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Search results

  1. 9

    Unexpected Error/spilt system/offline servers

    Yes, they ended up split for firmware/identity issues that have been resolved. I'm back to buying movies I've already owned and watched. :cool:
  2. 9

    Making sense of Toy Story pricing, collections ...

    Having purchased Toy Story titles in every format back to VHS, I was waiting for a better price on the original. It seems the <$10 or even $15 offering is becoming more rare so I thought I would just finish off the collection for $12.49, but having a hard time seeing that pice on the...
  3. 9

    Unexpected Error/spilt system/offline servers

    Something, something updates, network, engineering ... Thanks, Rusty!
  4. 9

    Unexpected Error/spilt system/offline servers

    Unexpected error... aren't they all? All my titles are greyed out save for those that will prompt to insert a disc. Alto and terra server show 'ok' status, while compact terra shows 'offline.' 'my-K' local browser says '2 movie servers," but only shows compact terra which seems to be...
  5. 9

    Movies on Sale...

    This was a feature I was really looking forward to - respond to a notification about a new release on my phone and have it ready to play in just over an hour, now down to about ten minutes. Our viewing habits have led us to a different experience where a new title is likely to be on sale before...
  6. 9

    Concert requests (blu-ray quality)

    George Michael - Live in London, Symphonica Robbie Williams - Live at the Albert, Live at Knebworth, Live at the Palladium, Live in Tallinn, What We Did Last Summer Mötley Crüe - Carnival of Sins U2 - Live at Red Rocks, Rattle & Hum, ... AcDc - Live at Donnington Duran Duran - Sing Blue Silver
  7. 9

    New Feature Announcement: Season Pass

    I wanted to delete some viewed episodes to clear up som HD space. It seems that deleting an episode extended to all episodes. Will the next episode still download after airing? Thanks.
  8. 9

    New Kaleidescape Mobile App version 1.12.0

    Is there a tab in the mobile app that will take you to ALL of the current sales/specials? Are they available as one comprehensive list? I believe right now there are five sales with different expiration dates.
  9. 9

    New kOS release supports disc cataloging on Strato

    Bonus: some success cataloguing discs with an external drive that the Alto had trouble with.
  10. 9

    New kOS release supports disc cataloging on Strato

    Cheeky is my middle name. I am curious to see if a perhaps un-tested but functional data transfer might be established to identify the title. Stranger things have happened. If it helps avoid buying an HD to HD cross grade title for $15-$25 then I'll consider it a win. I have a few unlisted...
  11. 9

    New kOS release supports disc cataloging on Strato

    If I connect an LG HD-DVD drive will it burst into flames, or just laugh at me? I'll keep an eye out for the update.
  12. 9

    Cataloging Your Disc Collection

    Time to move the Alto ... but that storage tho :unsure:
  13. 9

    US BR & 4K Releases for January & February 2023

    You save $1.57 if you've already bought the HD version.
  14. 9

    SOLD: Compact Terra 6tb 4 months old

    Is the C6TB eligible for discount on a new server purchase?
  15. 9

    Kaleidescape Won’t Connect to Network

    I have a similar experience with an iPad mini, yet an iPad Pro and iPhone are able to connect using the same network details. Of course, the mini is supposed to be the 'remote' for the room, and is the one that can't find the system. Are you able to use other phones/tablets to connect?
  16. 9

    US BR & 4K Releases for January & February 2023

    same if you bought HD
  17. 9

    SOLD: Kaleidescape Terra Server 40 with warranty to 2026

    Customs charged me duty to ship an empty K box into Canada. EMPTY. I can only imagine waiting for their opinion of a realistic retail price is on used high-end av gear. Enjoy your new gear!
  18. 9

    What would you do? Out of space on my server

    The download speeds of the non-compact Terra are the 7mins* you see promoted. The compact terra servers are slower. I think the download speed is determined by the storage destination within the system -3U, Alto, compact terra, terra.
  19. 9

    What would you do? Out of space on my server

    #3 as long as you can hold out. :) Even with big terra speeds, downloads will take Xminutes. You already are in a 250 movie whole and new content arrives every week. How much digital rent you want to pay is up to you. For performance and space for movie night download, I try to leave a few...
  20. 9

    Startup help

    This is what I was trying to test out. I had a title with some scenes I created. Deleted the title. Re-downloaded. The scenes are still there. The download log did say "previously downloaded" so perhaps I didn't give the system enough time to "forget it," but I did have to check the title...