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Search results

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    The Expanse

    These came out on physical media last week. Any chance we will get these to the store to complete the TV show? The Expanse: Season 5 Blu-ray The Expanse: Season 6 Blu-ray
  2. S

    Strato S upgrade path

    The biggest benefit of the Premiere System is the ability to import DVDs and Blu-rays for movies which aren’t available on the Kaleidescape digital movie store. If you have your entire library converted to digital, it is no brainer, get rid of the Premiere system. Check with your dealer for...
  3. S

    Strato S upgrade path

    You can see my review for going from Strato 6TB to Strato C + Terra server in thread 'Suggest me a system' Suggest me a system
  4. S

    Movies on Sale...

    Maybe a Cyber Monday sale?
  5. S

    Talladega Nights - version? ERROR

    I believe you need to download the HD version for the Unrated Version. The UHD version is the Theatrical Version.
  6. S

    Official Disc Media Expanded Bookmarks Check Thread

    Did anyone import FUNimation Entertainment’s US release of You Name? Can you confirm it is video bookmarked? https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Your-Name-Blu-ray/181273/
  7. S

    Legacy hardware questions K0108-0024 or a K0110-0018.

    I forgot to mention the Compact Terra consumes slightly less power. Both units aren’t power hungry at all in general. They are also different sizes. The Terra is about the size of Oppo 205. The Compact Terra is 1/4th in size. Both rack mountable.
  8. S

    Legacy hardware questions K0108-0024 or a K0110-0018.

    Correct, HDDs can be replaced (tool-less) at your place. K will send you a replacement while the server is under warranty. Your movies on the functioning HDDs will still be available to view while awaiting the replacement. Check with your dealer on availability for replacement HDDs for units...
  9. S

    Legacy hardware questions K0108-0024 or a K0110-0018.

    Yes k0108-0024 (aka Terra 24TB) can serve up to 10 zones simultaneously. It has 6TB more storage. It’s field serviceable if any of its HDDs fail. It has 4x 6TB HDDs. It will continue to operate until all HDDs die. K0110-0018 (aka Compact Terra 18TB) can serve up to 5 zones simultaneously. You...
  10. S

    Movies on Sale...

    Pom Poko and Whisper of the Heart aren't within the sale but all other Studio Ghibli titles are $9.99. I have been waiting for this sale for 2 years now. Bought them all immediately. https://www.kaleidescape.com/movie-store/movie/pom-poko-1994...
  11. S

    US BR & 4K Releases for November & December 2023

    I would give it a week or two. Not always but the US release usually follows a few days later. If you want the UK release, access the UK store via VPN. You will need a credit card that works internationally.
  12. S

    What are CA and UK exclusive titles?

    When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth (1970) - Canadian Store exclusive ($14.99). https://www.kaleidescape.com/movie-store/movie/when-dinosaurs-ruled-the-earth-1970
  13. S

    US BR & 4K Releases for November & December 2023

    The Fugitive (1993) added to the UK store with 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos for £24.99. https://www.kaleidescape.com/movie-store/movie/the-fugitive-1993
  14. S

    DTS HD MA Verses Dolby Digital Plus

    If you do further search, you will see that those bitrates are reserved for certain content but not all. Perhaps, I will raise this question to all. If streaming media had audibly equal quality, why did we spend $30k+ on our Kaleidescape equipment? I believe all those psychoacoustics studies...
  15. S

    DTS HD MA Verses Dolby Digital Plus

    Dolby Digital Plus on streaming is rarely at 640kbps (if ever). Most streaming services use 128kbps for stereo and 256kbps for multi channel. Dolby can claim whatever they claim. Per Nyquist theorem, you need 21-22 bits of range and about 40kHz sampling frequency (2 samples per each frequency...
  16. S

    DTS HD MA Verses Dolby Digital Plus

    The difference is similar to CD quality (or FLAC) vs. AAC (or MP3). On a revealing audio setup the difference in fidelity will be immediately noticed.
  17. S

    "The Abyss" in 4K is coming

    We are just missing Piranha II: The Spawning to complete our James Cameron collections.
  18. S

    "The Abyss" in 4K is coming

    IT’S OFFICIAL: DISNEY & LIGHTSTORM ANNOUNCE THE ABYSS, TRUE LIES, ALIENS & MORE FOR 4K ULTRA HD! Release date schedule is as follows: On Dec. 5, 2023, available for the first time ever on 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray and at digital retailers including Prime Video, Apple TV and Fandango/Vudu...
  19. S

    "The Abyss" in 4K is coming

    Ah yes, I forgot about the Baby Boom soundtracks. It is interesting Cameron didn't use split surrounds by this time. He also experimented with Cinema Digital Sound 5.1 during Terminator 2. There is one Laserdisc and one DVD release with the CDS 5.1 mix in Dolby Digital 5.1 container. CDS 5.1 mix
  20. S

    R_Volution (Zappiti successor)

    R_Volution takes over the hardware from Zappiti and adds their own software. This software will be available to Zidoo and Dune HD later for a fee (TBD). R_Volution PlayerOne is a Zappiti Neo clone but borrows the power supply section from Zappiti Reference. It retails for $899 (free shipping...