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Search results

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    FOR SALE: M300 Rack Mount

    Selling a rack mount for the M300 player. Each rack can hold 2 M300’s. What you see is what you get - just the rack 5 available $40 plus shipping
  2. R

    FOR SALE: m300, m500, m700, Kmusic4000

    Price update
  3. R

    FOR SALE: m300, m500, m700, Kmusic4000

    Price drop and updated whats left
  4. R

    FOR SALE: Kaleidescape Strato S 12tb - warranty until Aug 2025

    yes available. I just sent you a PM
  5. R

    FOR SALE: Kaleidescape Strato S 12tb - warranty until Aug 2025

    Thanks Jim! I did text my friend and he said he’s open to offers
  6. R

    FOR SALE: Kaleidescape Strato S 12tb - warranty until Aug 2025

    Listing for a friend. For sale is a strato s 12tb. Excellent condition, under warranty until Aug 2025. Includes remote and comes shipped in original packaging. $5500 plus shipping fees.
  7. R

    Questions About K Components

    imo, unless there is a lot of content you want to watch on the 3u, its better to not bother with it. The premiere stuff is getting up in age and likely will be only harder to service in the future. I guess an easy litmus test is if you look at the content on the working 1u’s, is it very...
  8. R

    FOR SALE: Compact Terra 22tb for sale-3 months old-full warranty - price drop!

    I sold one of my old 22tb’s to MarvinTheAndroid who is Uk based and there were no functional issues. Only sticky part is with shipping. depending on declared value how much you would have to pay on import
  9. R

    FOR SALE: m300, m500, m700, Kmusic4000

    Selling a premiere system for family friends. -M300 player - $300 -M500 - $400 -M700 Vault - $1999 -Kmusic4000 - $100 plus shipping fees. Payment by any method that won’t generate 1099k No remotes. Each item includes the appropriate power cord/brick. I emailed Ksupport and they have set the...
  10. R

    Barbie (4K UHD / Dolby Atmos)

    well, my teeneage daughter is planning on watching the barbie movie with her friends for her birthday, so I’ll take the $44.95 plunge. Still way cheaper than an escape room, which is what she did last year
  11. R

    SOLD: Audiocontrol Avalon G4 Amplifier

    For sale in my Audiocontrol Avalon G4. I’m the original owner, bought from an authorized dealer. Warranty period started April 2022, so about 3.5 years left. Lightly driven - I’ve been using it on my Atmos channels. $1499 shipped. paypal add 3.6%
  12. R

    Movies on Sale...

    I thought the movie was pretty good. but yes, concur that $45 is pushing it
  13. R

    What's the one feature...

    you can turn off the autoscramble!
  14. R

    What's the one feature...

    May have been mentioned before, but for that little flag (for lack of better term) not to unfurl when you however over a movie too long
  15. R

    How many DVD/SD quality titles do you own?

    not many: really don’t enjoy watching something rhats not in HD. I’m 46, so a lot/most of the “older” movies from my youth are now in HD. Last week I picked up Beverly Hills Cop I & 2 (number 3 sucked), and both were HDR
  16. R

    New Drawing for Members

    wow, thanks for doing this. well, I’ve been back and forth on the Bond set. this seems like a good time to pull the trigger!
  17. R

    DIY fixing issues with hardware and D2D

    what about using link local? I did this for a grandfathered 1u I bought several years ago that had a static IP https://support.kaleidescape.com/article/If-my-server-has-an-unknown-static-IP-address-how-do-I-connect-to-it-using-a-link-local-address
  18. R

    Terra Full, Now What?

    There is a replicate function that either K support or your dealer can enable so you can transfer contents from one terra to another
  19. R

    SOLD: Compact Terra 22tb server

    For sale is my compact terra 22tb. Its about 15 months old (Warranty ends April 2027). It has been opened to make sure it arrived safe, but never used. $7500 shipped. paypal add 3.6% *sale pending*
  20. R

    SOLD: Strato Rack Ears

    Have two pairs of rack ears for the original strato. $99 plus shipping fees per set