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Search results

  1. andy

    Planning my Kaleidescape entry – feedback please!

    Welcome to the forum Edgar! I can’t speak for everyone but I bet most wished they purchased more storage up front. Now, you can always add more later so it’s not the end of the world, but I’ve seen many new owners fill up their initial servers much quicker than anticipated. And yes, the auto...
  2. andy

    5U Server not working? Or...

    Getting a serial capture via the RS-232 port on a 5u server is the absolute best way to understand what may or may not be happening during the boot process (which takes a couple minutes or longer depending on how full the disk set is). Be aware that in the end, if the file system does not boot...
  3. andy

    US BR & 4K Releases for November & December 2023

    Mine is sadly at $9.99 for an upgrade from the HD download purchase back in 2013. Interesting that I'm penalized for purchasing a Store download vs. a disc from another retailer. Andy
  4. andy

    SOLD: Strato 12TB SOLD

    You definitely can. It will increase your storage and give you a second Strato playback zone. Andy
  5. andy

    Quick Question about setup - easy one I think :-)

    You have to keep a Strato in your system. A Cinema One (I assume that is what you meant) will not work directly with a Terra. Andy
  6. andy

    Alto not reading BDs and some DVDs

    Below are the instructions for replacing the ODD in a Cinema One which has much of the same hardware as an Alto. https://support.kaleidescape.com/article/Cinema-One-Optical-Drive-Replacement The steps should be the same, but finding the correct optical drive may prove to be the biggest...
  7. andy

    Movie Guide Update - What is it exactly?

    The Movie Guide is a large database that contains the metadata for all movies/TV shows, but none of the cover art (that is downloaded individually). It typically downloads to your system once a day if I recall correctly. The reason you see the message above is because there was an update to the...
  8. andy

    Problem communicating with the hard disk drive

    Contact K support. Maybe they can shed some light on the history of the unit that might help you out. No guarantees but worth a shot. Andy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. andy

    SD Content

    I don’t purchase any SD titles anymore. My only SD titles are leftovers from the early days of the Store and I rarely watch them anymore. Andy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. andy

    K1500 Not Showing Up

    The Ethernet port is integrated with the mainboard and it is unlikely you'll find a replacement. You'd have better luck finding a 2nd-hand chassis to install your disk cartridges into, but that assumes the file system is intact and all the hard drives are healthy. Before you pursue a...
  11. andy

    replaced router and issue

    I've used an Eero system for several years with my K gear and it works great. To make a reservation, you go to Settings > Network settings > Reservations & port forwarding. Once there, tap on Add a reservation and select the device on your network you want to give the fixed address to. I have a...
  12. andy

    Movie Updates

    This is a weird one. I refreshed my browser and it still shows the UHD upgrade at $24.99. When I check the app, I also don't see the option for the UHD download and strangely, there isn't even an upgrade offer. Only thing I can think of is that the Store thinks my version is different and...
  13. andy

    Movie Updates

    Anyone notice that the "upgrade" price from HDR to the new UHD version is $24.99. I suspect this is a mistake since I was under the impression that UHD was included with the HDR purchase. Can you confirm @MikeKobb? Thanks, Andy
  14. andy

    Temperatures too hot? External fan?

    I'm no thermal expert, but you generally want your hot air exhaust at the back and preferably the top of the cabinet/enclosure, and your cool air intake in the front and the bottom. Installing an exhaust fan in the front may counterbalance the natural airflow of your K devices. Andy
  15. andy

    View Only Downloaded and not Catalogued Content

    Just clarifying that cataloged Blu-rays do not show up in the Strato interface because they are not playable. Only cataloged DVDs are playable on an Encore system. Andy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. andy

    Control automation inspiration

    It’s also worth noting that the end credits bookmark is also what flags a title to be part of the Paused collection. When playback is stopped after that point, a paused bookmark will NOT be created. Andy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. andy

    SOLD: LET'S MAKE A DEAL: Compact Terra 22TB - Full warranty

    Without knowing what two devices you have it is difficult to answer specifically, but in general, if you have say, two Terra servers (with Strato players) or a Terra and a Strato w/storage, the library will appear seamless to the viewer. In other words, there is no switching of any type… it is...
  18. andy

    Unexpected Error/spilt system/offline servers

    It seems likely that you ran into an authorization issue. These are typically due to a split system where multiple servers that were part of a single system, are separated and installed on different networks without registering them as separate systems. Sounds like you got it sorted out? Andy
  19. andy

    What's the one feature...

    Yes they are. I must say though that many only have the HD logo since I've downgraded some content to make room (my Terra is nearly full 😭 ). Andy
  20. andy

    What's the one feature...

    I have several hundred covers already organized into alphabetical folders that I'd be happy to share. Andy