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Search results

  1. SimonSays

    Concerts on an audiophile audio system

    I connected my second zone to the TV in the living room, where I also have my audiophile audio system. Concerts sure sound amazing this way! Usually I just use Roon or physical media, but having a Strato as well just ups the game! Anyone else doing this?
  2. SimonSays

    US BR & 4K Releases for November & December 2023

    Ditto @MikeKobb is this a common thing where D2D discounts are better than an in-store upgrade? Or is it a bug?
  3. SimonSays

    Quick Question about setup - easy one I think :-)

    If you only have 1 display you use (e.g. your theatre room), you don't need an extra Strato. You could just add the storage server (Terra). and the Strato you have will be able to play the movies you download to your new Terra as well. But a good balance to add storage and extra display, is...
  4. SimonSays

    Alto not reading BDs and some DVDs

    I had the same issue, and ended up opening the Alto to clean out everything INSIDE. After that, my success rate went up drastically. That said, I still clean every disc before I insert it, and some still fail. I looked for a new drive about a year ago, but couldn't find one.
  5. SimonSays

    Movie Guide Update - What is it exactly?

    Thanks, Is the movie guide stored on all devices in the system? For example, I'm deleted a bunch of movies from my Terra, and am redownloading them on my (new-to-me) Strato S. Of course to do that, I have to shut down the Terra. And about 1 in 3 movies requires a Movie Guide update...
  6. SimonSays

    The Abyss - 4K

    No worries, we're all enthusiasts. I was just posting in the CONTENT section of the forum, now that the mods made it for us :-)
  7. SimonSays

    The Abyss - 4K

    I was first (9:14PST vs 10:01PST) :cool: But yeah, been waiting for that one for ages, such an iconic movie!
  8. SimonSays

    Movie Guide Update - What is it exactly?

    We've all seen this when monitoring our downloads, but what is the "movie guide" exactly, and why does it trigger with some movies, and not others? And why is the "whole" movie guide not downloaded all at once? Or why is it not included in the movie download as such? Or why can't the system...
  9. SimonSays

    What's the one feature...

    Yeah, I wrote that too (turn off all other devices). But it's a pain. I want to be able to move stuff around between devices for long-term storage of favorite movies, versus short-term stuff on a Terra with fast downloads. If I delete an HD movie that happens to be on one of my Altos, I want to...
  10. SimonSays

    The Abyss - 4K

    It's finally official! The Abyss in 4K is ready for a re-release in theaters in December 2023, so hopefully we'll see it on K early 2024!
  11. SimonSays

    What's the one feature...

    I was just thinking about that. I got a Strato S about a week ago, and having a "storage manager" function would be great. Download stuff through the fastest system, but have an interface where you can move things around on all devices in your system on your local network. Move favorite movies...
  12. SimonSays

    Store "Hole" Feedback

    SD looks pretty decent on my system though. Yes, it's far from 4K, but hardly "unbearable and unwatchable"
  13. SimonSays

    What support when warranty expires?

    I'd even consider a warranty extension (payable). Seems like a good revenue stream, seeing the actual hardware isn't very expensive for K to buy, and a lot of the devices run fine for 10+ years...
  14. SimonSays

    Store "Hole" Feedback

    Scream 3: Scream 3 Rosemary's Baby [1968]: Rosemary's Baby Rosemary's Baby [2014] Series: Rosemary's Baby (Complete Series) Sweeny Todd: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street Sometimes movies or TV shows are removed from the store (to purchase) when the studios decide to do so, often...
  15. SimonSays

    [Black Friday] Any sales from our AV dealers?

    I'm looking at buying the new Sony Bravia XR-A95L 77" if it goes on sale for Black Friday. I'd rather support one of our resident AV dealers, so if there are any sales, I'd love to hear it. I'm sure a lot of other forum members would love to hear about sales, so any other sales lined up, please...
  16. SimonSays

    What support when warranty expires?

    I scrolled through the recent threads, but I haven't found a thread dedicated to what kind of support a customer can get from K once the warranty period has expired. The used market still commands big prices when it comes to used K equipment, but what happens when there is an issue AFTER the...
  17. SimonSays

    Disc to Digital Questions and Issues

    Haven't seen a non-add so far, for commercial DVD / BD discs that is. Yes, DVD will give smaller discounts than BD. Depends if you're upgrading to a 4K or HD movie. But again, discounts are set by the studios that own the rights.
  18. SimonSays

    Disc to Digital Questions and Issues

    For example, I catalogued this DVD on OCT 28, and it still hasn't been added by KScape. I added the UPC code and completed one of the main actors, so they could find it easier.
  19. SimonSays

    Disc to Digital Questions and Issues

    Unknown discs can take a while, yes. Known discs sync within minutes, and you'll see D2D offers pop up in your store account. Discs often come out in different editions (think "Steelbook", "Deluxe", "Director's Cut") and different country releases. So it's not unusual that a certain disc isn't...
  20. SimonSays

    Disc to Digital Questions and Issues

    Usually it will grab the name assigned to the disc, so if you're seeing numbers, the manufacturer likely used the number (looks like a UPC code) as the disc name. Once you've entered the UPC code in the correct field using the local web interface (or via the on-screen interface), KScape will be...