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Search results

  1. ht guy

    What's the one feature...

    In the meantime, you can just turn off/unplug the device you don't want it going to and it will go to your preferred server. I previously did this to put HD content on an Alto to free up space for 4K content on the Terra.
  2. ht guy

    FOR SALE: Lumagen Radiance Pro 4446

    Absolute necessity for anyone with a scope screen and Panamorph lens.
  3. ht guy

    Panasonic drive not connecting for d2d

    Try hooking it up to the strato instead of the terra.
  4. ht guy

    Set adjustable delay before movie starts (for Trinnov owners)

    When starting a movie with a Trinnov processor, it takes a few seconds for the audio track to lock in. This results in video, but no audio until the audio locks in. The only way to keep it from happening is to start the movie and the hit pause for a few seconds. I’ve jut read that on a Zidoo...
  5. ht guy

    New to Kaleidescape, some simple questions

    ...it's also worth noting that, once you buy it, you will always have it/be able to download it, even if, at a later date, K no longer has the rights to sell it.
  6. ht guy


    International 4k version available at rarewaves.com with a 11/22 release date.
  7. ht guy

    New Store Features!

    Thank you!
  8. ht guy

    Digital Movie Poster K-Scape plug-in feature set help

    Hey Mike, that looks like a great way to show what's playing! (...and envy-causing concession area - wow!) Well done!
  9. ht guy

    Star Trek: TMP- The Director’s Edition request

    It's the Asus 16D1HT that has the older firmware. I used to use it to put my 4K discs on the server (before I got a Kaleidescape.) To check, I just cataloged "Awaken" (doesn't come with a 2K) which is not on K, and it shows in the browser. ...tho I've not yet tried using a 4K disc for D2D.
  10. ht guy

    Star Trek: TMP- The Director’s Edition request

    I've been able to catalog 4K discs (using Asus 4K drive.)
  11. ht guy

    Personal movie scores

    No way to tag individual movies. Only solution I'm aware of would be to use categories. Good idea tho.
  12. ht guy

    Strato C + Lumagen Radiance Pro

    Yah, I've since sold the Teddy Pardo I got for the C, particularly as that signal goes through the Lumagen. Keeping the Keces on the 5348 in an attempt to further lower jitter.
  13. ht guy

    If you're looking for the Atmos/DTS:X track...

    Understood. I'm only asking about Atmos for the HDR/UHD versions of three titles where the studio has released a lossless Atmos track - and K has a copy.
  14. ht guy

    If you're looking for the Atmos/DTS:X track...

    Thanks. I’m with you 100% on getting the highest bit rate audio file K has - and that’s exactly my point. They have the lossless ATMOS files for these three movies from the studios. (fwiw, while it’s not in my skill set, there are folks that remux 3D titles with the ATMOS from 4k discs with...
  15. ht guy

    If you're looking for the Atmos/DTS:X track...

    Or, the Atmos or DTS:X track is on the 4K disc, but not included with either K version: Oblivion Robin Hood And one instance where the streaming version is Atmos, but K is 5.1: Tomorrow War @MikeKobb I can see where K might not have the assets for the movies where there is no immersive audio...
  16. ht guy

    If you're looking for the Atmos/DTS:X track...

    I know I've run into this before, but there are instances on K where the Atmos is not with the HDR/UHD, but only the HD: The Great Wall First Man Pacific Rim: Uprising
  17. ht guy

    Kaleidescape Store Interesting Finds including Exclusives

    ...and if you want a blu that will play on an (unmodified) US player, it's currently going for $104.99 on eBay. Thats's one for K...
  18. ht guy

    New kOS release supports disc cataloging on Strato

    That's cool. Does it have an off/on switch? I leave my drive (in the rack) plugged into the Strato. The Strato automatically goes into cataloging mode when I turn the drive on (and exits cataloging mode when I turn the drive off.) Very handy.