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Search results

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    Newbie question M700

    I got that from this post-
  2. S

    Newbie question M700

    I believe that it can be used as a carasel when paired with an Alto.
  3. S

    Strato Upscaling Quality

    I’m also looking at getting an NX7 to soon so look forward to your impressions in regards to scaling with it.
  4. S

    Broken 3U Server

    Thanks Jim for the update. The only reason I mention it is I have yet to see someone post on these forums that they have found an after-market one, unless I have missed it (possible).
  5. S

    Broken 3U Server

    I thought you couldn't get 3U power supplies on their own?
  6. S

    FOR SALE: 4TB drives

    Thanks Mark H for the explanation.
  7. S

    FOR SALE: 4TB drives

    I thought you lost only 1 Drive in storage terms due to RAID on the 3U. Didn't know you loose 2 of them. Is that the same in the 1U?
  8. S

    FOR SALE: Large Batch of KScape equipment

    Oh well no 3U.
  9. S

    Alto + Strato

    Mike will there be a standalone 4K player, similar to the M300, which won't have a built in hard drive at a lower price points so people can use a Stato or Terra in their system to stream to the stand alone units?
  10. S

    What HDMI are you using with 4K

    A lot of people over on AVS have had success with the Monster Cable Black Platinum Ultra HD High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet and Performance Indicators Amazon.com: Monster Black Platinum Ultra HD High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet and Performance Indicators - 16 ft.: Electronics and the...
  11. S

    Kaleidescape today announced the launch of a new product line called Encore

    It would of been nice if the Encore Strato players could of accessed both the Premiere and Encore Servers so as to have 1 player and 2 servers if Kaleidescape/Studios are concerned from a Sercurity POV. Would/Could be a compromise. Removed nice compromise as I just remebered the new line won't...
  12. S

    Kaleidescape legal update

    Okay so in order for this to happen you need to purchase the $1.99 title from the store to remove the disc. Not an option if you don't have a) access to the store or b) a large download limit.
  13. S

    Kaleidescape legal update

    Mr Poindexter- I might be a bit late to the party here. So you don't need to have the Lionsgate Blu-Ray discs in the M700 for playback anymore? So I can import my Lionsgate titles into the server, and then remove the discs from the M700 without them being greyed out? Which would be great...
  14. S

    Kaleidescape legal update

    I was hoping with this annoucement that maybe KScape could move away from having a M700 Vault as a requirement for Blu-Ray playback if Fox doesn't possibly see having a physical disc in there as a playback requirement and other studios come onboard.
  15. S

    Kaleidescape legal update

    http://www.cepro.com/article/fox_home_entertainment_proposes_blu-ray_movie_servers_as_uhd_digital_bridge/K1%7C0%7C0%7C0%7C0%7C0%7C1058285518.55136 With Fox proposing a Blu-Ray server based player system does that mean we might no longer see the need for a M700 to hold the physical discs if the...
  16. S

    M500 vs M700

    Thanks Jim for the informative reply. Answers all my questions.
  17. S

    M500 vs M700

    TivoSloth- So I can use the M700 to import DVDs and CDs onto the server and then remove those discs once imported to free up slot space in the M700, so I can keep my Blu-Ray discs in there only? Don't want to buy a M500 if I can avoid it as Ill just use my Oppo for rented Blu-Rays, SACDs...