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Search results

  1. jarp81

    New Store Features!

    Loving this wish list special pricing notifications
  2. jarp81

    New Store Features!

    Great news! Big deal with the wish list sale notifications and those sale items being at the top of the list. Thank you
  3. jarp81

    Standard Def (SD) titles….

    Not sure about all SD movies, but I watched Lost Souls in SD on K and the transfer was pretty bad. I’ve been reluctant to try another SD title on K because of that. I have a NX7 and a Lumagen
  4. jarp81

    Kaleidescape Store Interesting Finds including Exclusives

    Idiocracy was one of my first purchases on K. Always liked that movie and was happy to upgrade my DVD copy
  5. jarp81

    Movies on Sale...

    Thanks for the heads up on The Flash movie. Just bought it
  6. jarp81

    D2D for BSG

    Season 1: $28.26 Season 2-4: $31.92 each Razor: $9.80 Blood & Chrome: $9.80
  7. jarp81

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

    You can have your Lumagen keep variable aspect ratio movies fixed at one aspect ratio. I have 2.35 screen with a Lumagen and watched Guardians 3 last night and the aspect ratio didn’t change. The picture does flicker when the aspect ratio is suppose to change, but the ratio will not change...
  8. jarp81

    What server size to buy?

    I personally went with your option 1, thinking the same thing that it wouldn’t be hard to delete and download content. Honestly, it’s not that big of a deal with the 10-12 minute downloads cycling through content, but I do regret not getting a larger Terra to start with. The big thing for me...
  9. jarp81

    Movies on Sale...

    Happy to see National Treasure 1 & 2 both go on sale for $9.99. Been waiting on these to drop since the D2D was higher. Still holding out hope for them to make a 3rd one.
  10. jarp81

    D2D Pricing Question

    Looks like this has been fixed. At least my offers from Sony, NBCUniversal, & Lionsgate are back at $4.92. I’m making some purchases 🙂
  11. jarp81

    Rusty is awesome

    I’ve dealt with Rusty before and I echo that statement. He has been very responsive to all of my questions.
  12. jarp81

    New Store Feature: Content Sets

    Happy to see the Pirates of the Caribbean content set. Almost bought during the last $14.99 sale. Buying the set is a little cheaper at $13 per movie
  13. jarp81

    $4.92 Disc to Digital Offers -D2D

    Just noticed today that Ghostbusters Afterlife, Spider-man No Way Home, Morbius, & Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City HDR digital offer prices dropped to $4.92. Not sure of the exact digital offer price before, but I believe that they were all over $10. Not sure if anyone noticed any other...
  14. jarp81

    D2D Pricing Question

    Thanks for your reply. I think that I may also just go ahead and buy them, in case they do go up in price
  15. jarp81

    D2D Pricing Question

    Does anyone know if the Disc to Digital offers fluctuate in price? I have several digital offers to upgrade to HDR for $4.92, but didn’t know if the digital offer would remain at that price until I upgraded. Thanks
  16. jarp81

    $4.92 Disc to Digital Offers -D2D

    Thanks for putting this together. Just received my Kaleidescape today, but this is what I cataloged so far that is $4.92 for HDR: Salt Hobbit Trilogy Goosebumps Deep Impact San Andreas The Tuxedo The Lego Movie Karate Kid 2 I am Legend Secret Headquarters Dora and the Lost City of...