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Search results

  1. M

    Movie Store credits?

    thank you, I think knowing at least that option to contact K, with a request to purchase a credit and giving the account email, wI’ll be helpful.
  2. M

    Movie Store credits?

    I think I recall some general discussion a while back about possibly starting to put together a means to purchase movie store credits. As I get older, and people constantly complain about how I am increasingly more difficult to shop for, it would be nice to just give them a link or opportunity...
  3. M

    Movies on Sale...

    Either way, here's hoping they finally open up the Movies Anywhere partnership SOON so we can start to consolidate some of these selections!! I hit about 50/50 on many of these and try to supplement new adds to the collections via K, but there's a host of movies i have waiting in the wings to...
  4. M

    Movies on Sale...

    been curious, as it seems like there’s been a bit of a price war going on lately (not complaining at affordable movies!) but I wonder if it has anything to do with the Movies Anywhere talks going silent?
  5. M

    US BR & 4K Releases for May & June 2020

    Yep, upgraded that Jaws.......now anticipation on the Pitch Black/Riddick trilogy
  6. M

    Movie Updates

    Woohoo! My first update is Dolby Atmos track for 1917.
  7. M

    Pricing changed?

    Let’s just make it easy and put all movies at $11.99!
  8. M

    Godfather trilogy

    I’m sure several have the via K, how do these versions compare with the re-released Coppola restoration versions that appear to have been issued?
  9. M

    Star Wars Movie Sale

    Well, you talked me into downloading the collection from K vs using the discs in the 4k Skywalker saga box set.
  10. M

    Star Wars Movie Sale

    Did a little more digging and it does certainly appear that there are definite recognized/published resolution issues with the movie (at least according to blu-ray.com) but the soundtrack is solid (which it did certainly appear to be.). Would be interesting to get some comparative feedback on...
  11. M

    Star Wars Movie Sale

    I had received the 4k disc set as a gift earlier this year. We sat down to watch the first movie last night, Phantom Menace (brutal I know....) but I was surprised at the lack of consistency in the 4k disc through several of the scenes. I have a Sony 885es and there appeared to be some fairly...
  12. M

    JBL Synthesis- SP55

    Interesting note on the analogue ability. I was trying to consolidate and combine my turntable (Rega Rp8), through its phono stage, then back into the Marantz phono inputs and it didn’t translate well. I had it running through a separate Simaudio integrated and wanted to make the media/theater...
  13. M

    JBL Synthesis- SP55

    Interesting move on from the 8805. I always liked having the Marantz units due to the balanced outputs, updating through their units every couple of years. I know that I am vastly underutilizing the bells & whistles of the current 8805 unit, as I didn't/haven’t run any of the Audyssey sound...
  14. M

    NEWS: Bond Movies Added

    This is This is really interesting as I had received the 4k Daniel Craig collection as a gift earlier this year and watched a few movies. It would be really interesting to see what translates to the additional file size between the versions.
  15. M

    Movie Updates

    I’ve checked periodically in the My Updates section on the webpage and haven’t seen anything under the heading.....it has always read ‘Nothing Matching Titles’
  16. M

    US BR & 4K Releases for March & April 2020

    lets just have a 50% flash sale off the entire movie store! That might crash the servers......
  17. M

    Covers page

    Is there a setting that I may be missing that removes ‘catalogued’ movies from the main Covers page and that would only show downloaded movies?
  18. M

    US BR & 4K Releases for March & April 2020

    It would seem a bit unfair to Kaleidescape for the studios to hold different levels of pricing to the different groups for these Theater to Home releases? I don’t think (initially) the delta for The Gentlemen was different, but appears to now be adjusted to about $5 extra with Kaleidescape...