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    Latest KoS Version & Changelog?

    Mine updated this morning and I just got a noticed that one of my Terras has a hard drive failure. Timing seems strange but sent a note to support. SJ
  2. S


    Was watching my Trinnov Alt32 meters (in our second viewing with some close friends) and thought the film was not even using Atmos tops. Then all of a sudden in a scene they would fly up (and then go away). So more for specific effects vs. immersion. SJ
  3. S

    Home Router Recomendations

    They worked meshed. You can even see in the log file when a device moves between access points as needed. SJ
  4. S


    Ok we watched it. Video not bad, but the audio was really lacking even though it was ATMOS but low res. Had to pump up the volume on my Trinnov Alt32 higher than I’ve ever done. Streaming from an Apple 4KTV. Can’t wait for the K release!
  5. S

    Disc to Digital

    Is there anything special about your accounts? Eg dealer or something...
  6. S


    Guess we will be purchasing Mulan to watch this week streaming on Disney+. Will also purchase when it becomes available at the K store. We would have gone to the theaters for this movie, and really will actually be less expensive and a better experience than our local cinema. I know the wine...
  7. S

    Expanding from single Strato - Confused

    I personally keep my DV700 full (access from Alto). When I need a slot for another disc, I purchase a movie from the store to download (usually at a discount because of disc to digital or K special pricing) and put the new disc in the DV700. Less of an issue these days with all the studios...
  8. S

    Home Router Recomendations

    Just for info, I sent it to K support in case other customers start getting something similar. Have not ever seen this before...
  9. S

    Home Router Recomendations

    I did the lookup and it is from Akamai Technologies, Inc. Maybe that has something to do with Ks operation? The timing was exactly when a movie finished downloading on my Terra. Strange that this has never happened before for my Terra. SJ
  10. S

    Home Router Recomendations

    Interesting, as I got my first Threat Alert last night. It looks like it was at the end of downloading a movie update (BR2049) from K. The Destination target was my Terra Server. It was called "ET SHELLCODE Possible Call with No Offset TCP Shellcode". Type was: Executable Code was Detected...
  11. S

    Home Router Recomendations

    My System has never been more solid since changing my network. No more “difficulty reading movie”.....
  12. S

    24TB hard drive failure

    Just curious, but would Encore products give a message if a drive failed? Not sure if users can replace a Strato drive, but how about a Terra where the drives are just in bays? Thanks. SJ
  13. S

    How do I get the scripting url? Nothing seems to work.

    Wish you all would just add it to the Encore browser interface at some point. Have to look up what to do every time vs. just selecting on the interface. Maybe just me.... ;)
  14. S

    Expanding from single Strato - Confused

    Also, we these systems, it will allow you to catalog your discs which gives you store discounts as available per studios....
  15. S

    Lumagen - 18G cards

    Beware that if you love the movie titles screen (vs list), that 24Hz will make it choppy looking when sorting movies. I used to just output 4K24 for everything and didn’t like the look. But can really speed up switching times. SJ
  16. S

    Control4 HDMI Matrix and Strato C??

    You would only see your entire library from your theater setup Strato/Alto/DV700 (with costar). Your other zone can’t be costared unless you have another Alto. It will only see the movies on the Strato in your theater. Assuming everything is in the same network.... Also, your Strato in your...
  17. S

    Slow releases

    Surely a strange time for all studios. Lots of one offs which might not be repeated depending on the theater situation. Given the size of K and the target audience, I doubt they would be a top priority. Who knows! SJ
  18. S

    Disney Pulling Back on 4k Disc Releases

    I hope this does not impact K. Likely depends on the studio process for creating the different versions of a movie. (Disney+, iTunes, VUDU, etc.). Example, if the process for creating the physical disc 4K file also includes a process for getting K the full res copy files.. Might be good to...
  19. S

    Lumagen - 18G cards

    I use both. Lumagen in our theater and the physical switch in our family room zone....
  20. S

    Lumagen - 18G cards

    I asked that same question over at AVS forum. Also how to configure the HDMI output for the paired system (Premier or Alto/DV700)....