covers view. Parental controls allow you to only show 'PG and below' or 'G and below'. It would be nice to do 'PG-13 and above' to filter...