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Search results

  1. David23

    Movies on Sale...

    I think you're looking at the original movie. You can click the link in my post to see what I'm referring to.
  2. David23

    Movies on Sale...

    No sale on A Christmas Story Christmas? It's on sale at other digital retailers.
  3. David23

    Alto not reading BDs and some DVDs

    The disc drive in the Alto is notoriously bad. I have a couple Alto's. One drive now completely does not work. The other works most of the time but the disc will get stuck and not read sometimes. It's very frustrating for such expensive hardware.
  4. David23

    Any graphic artists want to help with new forum art?

    The hardware image is taken directly from here with no changes to the scales of either equipment: Kaleidescape Products Yeah, I spent quite a bit of time looking but couldn't find good images of the new equipment that would fit well. I wish there was something better, similar to the first one I...
  5. David23

    NEWS: Bad news from Zappiti?

    Looks like Kaleidescape is doing an upgrade offer for Zappiti owners:
  6. David23

    US BR & 4K Releases for September & October 2023

    Yeah, I have the HD version downloaded and there aren't any special features.
  7. David23

    US BR & 4K Releases for September & October 2023

    I haven't seen Maximum Overdrive but I see it has Comedy has one of the genres. Duel doesn't have any comedy elements. Good movie and definitely worth a watch. I just wish K had the special features. It looks like there are some good ones on the Blu-ray: Duel Blu-ray
  8. David23

    D2D Pricing Question

    @MikeKobb I see the D2D price has been corrected for Match Point. Thank you!
  9. David23

    Official Disc Media Expanded Bookmarks Check Thread

    Interesting on the cost for that. So I was checking Amazon and the price for a brand new copy of Magnum P.I.: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] is $88 with free shipping. After paying for two-way shipping with the disc loan program, it seems like it might be better to just pay for discs and have...
  10. David23

    D2D Pricing Question

    @MikeKobb is the D2D price for Match Point correct? It's showing $13 but all Paramount titles normally are $3.14 for Blu-ray quality. https://www.kaleidescape.com/movie-store/movie/match-point-2005
  11. David23

    New hardware sold out already?

    It looks like everything is updated now. Old systems are gone and Terra Primes are showing in stock. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/searchpage.jsp?id=pcat17071&st=kaleidescape
  12. David23

    New Kscape Products

    Interesting. No more Compact Terra? That's a huge footprint for 8TB. Can hard drives be added if you get an 8TB Terra Prime?
  13. David23

    Movie Updates

    So awesome to see a commentary track get added. Speaking of Tim Burton and Danny Elfman, I just watched Pee Wee's Big Adventure the other day, in honor of Paul Reubens. It's amazing that was the first movie for both of them. The soundtrack is absolutely incredible.
  14. David23

    New kOS release supports disc cataloging on Strato

    That's interesting the hear. Clearly the right format won.
  15. David23

    New kOS release supports disc cataloging on Strato

    I have a lot of 4K discs and an external 4K drive, so I'd love to see support for 4K D2D. What I would also really love to see is a Kaleidescape 4K disc player. Many of my 4K discs are not available in the store, since they're Criterion and boutique label discs. Wish I could have them cataloged...
  16. David23

    Store "Hole" Feedback

    We need Christopher Nolan's first film: Following. It was just released in HD on Vudu: vudu.com/content/movies/details/Following/2555000
  17. David23

    Is Disney the Death Blow to Blu Ray - Does This Bode Well for Kaleidescape?

    Is the mezzanine file K receives, similar to what they send to theaters?