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    Temperatures too hot? External fan?

    My 3u server that sits below it with at least a 6 inch air gap runs at about 30C. Both sit on a wire rack with no other electronics. Only other equipment in the room is a router and switch. Room is a little warmer that the rest of the basement but not hot - cooler than my full rack closet.
  2. R

    Temperatures too hot? External fan?

    Is it bad to leave my Terra front panel open? It runs at about 51C with the panel closed (in a well ventilated rack) and drops by 10-15 degrees C with the front panel open.
  3. R

    Difficulty Reading Movie Message

    That message is also frequently due to network issues.
  4. R

    SOLD: WTS: Kaleidescape 3U Server, M700 Disc Vault, and M500 Player

    Is the M500 player still available? Do you know what region it was set to? Have the network settings been reset? I may be interested.
  5. R

    Official Disc Media Expanded Bookmarks Check Thread

    What did they charge you for the bookmarking of your discs?
  6. R

    Cover view jumpy with Lumagen

    Thanks for your help - the Lumagen Graphics Flag was off. Turning it back on fixed it.
  7. R

    Cover view jumpy with Lumagen

    I recently upgraded to a Lumagen Radiance Pro and love the auto aspect ration. But when it is on the Kaleidescape Cover View screen it jumps aspect ratios frequently with moving among the covers. Anyone else having this behavior? Is it fixable?
  8. R

    The Sons of Katie Elder Audio Dropouts

    There is only one English audio track. The only other one is in french and doesn't seem to have the same problem, although I haven't watched too much in the french.
  9. R

    The Sons of Katie Elder Audio Dropouts

    Never mind, it appears it is occurring somewhere in my Video over IP distribution system. Resolves if I connect my player directly to a TV. Rusty is very prompt and quite helpful.
  10. R

    The Sons of Katie Elder Audio Dropouts

    I recently bought/downloaded The Sons of Katie Elder. When playing it there are multiple brief audio dropouts throughout the movie. None of my other movies have the same dropouts. The dropouts are repeatable in the exact same positions in the movie. I have deleted (and emptied the trash) and...
  11. R

    temeperature of units

    My Tera server runs at about 51C per the web interface. But if I open the front panel it will drop by about 15 degrees. Is it better just to leave that door open?
  12. R

    What's the one feature...

    A random mode for scenes and songs.
  13. R

    M700 optical drive apparently blocked - can drive be swapped? How to load K firmware?

    I don't believe there is any firmware. Just swap the drive and hook it up and it should work.
  14. R

    Value of M500

    It has been on two different networks with two different switches and routers. All cables have been changed multiple times. The other players can play the content at the same time (even tested on a split display) when the M500 hangs up. I wish it was something else but the player seems to be...
  15. R

    Value of M500

    I have a M500 that is having trouble with its network interface card (or something) where it gives frequent "trouble reading movie" errors and pauses playback for a few seconds. We have tried everything, and nothing has fixed the problem. It will still load discs just fine. So my question is...
  16. R


    I am also stuck on a movie guide update.
  17. R

    What control system do you recommend? Control4 vs Savant or Creston?

    Our installer handled it all for us. The only problem we have had is using an 4k HDMI extender to reach a far TV (AVR is in AV closet not near TV). We have fiber from the the input transmitter to the 10gb switch, and then copper for everything else. Cat6 handles runs from the switch to the...