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  1. T

    FOR SALE: m300, m500, m700, Kmusic4000

    PM Sent
  2. T

    Best practice to turn off Premiere servers (3U)

    Can you also power off the 3U Server by cutting off the Power to it? I can do this with my Crestron System. It can cut power off and then turn on when the 3U or the Terra is needed
  3. T


    I would not get Barbie for Free, what a ridiculous Movie IMHO
  4. T

    New Kscape Products

    My Attic in Texas gets to 110 F (maybe 120) can I install the Terra Prime SSD in such kind of high ambient temperature location? My networking equipment is in the attic - it would be perfect to install the Terra Prime SSD in the Attic
  5. T

    New Kscape Products

    Request real world performance screenshot - I have seen this flier also
  6. T

    New Kscape Products

    I asked Jim on the phone - but asking again - is download faster on SSD Prime Terra than the HDD Prime Terra. My plan is to get the 7.76 TB SSD OR the 8TB HD Prime Terra - speed being the sole reason. We know the SSD speed as in posts above (provided you have enough Internet speed) what about HD...
  7. T

    New Kscape Products

    You need to post the screenshot of your download speed ..
  8. T

    New Kscape Products

    Nice... so glad I held out on getting a new Terra (Bought used 40TB from Jim a few months ago) The speed of download is the key feature - 4 minutes, now we are talking. At that speed a 7.36TB SSD Terra is good enough to leave the movies on the cloud and have the speed to download one quickly...
  9. T

    Movies on Sale...

    Warner was the leader in low pricing with the D2D started a few years ago, when VUDU and Digital Movies from Movies Anywhere were connected. Now they have become crap. I am like Thrillcat - I just wait the price to drop down and then buy Warner Movies, And for some movies when I cannot wait I...
  10. T

    US BR & 4K Releases for July & August 2023

    I bought 'The Flash' previously 34.99 at today 14.99 Good things come to those who wait..
  11. T

    New entry level Kaleidescape component?

    My Post on AVS A low priced player with hard drive will be good. The K System allows movies to be downloaded on 5 systems (5 locations), I might get it for my 24 year old daughter in her apartment, she will have access to my gazillion K Movies. I just hope download time is fast as that is the key.
  12. T

    Missing M 500

    Mike, Thanks for the advise and the input - I will test this out this weekend when I am using my theater and will report back.
  13. T

    Missing M 500

    I put a BD Disc in my DV700 Vault and the Disc got rejected. So I decided to put the disc in the M500 and get it catalogued. And then found out that the M500 is missing on my iPad Interface - also in the past when I put a Disc on the M500 on the Projection Screen a message would come reading...
  14. T

    Missing M 500

    THe M500 has a BD Disc Tray unlike the M300 which is only for playback from the Server. The M500 needs to show up as it can be used to play physical discs within the K Ecosystem and to catalog discs. I was able to see it a few months ago and used it to catalog discs but for some reason now I don't.
  15. T

    Missing M 500

    Need help if someone can - Thanks I have a Terra with Strato C (Encore System) A 3U Server, Disc Vault (used in a downstairs system to play BD) and M500 (Used in my theater using Costar (Premier System) The Encore and Premier are connected using a Lumagen Costar License in my Theater. On my...
  16. T

    Movie Updates

    BATMAN 2022 is showing Video and Audio Updates. I wish K could specify what exactly has been updated.
  17. T

    Movies on Sale...

    I noticed House Of Dragons 1st Season is on sale - very good price for all the 10 Episodes.
  18. T

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

    After watching the movie I was very confused about the picture quality and blaming my setup for the dismal quality. So I watched Galaxy 2 scene 'Zandoo's Funeral' last chapter and that was beautiful confirming PQ of Galaxy 3 sucks.
  19. T

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

    Washed out IMHO, and the scenes with all white backgrounds bloomed out.
  20. T

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

    Picture quality is not as good as Galaxy 2!! Is it just me/my setup or do others agree? Hoping for Kaleidescape to step in and push an update with better PQ down the road.