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Search results

  1. Noah Winter

    🔵 TV Series- Consolidate to single title

    This discussion triggered me to place all my titles into one of two Collections: Movies or TV. I thought this would take a long time as I have over 2000 titles, but I found on the web interface under the Movies tab a "Select All Button" and two buttons that I could move my titles all at once...
  2. Noah Winter

    New kOS release supports disc cataloging on Strato

    Well that worked even better than expected. Bought the OWC device since it has an LG drive. Connected the usb cord, plugged in, turned on, put in a disc in and in a few seconds it ejected. This was a disc that my M700 could not import. Within a few minutes I purchased the movie at the d to d...
  3. Noah Winter

    New kOS release supports disc cataloging on Strato

    You could create a collection of just owned movies and then just select that collection to view and you would only see your owned movies on your screen.
  4. Noah Winter

    Movies on Sale...

    Darn you Kaliedescape, another can’t miss sale!
  5. Noah Winter

    Movies on Sale...

    I noticed First Reformed is on sale now. This movie really flew under the radar and if you have not seen it and you are in the mood for a thought-provoking adult movie this movie is incredible. It received AFI's best movie of the year award and features a great performance from Ethan Hawke...
  6. Noah Winter

    The Last Picture Show

    This is one of my favorite movies and Cybil Shepard was stunning. It always seemed to me to be an allegory for the Camelot tales with the town declining and dying as Sam the Lion does. The land and king are one and all.
  7. Noah Winter

    Store "Hole" Feedback

    That is an advantage over buying streaming titles from Apple, etc. and equal then to discs. Another plus for K.
  8. Noah Winter

    Store "Hole" Feedback

    Assuming you had purchased Memento when it was available but you had not downloaded it, would you still be able to download it now that it is no longer in the store?
  9. Noah Winter

    What happens to your K library when you croak? It must self destruct.

    I wonder if a trust could be an owner of your K System or if it has to be a natural person? Could create perpetuity that way maybe.
  10. Noah Winter

    Strato Won't Play

    I will have to take the disc back to Target tomorrow and that is fine with me. Thanks so much for the suggestion.
  11. Noah Winter

    Strato Won't Play

    Oh geez Mike, that fixed it! The Video out is now showing active and Top Gun Maverick plays.
  12. Noah Winter

    Strato Won't Play

    Well, that did not work. The web interface Video capabilities tab indicates the video jack is in standby along with the audio. I selected an hm movie and the Strato did not wake up. I restarted the Strato from the Web Gui and afterward received the two please wait screens followed by a 1...
  13. Noah Winter

    Strato Won't Play

    I will give it a try. Thanks
  14. Noah Winter

    Strato Won't Play

    Wow, that is great. I also confirmed the IP address and Mac Address, and they are correct. I also tried reducing the Video to a maximum of 1080p and that had no effect. I was going through your trouble shooting guide. Maybe it is in standby mode and I can't wake it up? thanks so much.
  15. Noah Winter

    Strato Won't Play

    When I press the power button on the front nothing happens. When I hold the front button down the Strato restarts with the same two screens of "please wait", followed by a very brief white static screen and then nothing. The front panel displayed for a second the 3 lights to the right of the K...
  16. Noah Winter

    Strato Won't Play

    The remaining movies I purchased from the sale downloaded last night so everything appears to work except it will not play movies. I could press the reset button in the back but I do not know if that would erase my movie content so I will hold off doing that.
  17. Noah Winter

    Strato Won't Play

    Yes, I can see it fine on the web browser, it’s like it won’t wake up. Anyway other than unplugging or choosing restart from the web interface to get it to wake up?
  18. Noah Winter

    Strato Won't Play

    Well after getting everyone excited about seeing Top Gun Maverick tomorrow my Strato suddenly won't play anything. I have a Strato S 12 TB. I have been downloading a lot of movies from the store the last two nights, from 1 AM to 10 AM is the only activity my Strato has had in the last 2 days...
  19. Noah Winter

    CoStar Set Up Woes

    Mike, I watched the video and it answered my question. thank you.