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    Game Of Thrones 4K

    Game of Thrones being released in 4K as a set this Tuesday November 3rd. Any chance we will see it at K Store?
  2. T


    Can anyone comment on the title Antebellum? Released in 'Theater at Home' on VUDU today 18th September UHD rental is $18.99 4K HDR and Atmos. I see it in the K Store 4K HDR Atmos but when you click on Title it says 'This title is currently unavailableable' I take it as a very positive...
  3. T

    Kaleidescape - Please Get on This Bandwagon

    Walt Disney Co. is putting its unreleased film “Mulan” -- the live-action remake of the animated hit -- on its new Disney+ streaming service for a fee of about $30. Disney has already gone straight to Disney+ with a release earlier this year that was originally intended for theaters, “Artemis...
  4. T

    Disc To Digital

    Did not want to clutter the forum by starting a new thread but could not find this questions answered through Search - so here it is: 1. If a movie - for example - Mortal Engines from NBC Universal (which I have in 4K and 2K disc) shows - Disc To Digital - How do I get it on K? Since UV and all...
  5. T

    VPN and Store Access

    When I am overseas I cannot access the K Store and buy movies (to download on my K System stateside). Has anyone tried accessing the store and buying movies etc as if they were stateside using a VPN (on the router stateside)? When I am away from my home network I cannot access my K Browser...
  6. T

    How Does It Work?

    This may have been answered before so pardon me if it has... For example Greatest Showman is available in K Store in HDR with soundtrack in DTS HD. The UHD BD Disc due to be released in two weeks later will be in ATMOS. If I buy this movie as a download from K - will the audio stream change to...
  7. T

    Stratos HDCP

    As I await for my Trinnov Altitude 32 to be upgraded to HDMI 2.0a end of the month... I have connected my Stratos as follows to my Sony 5000ES projector. Stratos HDMI 1 (This is the Video Audio Output) directly to the HDMI 1 of the Sony projector using a mono price certified 18gbps HDMI cable (I...
  8. T

    Moving A Stratos To Another Home

    Here is a trick question - I have a Stratos paired with my Premier system at my home using Costar. Can I take the Stratos out and take it to my second home for a few days (IP address changes etc ?? or does it??) and use it to watch the movies on it and also download movies I buy... Will the...
  9. T

    Moving a Full DV700

    I need to move my fully loaded DV700 from downstairs of my home to upstairs. Can I move it without taking the discs out? In which case any precautions I should take to avoid any damage? Thanks in advance.
  10. T

    Martian Extended Edition With ATMOS

    Does anyone know if Martian Extended Edition with ATMOS is going to be available on K Store? It will be available at VUDU as UV Title. I have the 4K version - The Blu Ray and Don't want to get the 4K Extended only for ATMOS as I don't have a 4K PJ Yet but have ATMOS Setup. Rather by the K Escape...
  11. T

    Disc Vault Wants To Eject 63 Discs Out Of The Blue

    My Disc Vault M 700 this morning for no reason is showing this message: There are 320 disc vault slots, 53 of which are empty. There are 46 discs awaiting verification and 64 discs awaiting ejection. I did not add any discs for a few days and it has been just sitting - K Escape will not open...
  12. T

    Fifth Element ATMOS

    I noticed Leon The Professional in ATMOS is on K Store.. How about the 5th Element ATMOS version? Should we see it soon at the store? Thanks.
  13. T

    Rack Ears For M500

    How can I buy a set of Rack Ears for my M500 to install it in my Middle Atlantic Rack System Thanks in advance.
  14. T

    Moving A DV 700 Vault

    I am planning to move my quite full vault from my rack system in my theater and bring it downstairs to my informal living room TV setup. I will be installing my M500 player and that will give me some rack space. When moving the Vault, is it advisable to empty it first or can I move it full ...
  15. T

    Why Do Digital Rights Appear And Disappear

    Question... I have the movie 'My Left Foot' in my vault and few days ago saw it was available for digital rights $1.99. I did not buy the rights and after 4 weeks decided to buy the rights but the movie digital rights are not afford anymore? You can buy the full HD download for $ 11.99. Why do...
  16. T

    Kaleidescape Vault Player And ATMOS

    I watched Expendables 3 this weekend which is ATMOS track and could hear random sound dropouts. My receiver is Theta Digital which is not ATMOS capable and was showing True HD as the sound stream. I saw the following post at the avsforum ATMOS thread: Well, Oppo 93 owners, as promised the...
  17. T

    How Does It Work?

    I have question/s about how to know is something is available in the store for download and this free up disc slot in the Vault - here are two examples: 1. I have had the movie speed racer in my vault since months and today suddenly I see it available in the digital offers to download for $...
  18. T

    K Escape HDMI Issues

    When I received my M700 Vault and 3U server and hooked up to my Theta Casablanca receiver using HDMI my receiver would lock up requiring a reboot. I called support K Escape and they told me to go to the M700 interface under advance audio settings and change audio settings for various codecs...