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Search results

  1. D

    Talladega Nights - version? ERROR

    Hmmmm good idea I’ll check!
  2. D

    Talladega Nights - version? ERROR

    Anyone know which version is on KScape? Theatrical Version: 108 minutes Unrated Version: 122 minutes Kscape has it at 108min but also has it as Unrated. Theatrical is PG-13
  3. D

    Movies on Sale...

    Dial of Destiny Mario Bros Sisu No Time to Die (Huuuge sale) Even Barbie Excellent sales (unless your Kris…sorry bud 😁)
  4. D

    "The Abyss" in 4K is coming

    So…..is it like 50/50 that Kscape will get this? (Can you say riots and pitchforks?) or are the veterans on here pretty confident we will see this on Kscape?
  5. D

    Jurassic Park Collection DTS 5.1??

    Without getting too much into the weeds about this (there are many threads to find on this subject)…it is not Kscapes call. They get what studio sends. I am sure they can request but I have no idea if they have any influence.
  6. D

    Standard Def (SD) titles….

    Oh I agree! Don’t see the SD until I owned it. A streaming 720p would be WAY better than this.
  7. D

    Standard Def (SD) titles….

    Thanks! I was actually referring to the Matt Damon one but definitely appreciated your input! The Burt Lancaster one is definitely available in HD on Kscape :)
  8. D

    Standard Def (SD) titles….

    There are not other versions of The Rainmaker. And I guarantee you there are zero HD or 4K movies in Kscape that look this bad. Not a chance. Truly if this is really what the average SD movie looks like on Kscape there should be a warning pop up before you purchase.
  9. D

    Standard Def (SD) titles….

    So I was attracted to the $7.99 price tag (and the fact I had never seen The Rainmaker) so I bought it. SD version🙄 So that’s regular DVD. OMG- are all SD movies this bad resolution . 😂 it’s so so so bad! I have a JVC NZ8 with MadVR Envy. It’s almost unwatchable. I knew my expectations...
  10. D

    Movies on Sale...

    The movie is absolutely superb! I understand waiting but this movie (story and audio mix) will not disappoint!
  11. D

    Kaleidescape Store Interesting Finds including Exclusives

    This is a great western! If you have missed it, check it out!
  12. D

    What's the one feature...

    Maybe I am in a small group but I have many people almost monthly coming over for movies. I like to provide them a list of movies to choose from but since I am always buying more movies (hahaha) I have to screenshot my movies from the store. Takes time to create an updated list all the time...
  13. D

    What's the one feature...

    I’m Riiight. Yes, I now understand your comment. It is crazy the UI cannot pull up a full Excel of everything we have purchased though. Frustrating.
  14. D

    What's the one feature...

    The larger servers allow for this but not the Compact Terras? Is that what you’re saying?
  15. D

    What's the one feature...

    A simple printable (downloadable pdf or .xls) list (with movie picture ideally) of EVERY movie I own. Shocking this does not exist. Why is this so difficult?
  16. D

    SOLD: Compact Terra 6TB - $3,000

    I can vouch for Rusteze! His equipment is pristine and you’ll have a very easy transaction. He literally just got this 6tb and instantly upgraded to a 22tb. (As most of us do hahaha)
  17. D

    Request- Educate me a bit on “old” Terra vs “new” Terra servers

    Plz correct me if I am wrong. Older Terras (and compact Terras) download slower than newer drives correct? Is there an easy way to know (based on drive size) if it’s a slower speed or faster? Is there any other performance differences besides download speeds with new vs old?
  18. D

    When Kscape only lists HDR….

    Thank you Kris! I would vote for a this! A more explanatory badging that might eliminate repeated questions. Especially when HD in HDR exists as well- that supposedly KScape does not have in its library (not sure if that is how I understand it) Always nice to get input from a industry icon like...
  19. D

    When Kscape only lists HDR….

    Thank you sir!