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Search results

  1. R

    New entry level Kaleidescape component?

    Add this to list of things Shane Lee doesn’t have a clue about …..
  2. R

    SOLD: Terra Compact 18 w/ warranty to January 2027

    It’s just the storage - you need a strato c or s to play movies. 18TB will hold around 300 4k movies
  3. R

    Subwoofer Choice

    What subs are you looking at? What are your goals? Reference level capability down to 10Hz? More than reference? How big is your room? Are you planning to use BEQ?
  4. R

    Seat Actuators or Video Processor

    Note that the Crowson’s are basically never in stock. You have to email them, they’ll put you on a wait list (usually around 3 months) and then they’ll charge you when they ship.
  5. R

    Seat Actuators or Video Processor

    My subs are capable of reference level output down to about 10Hz in my room and the Crowson’s add nicely to the tactile experience. I’m on concrete, so that certainly plays a part. What’s nice about the Crowson’s is how ”natural” they feel. When they’re on, I can’t tell what is coming from...
  6. R

    Seat Actuators or Video Processor

    Bass EQ - Bass EQ for Filtered Movies
  7. R

    Seat Actuators or Video Processor

    I can’t speak to the lumagen, but I can tell you I absolutely love my Crowson’s. If you do go that route and you aren’t using BEQ today, you’ll want to do that as well. They really shine in the sub 30Hz frequencies and without BEQ, they are lacking.
  8. R

    Movies on Sale...

    That’s strange - my LOTR were all the same price. You might want to check with K if you had a more expensive 1st movie. I had D2D for regular and extended versions and didn’t purchase extended versions. They’re all 4.92 for me, stil.
  9. R

    Movies on Sale...

    They’re all under $5 IIRC
  10. R

    US BR & 4K Releases for September & October 2022

    HBO knows what they have in Game of Thrones
  11. R

    What is the real reason K does not always have the current 3D Audio Track?

    “A communication challenge” with pre-teens/teens ….. ha! If ever there were an understatement!
  12. R

    Anyone using the Phillips Hue Play Gradient lightstrip in their movie room?

    My low tech setup is just using my harmony remote. When I switch to K, it automatically starts my hue sync box. I mapped my pause and stop buttons to pause/stop and also to stop hue sync (the default behavior on my hue sync is to return to the previous scene when stopping sync-that brings the...
  13. R

    Anyone using the Phillips Hue Play Gradient lightstrip in their movie room?

    I think that will depend on your control system. As long as it interacts with the hue ecosystem it should work fine.
  14. R

    Game of Thrones in 4K?

    I definitely see them in the special pricing (and got the email) - but I’m not sure the price is actually lower …. Can K confirm if the price is lower, or is there a bug not showing special pricing?
  15. R

    Game of Thrones in 4K?

    Haven’t they always been 14.99? Or were they 24.99 before?
  16. R

    Game of Thrones in 4K?

    Why would it have any effect on Kaleidescape?
  17. R

    Game of Thrones in 4K?

    Take my money!!!!!
  18. R

    Game of Thrones in 4K?

    Hopefully they have the rights ……. crossing fingers for a sale tomorrow ………
  19. R

    Game of Thrones in 4K?

    I have the Blu-ray’s and the 4ks - the 4k is significantly better looking. I’m just too lazy to get up and change the damn disks every 3 episodes …. I want K to take my money soon!
  20. R

    Game of Thrones in 4K?

    The sky is blue