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Search results

  1. TrackZ

    Bill Hunt Kaleidescape Feature Article

    https://thedigitalbits.com/featured/articles/the-future-of-4k-entertainment Hoping to see Bill cover more Kaleidescape going forward. Give him some clicks.
  2. TrackZ

    New Price Promotion on Sony Titles

    https://www.kaleidescape.com/movie-store/collection/out_of_this_world_2020_tpr?utm_source=kaleidescape_mc&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=sony2020tpr1_collections_20200623 FYI.
  3. TrackZ

    Disney and Fox Price Reductions

    FYI, Disney and Fox title pricing has been reduced broadly across the store. Perhaps indicative of a new pricing strategy by Disney due to market conditions and such. Hope it sticks permanently.
  4. TrackZ

    Store "Hole" Feedback

    Hello. I'd like begin another data feedback project. This one involves existing content in the store. What I'm looking to identify and compile is "holes" in the store. I'm defining a "hole" as something like the following: - A movie is missing from a series or collection - A major movie from a...
  5. TrackZ

    Feedback Survey

    Hi folks. I'm compiling some information for Kaleidescape, and I'd like to ask people visiting this thread that are either owners or prospective owners to share some feedback. Please take a minute and direct message me (or just post if you like) your answers to the following. I am an: owner |...
  6. TrackZ

    SOLD: Strato 4k Player 6TB

    I upgraded to a Strato C/Terra combination, so selling my Strato 6TB. I used it for a little better than a year. Second owner. Smoke free home. Installed in a clean, cool rack-based setup serving movies to my dedicated theater room. Comes in original box/packaging with HDMI cord, remote, and...
  7. TrackZ

    Filmmaker Mode

    https://www.mediaplaynews.com/uhd-alliances-filmmaker-mode-picks-up-support-from-hollywood-guilds-samsung-philips/ Looks like we are getting this.
  8. TrackZ

    Help Get K Into Movies Anywhere

    It would benefit us all to make a concerted effort to inform Movies Anywhere about the need for K. The key to getting this done is to appeal to MA, not K. K wants to be part of this, but it is MA themselves that decide and define the onboarding. Step 1: Web...
  9. TrackZ

    Disc to Digital Offers

    I had an older thread on this, but I have a new follow-up question. I want to take advantage of disc to digital pricing some some titles. I only have a Strato. To convert discs to digital rights, I need some older K device with a drive capable of converting digital offers. An Alto can do this...
  10. TrackZ

    I’m happy to see Mike back and posting

    It helps instill some confidence. Really hope direct K engagement continues regularly here. Thanks!
  11. TrackZ

    Laika Animation Missing

    I had thought all the Laika movies before "Missing Link" were in the store. I still see Paranorman and Coraline in my account as owned, but they don't show up in searches in the general store, and Kubo and Boxtrolls are both gone too.
  12. TrackZ

    Download Speeds

    Good news! Another enthusiast in the AVS owners thread suggested calling K to inquire about download speeds to my Strato (which had been only ~100 Mbps). He mentioned an adjustment that could be made to increase speeds. I did so yesterday. The service rep from K told me what they would do is...
  13. TrackZ

    Play During Downloads

    I wish K would take inspiration from other platforms doing large downloads, like the game systems. On Xbox, when I start a large game download, it prioritizes bits I would need to start up the game and get playing ASAP. It allows you to actually start the game and interact without waiting for...
  14. TrackZ

    Image quality vs. discs

    I've been doing a lot comparisons lately between my Strato and other devices. One of the things I saw referenced a lot here and AVS and the general company line is that K matches or exceeds disc quality. One thing I'm noting (using 4K HDR content) between the K and disc is that the K image is...
  15. TrackZ

    Better video output controls

    I'm trying to configure my Strato to output 4:2:2 @ 12 bits to work around a bug with my JVC NX7, and I'm not able to do so. I'm finding the video control options of the Strato are limited with regards to how the "Select video behavior" and "4K Ultra HD Support" works. "Allow display mode...
  16. TrackZ

    Delighted to see this title

    https://www.kaleidescape.com/movie-store/movie/the-transformers-the-movie-1986 Wouldn't have expected that to pop-up, although it came to iTunes and others previously. Nice get, K. Now for the 80's G.I. Joe Movie to come. That too had a Blu-ray release some time back. :) And lots of anime.
  17. TrackZ

    HDMI Improvements

    I'm tempting fate posting after a small amount of testing, but... I installed my JVC NX7 tonight (replacing an X790). I figured why not try to take out the Dr HDMI 4k I had in there to fix my prior issues with the Strato not properly getting handshook through my Marantz preamp. Happy to report...
  18. TrackZ

    HDR Optimizer (ex. Panasonic & JVC)

    So, Panasonic is doing all kinds of interesting stuff with their HDR tone mapping output of UHD HDR content. They also recently did a collaboration with JVC sot the new Panasonic UHD BD players work in direct tandem with the new JVC projectors with a coordinated dual tone mapping solution...
  19. TrackZ

    More Informative Playback Status

    Using the K, with a movie playing, I've noticed 2 things: * When you FF/rewind, there's an indicator in the upper right hand corner showing you the current timestamp. * If you hit info, you can see current time left in chapter, but it shows units in minutes until time is less than a minute and...
  20. TrackZ

    Strato Upscaling Quality

    So, we've used the Strato for a variety of movies now, and I had the notion in my mind that the quality of 1080p content wasn't at my level of expectation. That it was softer and more noisy. I've primarily used an Oppo 203 for 1080p BD rip playback, so I am used to quality upscaling. I had been...