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Search results

  1. J.Green

    Help with Replication Errors

    You should reach out to our Support team at support@kaleidescape.com or +1 877-352-5343 Toll Free (US Only) / +1 650-625-6160 so that they can have a look at your logs.
  2. J.Green

    Shutting down Strato, Alto and Disc Server

    Place the Strato and Alto into Standby ("Power" button on the IR remote; ENTER_STANDBY via IP; or press the front panel Standby button). For Terra, flip down the front panel and press the power button (centre of the face in between the drive bays) to shut down the unit. Give the HDDs a 15-20...
  3. J.Green

    OpenHAB for Kaleidescape

    It should be '00' but it's '01'. It's a long-standing known issue with the kOS control protocol implementation for Encore devices (since they don't support music CD playback). There are other quirks as well that we just haven't had the cycles to go back and fix. If you're just trying to...
  4. J.Green

    OpenHAB for Kaleidescape

    Strato, Strato S, and Strato C all respond to GET_NUM_ZONES with: 01/1/NUM_ZONES:01:01:/xx The response to GET_DEVICE_TYPE_NAME will be as follows: Strato 01/1/000:DEVICE_TYPE_NAME:Strato:/xx Strato S 01/1/000:DEVICE_TYPE_NAME:Strato S:/xx Strato C 01/1/000:DEVICE_TYPE_NAME:Player:/xx
  5. J.Green

    Is there a rs-232 command to switch bitstream to Lpcm?

    If you are looking for a control protocol command that would change the audio configuration of the player, there isn't one. Audio/video mode changes require playback to be stopped in order to take effect so switching audio processing modes on the fly would not work. During playback, you can use...
  6. J.Green

    Latest KoS Version & Changelog?

    There are no new or changed features in this release from the prior 10.7.2 release. 10.7.2-21395 contains bug fixes for a couple of issues that only affected the Strato C. One fix corrects a potential crash that could occur once when the Strato C upgraded to a new kOS version. The other fix...
  7. J.Green

    US BR & 4K Releases for May & June 2020

    Yes. Unfortunately, the UHD version wasn't quite ready to be published to the store but it somehow slipped through the net and was published prematurely.
  8. J.Green

    Strato S 1U 12TB Issue

    At the simple end of the spectrum, the Strato could be booting up into standby. After the Strato boots up and the screen goes blank, have you tried sending a "Power on" command from the IR remote or control system? However, it could also be an HDMI interop issue. The next time your Strato boots...
  9. J.Green

    US BR & 4K Releases for May & June 2020

    I've notified the Content Operations team because even though it is a Nicholas Cage movie, $128 does seem a little bit steep.
  10. J.Green

    Control 4 or Crestron question about remote programming

    Currently, the only supported configurations for Co-Star are: 1. The Kaleidescape Co-Star switch (Strato and M-Class player connected to the Kaleidescape Co-Star HDMI switcher); 2. Kaleidescape Co-Star for Lumagen (Strato and M-Class player connected to a Lumagen Radiance Pro); and 3...
  11. J.Green

    Cinema One (2nd Gen) Audio Output

    There is no setting on the Cinema One (2nd Gen) that would allow you to output a Dolby Digital bitstream but force a DTS bitstream to PCM. If the audio setting of the Cinema One is set for bitstream pass-through and it receives an EDID reporting that DTS is unsupported it should convert DTS...
  12. J.Green

    Digital Offers error

    We rolled out a fix today. You should no longer be seeing packages you've already purchased on the Digital Offers page.
  13. J.Green

    Digital Offers error

    We have reproduced the issue on our test environments and are working on a fix.
  14. J.Green

    Digital Offers error

    Odd. I can't reproduce that behaviour in my test environments but I can see that it's happening on the production store. We're digging into it.
  15. J.Green

    Digital Offers error

    We have deployed an updated version of the store that includes a fix for an issue that could cause the backend query for Digital Offers to time out. You should be able to access your Digital Offers page now without seeing the error dialog.
  16. J.Green


    This is correct.
  17. J.Green

    1917 upgrade bar has been stuck on my downloads screen for 3 days

    It would appear that there was some sort of issue with your system communicating back to the headend that the update completed and thus the stuck status bar. Did you, by any chance, manually delete the old version of 1917 while the new one was still downloading? You should definitely reach out...
  18. J.Green

    Strato remote problems

    My first instinct is that IR remote functionality has been disabled. You can confirm this as follows: Open the browser interface (http://<Strato IP>) Click on "Settings" On the Components page, click the "Settings" button for the Strato you're having issue with to open the settings popup...
  19. J.Green

    Strato, Alto, Disc Vault Networking

    To clarify; when Co-Starred the Alto/M-Class player is controlled by the Strato via IP (network) not HDMI. All devices must have their own wired network connection in order to be grouped together. Devices cannot be grouped when connected to your network via Wi-Fi.
  20. J.Green

    Kscape System Specs

    Yes. That is the PC that was used to interface and control the PowerFile disk carousel for our old Bulk Loader product. The Bulk Loader was used to import DVDs and CDs to Premiere servers and was the predecessor to our Speed Reader device. The Bulk Loader did not support playback of any kind...