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Search results

  1. E

    Making sense of Toy Story pricing, collections ...

    9/25. So hurry up 😉 I will order the last 11 that I’m missing.
  2. E

    Making sense of Toy Story pricing, collections ...

    I would guess that the price $12.49 is from the Pixar Superbundle. Strange that you see that price on the Content Sets page. Must be an error. https://www.kaleidescape.com/movie-store/collection/superbundle_pixar_0919
  3. E

    Last movie watched

    I did the same. I have reached the Brosnan movies so far and I can say they all (almost) look fantastic in 4K. Well worth a Bond rewatch from the start.
  4. E

    Store "Hole" Feedback

    Point Break is still gone...
  5. E

    Incorrect Run Times (concert films)

    I have U2 360 on disc and the info is incorrect and the same as K HD version. It says 4h 11m on it as well. But it’s actually 2h 9m.
  6. E

    Movies on Sale...

    $45 for a movie brings back memories to the 90s. Standard price for a Laserdisc back then.
  7. E

    How many DVD/SD quality titles do you own?

    I usually don't buy SD but made a few exceptions. Stargate SG-1 is one of them. There is a couple of really "great" movies only available in SD so bought these two (and accidently bought The Last Boy Scout as well. Why is this not in HD?)...
  8. E

    GI Joe: Retaliation

    Who did you mail to get on sale? ;)
  9. E

    Is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 1.78 hdr

    I have the extended version downloaded and it changes ratio between 2,40 and 1.78. That's probably why it says 1.78.
  10. E

    Removed blu-rays still appear in movie list? Mass update option?

    Thanks. Then I know if it happens again. I thought so but wished that I missed something. I usually only import discs that I want in the system but not this time. Had some extra slots in vault and space on server so started to add supplemental discs. In this case it was the supplemental disc...
  11. E

    Removed blu-rays still appear in movie list? Mass update option?

    Yes. That's were I am. I can see the 10 different discs in the "Disc Vaults" meny. In this meny it's possible to eject the disc but not to delete it from the server without delete the whole set of 10-discs. In the movies meny they emerge into one movie and the same meny appears when I click on...
  12. E

    Removed blu-rays still appear in movie list? Mass update option?

    Hijacking thread here but a question in the same region. I searched for an answer but could not find it. How do you delete one disc in a set? I added some supplement discs and some of them I would like to remove again. Only solution I found was to delete the complete 10-disc set and also...
  13. E

    Relocating Terra

    That’s correct. No need for anything else. Assuming you still have the network setting to DHCP. But you can check that before you unplug it.
  14. E

    What server size to buy?

    i would go with option 2. I bought a Terra 24TB and thought it would newer be full. After 10 months it was full and the download list getting longer and longer. Now 8 months later the 88TB ordered. The delete / download process is really easy. Not annoying at all. Every time I whatched a movie...
  15. E

    D2D Pricing Question

    Sorry, I ment Twentieth Century
  16. E

    Millennium Club (Who's With Me!)

    Joined the club with 1116 movies the other day. Thanks to the D2D bug that made me hurry a bit. New server and drives ordered today so I can download them. Physical media 800 4K & Blu-Rays 700 DVDs 800 Laserdiscs (D2D reader for these could be useful)
  17. E

    D2D Pricing Question

    Great news! So relieved and very happy! I did buy a lot of D2D movies that did not was affected if it was a beginning in a price increase. (did the same when it was the Sony issue) So in total approx. 350-400 movies bought on both these bug related events and today I finally made a decision to...
  18. E

    Rome Season 1 release date, Stargate SG-1 masters?

    I was thinking about a HLD-X0 or HLD-X9 to be able to play these Hi-Vision discs when I bought my LD-S9 back in 2005. But the movies as you say they were expensive and still expensive in 2005. I just not could justify the extra cost for the small amount of movies released on the Hi-Vision...
  19. E

    Rome Season 1 release date, Stargate SG-1 masters?

    It was a great format indeed. That one I missed. But newer saw the series until now when I bought in K. 5 episodes I believe I've seen so far. I have the deluxe edition of the movie Stargate which was the uncut version. $60 for 9 minutes longer movie but bought in release anyway. Those were the...
  20. E

    D2D Pricing Question

    Bummer. My Digital Offers just went up $3500. Really hope this is a glitch like it was with Sony. This is the price for buying to small servers and not D2D the movies since the drives are full. Order of Terra 88TB and more 6TB for my 3U right now.