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Search results

  1. JohnJ

    Start Kscape with where you left off

    Maybe I am missing something, but when I stop a movie and then come back the player is still on the same movie and all I have to do is hit “Play” and then “Resume”. John
  2. JohnJ

    US BR & 4K Releases for November & December 2023

    Digital releases have now been updated also. John
  3. JohnJ

    US BR & 4K Releases for November & December 2023

    K didn’t get it yet. So K may not get season 2 either. But it is being released by Paramount on disc so I add It to my list US BR releases. We will see…. John
  4. JohnJ

    US BR & 4K Releases for November & December 2023

    Post #1 had been updated with all disc releases. Now working on digital releases. John
  5. JohnJ

    US BR & 4K Releases for November & December 2023

    Here are the studio announced US BR releases and 4K releases for November & December 2023. These are discs releases only so far. I will add in digital releases. Sorry for the delay on this update. Dates are the disc release date/digital release (dig). November 3rd: Showing Up (4K) – A24...
  6. JohnJ

    Questions About K Components

    Thanks. This went right over my head. John
  7. JohnJ

    Questions About K Components

    Maybe I missed it, but what is the deal that you wanted to do with @Wal99? If there really isn’t a proposed deal, then you have buried his/her ”For Sale” post. John
  8. JohnJ

    Store Sort By Price

    I checked without doing the filter on HDR and there are titles that show up as rentals. However, these are all movies that are rental only. If there is a purchase price it ignores the rental price and filters correctly. John
  9. JohnJ

    Store Sort By Price

    I am not seeing this but I normally filter by HDR and price - no rental pricing showing up. John
  10. JohnJ

    Store Sort By Price

    Andy’s post was from January 2022. K finally updated the store and added this feature. John
  11. JohnJ

    Overlord doesnt have scenes

    Here is a link To how to create scenes. This was originally done for the Premiere systems but is the same for Encore. https://support.kaleidescape.com/article/Creating-Scenes John
  12. JohnJ


    Nice! Thanks for sharing! John
  13. JohnJ

    Movie Updates

    Same here. John
  14. JohnJ

    Kino Lorber

    Yes, these 4K titles are usually exclusive to Kino Lorber for disc release with the studio reserving the right to do digital releases. The same with 4K Shout Factory and Criterion. John
  15. JohnJ

    WANTED: If your're NOT a Premium member, post any "WANTED" items here. (Premium members can make their own "Wanted" post at the main Marketplace forum)

    You should be able to order these from Kaleidescape (but they are expensive). John
  16. JohnJ

    4K movies not on disk

    Here is the link to the thread. It is out of date. Last entry was for October 2022. https://www.kscapeowners.com/XF/threads/4k-titles-in-store-but-not-available-on-disc.2988/ John
  17. JohnJ

    US BR & 4K Releases for September & October 2023

    Today’s release was the “digital” release. 17 October is the -rejected BR release. John
  18. JohnJ

    US BR & 4K Releases for September & October 2023

    I finally did finish this up. Sorry for the delay on this.
  19. JohnJ

    US BR & 4K Releases for September & October 2023

    I use this to remind me to update my list of 4K titles in the Store but not available in 4K on disc. John
  20. JohnJ

    What’s the future look like for concert videos?

    From Wikipedia: “In April 2014, Eagle Rock Entertainment was acquired by Universal Music Group. Universal Music's purchase of Eagle followed that of much of EMI. Terry Shand continues to lead the company as chairman and CEO from its headquarters in London.[4] In 2020, Universal Music...