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Search results

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    Maverick is one of them.
  2. S


    Thank goodness!
  3. S

    "The Abyss" in 4K is coming

    So, what is the aspect ration on the abyss?
  4. S

    Digital Movie Poster K-Scape plug-in feature set help

    I have a double sided frame with neon. I use ebay to find my posters. "DS 27 40" is the search I use.
  5. S

    Last movie watched

    Long Shot Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron Funniest movie I have seen in a long time. It will not disappoint. The wife and I have different tastes and the first 1/2 of the movie is constant hilarity.
  6. S

    Strato C IR in cable

    Reach out to Kaleidescape directly. I use an IR mono cable and it works perfectly.
  7. S

    US BR & 4K Releases for September & October 2023

    If Barbie released at $49.99, Taylor Swift will be $99.99🤣
  8. S

    Strato C IR in cable

    I have a mono in there. Can you share if stereo will work too...for later people that may search this?
  9. S

    View Only Downloaded and not Catalogued Content

    Sounds too much like work. I imagine this is residual leftovers from the vault since it seems to be all the same software. I've spent the last month scanning every single disc I own and while the Blurays don't show up, the DVDs do, which further shows its a leftover feature of the vault. It...
  10. S

    View Only Downloaded and not Catalogued Content

    How would you add it back to the menu later? Or would it only return with a D2D purchase?
  11. S

    Jason Bourne Audio DTS:X vs MA

    Appreciate the feedback. Not a lot of overheard object base use in the native DTS:X? Must have a lot of bass effects with that neural.
  12. S

    Last movie watched

    I bet I'd enjoy it more than I did Joy Ride 🤣
  13. S

    Last movie watched

    I feel so many of his recent movies in the last 15 years are retreads where he basically plays the same character. A guy with a special set of skills that has to save his family and kill bad guys. It was great for Taken, but got stale fast. Is this any different?
  14. S

    Standard Def (SD) titles….

    Understood, but your question was are all SD movies this awful. My suggestion is to take another movie in your library that is available in all formats, download all formats and compare them. Not app conversions are created equal. It could be that Rainmaker is an unlucky casualty as opposed to...
  15. S

    Standard Def (SD) titles….

    Just download a few copies of movies you own and bluray and 4k at no additional cost and make a direct comparison. There's plenty of 4k conversions that are trash too, so it may be more specific to the movie and when/how it was filmed or converted.
  16. S

    Last movie watched

    Correct. Joy Ride. The 2023 comedy.
  17. S

    Last movie watched

    Watched Joy Ride last night with the Wife and Mother-In-Law. They thought it was funny. Definitely catered to women. It was just okay to me. We watched Saving Mr. Banks tonight. Tom Hanks pulled off Walt Disney really well.
  18. S

    Strange issue with Kaleidescape IP address

    Is everything working correctly? If so, you may just not have noticed it or had it setup with a static IP before. Unifi will default to DHCP using dynamic IP address. Totally normal for internal routing.