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Search results

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    US BR & 4K Releases for November & December 2023

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    US BR & 4K Releases for November & December 2023

    They likely won’t change it. They show the closest AR that they currently support (2.4)…
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    Movies with Incorrect Aspect Ratio Information

    You can select 2.76 by using your remote. Info from one of the firmware updates: Output aspect ratio range extended and can now be up to 2.76. Added an option to add some uncommon input aspects -- under Input: Options: Aspect Setup: Aspect Opts: there is a setting Input Aspects used which can...
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    Movies with Incorrect Aspect Ratio Information

    Creator seems to be 2.76:1? 2.4 in the description.
  5. S

    Sound when browsing collection

    I don’t believe there is an option for this.…
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    No Audio with Co-Star and New Marantz AV10 Processor

    You can find out more info here: https://hdfury.com/product/dr-hdmi-4k/ if you purchase direct, they charge a lot for shipping and I highly doubt any return process is going to be as simple as Amazons….
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    New Store Features!

    I had a movie on my wish list that went on sale and did not receive any type of email. Of course following the movies on sale thread, maybe I purchased before K had a chance to send me an email. My wish list is full of Warner movies.
  8. S

    Question to the community -How many of you use conventional TVs vs. projector screens?

    Have Stratos for both our theater (projector) and our family room (65" OLED). I would say we use the family room a bit more....
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    No Audio with Co-Star and New Marantz AV10 Processor

    Here’s another device which might help: https://www.amazon.com/HDfury-DrHDMI4K-18Gbps-600MHz-Manager/dp/B07VK2WSWN?ref_=ast_sto_dp Ive used it before. You could return if it doesn’t work. I am thinking of replacing my 8805 with an AV10.. Maybe I will wait!
  10. S

    No Audio with Co-Star and New Marantz AV10 Processor

    Seems like the Kramer switch (which has a bit of edid management) and the Marantz AV10 are not liking each other for your Premier component. Anyway to change the characteristics of the HDMI input on the AV10? Also, maybe try a different HDMI cable from the Premier To the Kramer costar switch.
  11. S

    replaced router and issue

    There’s probably several terms, but most common is “DHCP reservation“. All of my equipment that requires a fixed address use this from my router…
  12. S

    Movies on Sale...

    I see Barbie has reached the Warner planned $5 decrease. 😂
  13. S

    Strange issue with Kaleidescape IP address

    What components did you replace? Did your IP address range change?
  14. S

    US BR & 4K Releases for September & October 2023

    That’s likely to be a separate Warner purchase…. o_O
  15. S

    Barbie pre-order $45!

    My wife just told me... "Would really like to see Barbie when it is released." Just spend $45....
  16. S


    How does Josh integrate with Control4? Besides just using Control4 apps/remotes, we have ours integrated with Alexa. Frankly has been 100% reliable. “Alexa, turn on Family Room Kaleidescape“ and then we grab one of our new Halo Touch remotes and go from there….
  17. S

    Barbie pre-order $45!

    Maybe Disney will purchase them and we will finally get $25 movies! They will also merge HBO with Disney+…. 😆
  18. S

    Strato C not found on network

    Can’t you use the displays interface (HDMI) to look at the system including network settings? You can also do a factory reset from there….