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  1. H


    Do we expect this to be released on K as well? Cheers
  2. H

    Shutting down Strato, Alto and Disc Server

    Hello All I am going to travel next week and also have contractors working at my house, They mentioned replacing my dedicated hvac system for my media room as well. I am sure while they are working on it the temperature in that room may go up. I already powered down my processor. Is there a...
  3. H

    JBL Synthesis- SP55

    Hello All I am looking to replace Marantz 8805 with this unit. Does anyone have any feedback on this newly released unit in here. Cheers Raj
  4. H

    Multiple Rooms _ Encore Line

    Hello All I currently have a Alto, Strato, DV700 and Co Star in my main media room. I am thinking of adding either a Strato C or one with Hard Drive in my living room as well. Will this unit be able to play discs stored on my DV700 or movies on Alto in my living room as well. Cheers Raj
  5. H

    Second Screen App

    Hello All I seem to have an issue with this app. I tried on both my iPads and randomly this app will not connect to my Kscape System. In fact some times one iPad will show and the other will not. When I use Kaleidescape Not Second Screen all is well and I can control the system. Is this a...
  6. H

    Control 4

    Hello All I have been using Simple Controls/Roomie Remote for a while now and finally done with their support. They seem to think Customers as a distraction to business. I am thinking of doing Control 4 soon. Is there a dealer in Bay Area people may recommend. I am just looking to automate one...
  7. H

    Projector & Strato Set Up

    Hello All I have a JVC NX7 connected to AV 8805 feeding Strato. When ever I select a scene to play (HDR or not), there is a black screen for like almost 30 seconds before it shows me the content. Audio starts to play from the start. Is there any thing I am doing wrong from settings perspective...
  8. H

    Bond Movies

    I thought saw a message while ago about Bond movies coming to K Store. Is this happening anytime soon? Cheers Raj
  9. H

    Strato IP Address

    Hello All I am having a strange issues with my strato. I am unable to connect to the IP address provided by Strato from my computer browser. I use K app on my iPhone to go in to settings. I get a warning stating that even though my strato is connected to ethernet, but has no internet...
  10. H

    4K Player

    Hello All I do have a Strato and just ordered NX-7 projector. I need a 4K player to play 4K movies that are not available on K Store. What player do people recommend for the same? Cheers Raj
  11. H

    Projector Recommendation

    Hello All I recently acquired a Strato and integrated my Alto and disc server using Co star. Now I am looking to get a 4K projector. I am thinking either Sony 295ES/695ES or the JVC ones in that same price range. Do you guys have any recommendations? I plan to keep my Carada Precision Series...
  12. H

    Strato & Alto Integration

    Hello All I just got a Start 6TB and Co Star. I already own a Alto and Disc Server. I did the entire set up as per installation guide provided by K but having some issues. I have Co Star HDMI 1 Connected to Strato. Co Star HDMI 2 Connected to Alto. Output from Co Star is connected to my...
  13. H

    Strato Pricing

    Hello All One of the high end store near my house is closing doors and they have 6TB Strato brand new in box. They asked me to make an offer. Please let me know a fair price I can offer them for this. I knew its priced retail at 4500. My guess was $3K would be fair.
  14. H

    Movie Guide Services

    Hello All I dropped of K HQ 15 of south asian movies for movie guide services and they had it completed. I was not charged for all. They just charged me for 10 movies. I am dropping off 20 more movies for this service. I am just curious to see how many folks here own or watch bollywood movies...
  15. H

    Loaning Discs to K

    Hello All I have roughly 20 bollywood movies that K doesn't recognize. When I mean recognize it has no options for Play All Songs, Play Movie etc. I want to send them discs to help with this process. I sent an email may be 10 day ago and yet to hear back. Is this normal? Cheers Raj
  16. H

    Vault DV-700

    Hello All Quick question. Sorry if this was answered some where else. How can i eject just one particular Blu Ray or DVD from the vault and not everything? Cheers Raj
  17. H

    DV 700 Vault

    Hello All I ordered a DV 700 Vault to compliment my Alto. I was looking at the dimensions and see this needs a 5U rack shelf but with 21.9 inches depth. Most of the rack shelves I see from middle atlantic are not this deep. Can some one here let me know if the depth as mentioned by K is...
  18. H

    MacKenna's Gold

    Hello All I want to download this movie from K Store to watch today, but want to make sure this is the widescreen edition. I have already submitted request to support. Normally how much time do they take to respond. Cheers Raj
  19. H

    Vault and addition hard disk for Alto

    Hello All Any word on when one of these may be available. At current rate I may run out of space in few months and have boat load of discs that can use a vault as well. Cheers Raj
  20. H

    Help with Alto

    Hello All If some one can check to see if Alto can play pure audio blu ray disc it would be great. Unfortunately my media room is being taken down to accommodate new AV8802 and Seaton Catalyst 12C speakers I bought. It will not be up for next two to three weeks. I have some folks showing...