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Search results

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    when sale for Thanksgiving black Friday for movies

    Before Thanksgiving, exact day to be determined by when studios initiate the sale with Kaleidescape. HA!
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    Why File Sizes are Sometimes Larger for 4k UltraHD vs 4k HDR?

    Could this be because HDR video perhaps uses more compression in comparison to Ultra HD video? https://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1803/1803.04823.pdf
  3. S

    Why File Sizes are Sometimes Larger for 4k UltraHD vs 4k HDR?

    Credit to a poster over at AVS Forum for raising this question: There are lots of movies that the UHD size is larger than the HDR version: Some examples National Lampoon's Vacation 4K HDR 50.4 GB 4K ULTRA HD 61.5 GB Superman II 4K HDR 68.1 GB 4K ULTRA HD 77.0 GB Training Day 4K HDR 64.2 GB...
  4. S

    How About a New Subforum for "Concerts & Music"?

    And a subforum specifically for Dolby Atmos & Multi-channel blu ray audio discs not available in the Kaleidescape store - to hopefully show them there's enough interest to look into getting this stuff in the store!
  5. S

    How About a New Subforum for "Concerts & Music"?

    Calling Cineramax, another multi-channel music luver, take some time out from all of your other posting and chime in please!
  6. S

    Movie Updates

    Same here!
  7. S

    How About a New Subforum for "Concerts & Music"?

    Now that the Kaleidescape store has a new area for "MUSIC" including concerts, music documentaries, etc. how about a new subforum here for this? Also, we can use such a subforum to demonstrate interest to hopefully convince Kaleidescape to not only increase concert offerings, but perhaps to...
  8. S

    Exorcist 4K

    I had already the K HD version from disc upgrade pricing some time ago. My upgrade to the 4k UHD cost $9.99. I suspect this is an error on K's part? Calling Mike Kobb to answer.
  9. S

    Movie Updates

    I have all of these in HDR yet to get the DTS-X it shows full price rather than a free upgrade. A mistake to be corrected?
  10. S

    FOR SALE: ISCO 1.25 Cinema DLP anamorphic lens

    I already have one but thank you anyway! I even have a slide but probably won't use it. I have a Sony GTZ-380. Its all been sitting pending completion of my theater renovation - acoustics rail system now is 90% done, will be getting to projector and anamorphic lens mount soon hopefully!
  11. S

    New entry level Kaleidescape component?

    New K components announced ahead of CEDIA! https://www.kaleidescape.com/systems/movie-players-servers/ NEW! Terra Prime & Terra Prime Solid-State Movie Servers TERRA PRIME MOVIE SERVER 88/48/22/8TB Our next-generation movie server, Terra Prime features an all-new board design, faster...
  12. S

    New entry level Kaleidescape component?

    True! Shane thinks main speakers with a 100 Hz crossover sound great!
  13. S

    New entry level Kaleidescape component?

    128TB USB stick that plays and downloads via blu ray player? Ha! ??? To clarify: Someone else posted this at another forum. Apparently its on Shane Lee's patron Youtube channel. I do not subscribe to his patron channel so I have not actually seen what Shane has said.
  14. S

    New entry level Kaleidescape component?

    I saw somewhere else that Shane Lee just leaked that a more entry level machine will be shown at CEDIA. Any info anyone?
  15. S

    Kaleidescape Music?

    Wonder why KScape hasn't got with AIX Records to get all of their concert videos - DVD and blu ray - in the store? I have many of the discs in my DV-700 disc vault. Some really good stuff including lots of 5.1.
  16. S

    Is Disney the Death Blow to Blu Ray - Does This Bode Well for Kaleidescape?

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/disney-just-delivered-potential-death-blow-to-dvds-and-blu-rays-here-s-what-s-happening/ar-AA1eBLsB?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=abc5d94fe64e41b5be80fcb844d381e9&ei=15 Will Disney stream their content ONLY to their streaming service in the future and leave us at...
  17. S

    Movies on Sale...

    Also all 8 seasons of Game of Thrones for like $90 in 4k HDR. And all 4 seasons of Westworld in 4k HDR for $15 per season. I grabbed all this up. Yesterday was expensive!
  18. S

    Netflix Viewers Get Dolby ATMOS While Kaleidescape Owners Get 5.1 Master Audio!

    Unfortunately, with Netlix, Appletv plus, etc movies, even though they may be labeled Dolby Atmos, there may well be little to nothing going on in the height channels. You really have to watch the movie watching your Trinnov "meter" to see how much activity there is in the height channels. If a...
  19. S

    Anamorphic Lens and Video Processor

    I have a 14' wide Stewart Cinescope screen with the sides that slide in from 2.4 to 4:3 aspect ratio. I am an original aspect ratio luver and have no interest in using NLS, which is a feature I've had on my several Lumagens over the years. As for whether to go with a taller, vs a wider 2.40...