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Search results

  1. JohnA

    Store Sort By Price

    The one caveat to this is if you have deleted your cataloged disks in your library because you don't want them listed on your KScape UI movie list along with your downloaded movies, the disks will then show up on K's website as Unowned with your D2D pricing.
  2. JohnA

    The Expanse

    Don't get me wrong, I am not knocking the series, it was well done. I actually watched the series before I read any of the books. If you like to read and have the time, I still recommend anyone who enjoyed the series to read the books.. It's a great story IMHO.
  3. JohnA

    The Expanse

    The books are REALLY good. Although the series stayed fairly close to the books at first, the series strayed somewhat towards the end with the last year not really coming to any kind of meaningful conclusion of the story.
  4. JohnA

    Standard Def (SD) titles….

    Only SD title I have is Jeremiah Johnson. Unwatchable, really bad. I actually deleted it and downloaded it again thinking I must have gotten a "bad" file. So bad I'm wondering if my Lumagen setup is incorrect for SD as I don't think K would let a file out looking like this. I have a Sony...
  5. JohnA

    What's the one feature...

    Back when I was collecting disks, I cataloged them in a program called DVD Profiler. One of its very nice features was it created a web link associated with my collectiont which I could give out. It just listed my movies, normally latest first (although you may have been able to change that...
  6. JohnA

    D2D Pricing Question

    Assuming this is not an error, D2D just isn't a perk anymore. $1.50 - $2.00 savings.........I mean why bother? I don't know how much warning K gets on increases, but if you are going to have this large of studio wide increases, a price increase coming heads up would be nice. I'm also...
  7. JohnA

    Trailers on website won't load

    I couldn't get anything a few hours ago. I have a feeling they know about it.
  8. JohnA

    DTS and Dolby ATMOS on 4k

    Thanks for the info Mike. Much appreciated. Thanks for the info Mike. Much appreciated.
  9. JohnA

    DTS and Dolby ATMOS on 4k

    Thanks, yes my real quandary was why object based audio was not always with the better video. I often just pick HDR for downloading. My assumption being if an object based codec is available it's on the 4K disk, so if it's not shown with HDR it's not available. I've noticed that's not always...
  10. JohnA

    DTS and Dolby ATMOS on 4k

    Dumb question. When a movie is mastered in 4K how is the sound track format decided. Is it always one or the other, Dolby or DTS? Do they ever do both? I'm always surprised when I see a KScape HDR 4K movie in DTS-HD with the HD (Blu-Ray) version in Dolby Atmos. It seemed with disks, the 4K...
  11. JohnA

    Paramount disc to digital discounts

    All the Mission Impossible upgrades are $4.92. All the Chris Pine Star Trek Movie upgrades are $4.92. Shatner and Picard are mostly $6.99, couple are $4.92. Of the 6 Transformer movies the first 4 are $4.92 the last two are $6.99. The $6.99 pricing for Star Trek and Transformers may have...
  12. JohnA

    New kOS release supports disc cataloging on Strato

    I don't believe so. I know when new digital offers become available you'll get a notice when you go to K's web site. I believe the movie "Nine" recently became available and it showed up as a new digital offer on my list.
  13. JohnA

    New kOS release supports disc cataloging on Strato

    You can go to your Movies-Collection-All list in your my-kaleidescape network menu. Select the ones you want to delete and delete. This will remove them from your Strato UI. They will still show up in your Digital Offer list on the KScape website. They will be treated as unowned on the...
  14. JohnA

    Jeremiah Johnson

    Okay, I'm going to buy it. Everyone can thank me when the 4K HDR Dolby Atmos Director's cut comes out next week. :cautious:
  15. JohnA

    Jeremiah Johnson

    I see Jeremiah Johnson is on sale in SD. Always liked the movie, wish K had the HD version. Looks like the movie was originally released by Warner Brothers and Warner Archives subsequently re-released it in HD. Anyone have the the K SD version? How does it look?
  16. JohnA

    Movies on Sale...

    If anyone whats to know if a movie is coming up for sale just ask me if I've recently purchased it. :cautious:
  17. JohnA

    Disc to Digital Price Reduction

    The version I upgraded from was a Special Edition: Apocalypse Now/ Apocalypse Redux. Both movies were on the same disk. I was able to D2D to Apocalypse: Final Cut for 4.92.
  18. JohnA

    Store Pricing Feedback & Debate

    Coda Upgrade The conversation when Coda 4k first came out is a few posts prior to the above link. I've never seen the D2D Coda price less than around $20 unless there was a sale.
  19. JohnA


    I don't think Jim P. will EVER change his. :confused: :)
  20. JohnA

    Way to see how much storage a movie is taking on a server?

    Under "Downloads" Select the downloaded movie and then click "show download size" next to "Size", is this what you want?