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    What's the one feature...

    No, I have plenty of Collections. They don't change, for example, the "List" view when I'm viewing all my movies. That's the view I want to be able to change by grouping related content together, especially on my Premiere system when, for example, TV shows are not recognized. But also for things...
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    What's the one feature...

    I like the Content Set idea that is now in the Store. I wish I could choose to have the lists on my Kaleidescape "group by" content sets as an option (i.e. a Content Set would act kind of like a TV show Season). Even more, I wish I could create custom Content Sets.
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    SOLD: Lumagen Radiance Pro 4446 (3)

    It appears that one of the units had a faulty 18g input card. Given this, even though I believe the other two work fine, they are old and could perhaps fail in the not too distant future, and therefore I am taking them off the market. If anyone would like to make an offer, with the understanding...
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    SOLD: Lumagen Radiance Pro 4446 (3)

    I would strongly recommend having Kris Deering help configure your Lumagen. He can do quite a bit without sending anything to him.
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    SOLD: Lumagen Radiance Pro 4446 (3)

    The Radiance Pro has many many capabilities, which are summarized pretty well in the introduction of the manual: http://www.lumagen.com/docs/Radiance_Pro_Manual_070621.pdf. In addition to capabilities you might expect (superior scaling, superior deinterlacing, superior support for...
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    SOLD: Lumagen Radiance Pro 4446 (3)

    Note that one of these has been sold, and two are still available.
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    SOLD: Lumagen Radiance Pro 4446 (3)

    Price dropped to $2,750 each.
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    SOLD: Lumagen Radiance Pro 4446 (3)

    Ooops! I showed the wrong photo!!! I meant to show the Radiance Pro power supplies! I have now corrected the photo.
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    SOLD: Lumagen Radiance Pro 4446 (3)

    They all work fine. There is a little wear and tear as you can see in the photos, but certainly no dents and I can't see any scratches. I am willing to ship anywhere, but the cost of shipping is on top of the cost of the units (as is the cost of the paypal fees).
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    SOLD: Lumagen Radiance Pro 4446 (3)

    I have 3 Lumagen Radiance Pro 4446s for sale. These were purchased in 2017 and are 2U units (note that newer Radiance Pros are 1U). Each has 8 inputs and 4 outputs. Inputs 1 and 2 are 18G, the rest are 9G. Outputs 1 and 2 are 9G, Output 3 is for Audio, and Output 4 is 18G. All are working fine...
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    The ultimate kaleidescape script - Marvel Cinematic Universe in chronological order (124 scenes)

    Wow, this sounds amazing! I would definitely watch this. Is there any way the script can be shared?
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    Subtle audio in OSD

    I would love it if the OSD had an option for a very subtle audio "tick" as I navigate the OSD -- similar to what the Roku does. It would not only add to the experience, but would also reassure me that my audio system is working (unfortunately that's not always the case).
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    New Kaleidescape Solution to Meld Physical Discs with Strato 4K Movie Player

    Sounds great!! I do have a question -- I have 9 TVs and both an Encore system and a Premier system. All 9 currently have a directly connected Strato-C (so, 9 Strato-Cs). I will only have space to add an M300 to 4 of those TVs (I also have 2 M300s that are currently shared across all the TVs...
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    How do I tell if the HD version has atmos?

    Wow. That is not good. At a minimum it would be nice if you could tell from the Kaleidescape web interface or the Kaleidescape ipad app.
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    How do I tell if the HD version has atmos?

    Sorry, but that only says what the store has. It doesn't say what's on my Encore system. And that's my main question. Is there a way to tell if I do or do not have the Atmos version on my Encore system, so that I know I should re-download the movie?