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Search results

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    Tenet - Why is it not available?

    Tenet is available for preorder with digital retailers. Why is it not yet available for preorder in K? Any ideas?
  2. 2

    FOR SALE: 1U Power Supplies

    I bought 2 power supplies in the past as backup. It was Pretty expensive as they were no longer in production at that time and someone ordered it in bulk and was looking to share the cost. I thought they were worth it at that time as I had 2 servers. I have used one power supply that I...
  3. 2

    SOLD: KDisk 6TB addon drives for 1U and 3U servers

    Listing for sale 4 KDisk 6TB addon drives. There are 4 drives available for sale. These were reinitialized by K last week as addon drives. So they can be added to existing 1U or 3U servers as addon drives. The warranty on the drives expired recently but they are in excellent working condition...
  4. 2

    SOLD: 2x M300 players. One sold.

    Selling my M300 players. They are in good working order. I have 2 of these for sale. Update: both sold. Rack shelf for M300 ( holds 2 players) - $100 + shipping. PM or post if you have any questions.
  5. 2

    SOLD: Reduced price: Strato 6TB for sale (2x)

    Listing my Strato 6TB for sale. I have 2 of these available. I recently bought a Strato 12 TB and so no longer need these. These are the original 2U version of the Strato. They are in excellent working condition. Sale on hold. PM or post here if you have any questions.
  6. 2

    SOLD: Off: 1U grandfathered server with 4x6TB for sale

    No longer available. §————————————§ I am selling my 1U server with a set of 4 6TB disks. The server is grandfathered and can import DVDs. I swapped the power supply with a new one and so this should last for years to come. The server is out of warranty, but is in excellent working condition...
  7. 2

    Star Trek: Wrath of khan - not in UV locker

    I bought the uhd version of the movie from K store, which is marked as UV enabled. But the movie is not showing up in my UV locker. Neither uhd nor hd version. Anyone else facing this issue?
  8. 2

    Very slow downloads?

    I queued up some movies for download yesterday and when I checked today, not even one movie had downloaded. The download speed was 0.7 Mbps. Anyone else facing the same issue? I am in east coast.
  9. 2

    When a movie is updated in store, notify users..

    One of the biggest gripes I have right now is that movies get updated in store, primarily for audio and there is no way to identify which ones are new. If The store don’t have HDR version of a movie and I download the uhd or the Blu-ray version and later if the hdr version is added, there is a...
  10. 2

    Delete from Strato alone?

    Is there anyway to see and select movies for deletion from Strato alone without disconnecting other components like alto and paired premier systems using co star?
  11. 2

    UV for universal?

    I thought Universal studios provided UV support in K store. I noticed that the movie The Great Wall does not come with UV rights, while fate of the furious does. So even for studios that support UV, it is based on a specific movie. Is this correct? I don't know why this is the case. I think...
  12. 2

    Reusing drives across servers

    If I replace 2 drives in a 1u server using force fail method, can I use those replaced drives in another server to replace 2 other drives. For example if I replace 2 1tb drives with new drives, can I use the 1tb drives to replace 2 750gb drives in another server?
  13. 2

    Terra server upgrade

    If I get a 24TB terra server, would it be possible to get 10TB discs to replace the 6TB discs to upgrade server capacity one disc at a time? Or is the only option to buy new terra server?
  14. 2

    All store downloads failing

    When I try to download movies from the store, they just keep failing. I have space on my system, yet, they keep failing since 2 days ago. Is it just me or are all users facing this issue?
  15. 2

    KPlayer 6000 - Reset factory defaults

    I recently bought an used KPlayer 6000. When I connected it to my system, I get blue lights, but there is nothing displayed on the screen and when I tried to add it as a component to my system, it did not show up in the Add component section. I wanted to try resetting the player to factory...
  16. 2

    UV for fox & DMA for disney

    I hold back on buying movies in Kstore for Disney and Fox due to non availability of UV for fox and DMA for Disney. This would lead to having to purchase the movies again if this is needed. Given that UV and DMA enable keeping rights/ownership to a movie at a central location, I very much...