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Search results

  1. TrackZ

    Movies on Sale...

    I've been waiting for this one, but it is a shame the series it not in 4K yet before the bundle was offered. The collection came out on disc way back in February. If you buy this bundle, beware you'll be paying this much or more again for 4K based on MGM's usual digital offer pricing.
  2. TrackZ

    My New Tech/AV/HT Endeavor - Techthusiasm

    I put this together for all the new folks coming into the Kaleidescape platform. Here's a list of a few tweaks and tips to get the most out of your system and platform experience.
  3. TrackZ

    Mobile App Update Requests

    I'd really like movie posters to be tagged with the blue and gold triangles in the app like they are on the web, so it is clear what you own in all views without having to click into the movie.
  4. TrackZ

    Content set discounts on Black Friday?

    If prior years are an indication, BF and holiday time should be awesome in the store.
  5. TrackZ

    New Store Features!

    Excellent work!
  6. TrackZ

    NEWS: Bad news from Zappiti?

    I get so many questions about what happens when K goes out of business, and I've long turned that question around to what happens when any element of one's DIY ripped media server system goes down...
  7. TrackZ

    Strato C + Lumagen Radiance Pro

    I have not yet bought a replacement power supply. Maybe someday I will, we'll see. I have two kinds of buzzing in my systems though, so not sure which you're referencing. My Strato S was buzzing as the internal HD noise was being picked up in my system and propagating to my speakers. I've sold...
  8. TrackZ

    My New Tech/AV/HT Endeavor - Techthusiasm

    I wrote up a neat macro in my Control4 system for Kaleidescape that folks might be interested in trying out. It replicates the Apple TV "what did they say" feature. Check it out in the video. Also, Techthusiasm just hit 10K subscribers and 2M+ total views. Pretty cool. Thanks for your support!
  9. TrackZ

    New kOS release supports disc cataloging on Strato

    A slim drive like that doesn't have a power switch like a full size enclosure does. It's on if powered/plugged in and off if unplugged.
  10. TrackZ

    New kOS release supports disc cataloging on Strato

    I returned the approved drive I bought just for cataloging and have been using a slim Archgon drive I have already had for some time. It works just fine. It does even work cataloging when powering it only off the Strato's USB port as well, but since the recommendation is not to do this, beware...
  11. TrackZ

    SOLD: LET'S MAKE A DEAL: Compact Terra 22TB - Full warranty

    Just posting a verification that C.L. is a qualified person, though a new member to the forum. He and I have been friends in the hobby for some time, and he's recently joined our K club.
  12. TrackZ

    New Kscape Products

    FYI, I'll be live tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern with Matt Scarborough from Kaleidescape to talk about the new Terra Prime servers. Come on out and join the stream and bring any questions, thoughts, and feedback to share. https://www.youtube.com/live/UpoDKdRe4oM?si=DEPVJjNurOMroTwj
  13. TrackZ

    New Kscape Products

    EDIT: Oh! I might have been wrong. Looks like AT&T Fiber has a 2G and even a 5G offering. That could change calculus on HDD vs. SSD servers after all.
  14. TrackZ

    New Kscape Products

    For me, I'm at 1G service right now. I think my current provider could give me 1.2G if paid a bit more. I wouldn't mind the convenience of turning ~15 minute downloads into <10. But I agree, it usually takes longer than that to get our family of 4 into the room ready to hit play. I had been...
  15. TrackZ

    New Kscape Products

    I was going to make the same reply as above. But instead, I'll just make the observation that it's cool (in my nerdy opinion) that we surpassed the performance limit of a mechanical drive's writing speed here. It's reflective of overall technology advancing in a positive direction.
  16. TrackZ

    New Kscape Products

    Ha, collector's item!
  17. TrackZ

    New Kscape Products

    Props to this forum as well. I love the instantly breaking news. :) I have a video going live about the new Terra in a few minutes (6:00 PM EST).
  18. TrackZ

    New Kscape Products

    New hardware! :)
  19. TrackZ

    Movies on Sale...

    There will always be a savings in waiting as pretty much everything new seems to be on sale within a few months of release. It's just a matter of how bad do you want to see the movie and if you're prepared to pay up front for the pleasure or not. It's a catch-22 because one of the platform...