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Search results

  1. 2

    New Feature Announcement: Season Pass

    Love this new feature..hope more studios follow suit…
  2. 2

    Movies on Sale...

    @MikeKobb For bundles, when someone has most of the movies in the bundle, they are not able to participate in the bundle purchase. For example, in the ghostbusters bundle, I already have 3 movies and was looking to buy the latest one, but I am not able to because there needs to be 2 purchases...
  3. 2

    Game of Thrones in 4K?

    Sometimes that's not the case. You end up paying almost full price even though you bought the HD format.
  4. 2

    Movies on Sale...

    The price for GoT seasons is the same regardless of whether you own/cataloged the discs or not. Is this normal or is it a pricing bug?
  5. 2

    Game of Thrones in 4K?

    Let’s see what Mike comes back with wrt the sale. While I am tempted to get the set during a sale, I am also thinking the 4K version will be coming out soon, making me buy it again. So hold for 4K or buy now? What are you doing?
  6. 2

    Game of Thrones in 4K?

    LOL, good one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. 2

    Game of Thrones in 4K?

    So the streaming services do get the digital 4k version, that's good news. @MikeKobb or anyone else from K, can you please share if GoT 4K is in content pipeline? Would be appreciated very much.
  8. 2

    Game of Thrones in 4K?

    C’mon K, please make me spend on GoT 4K [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. 2

    Game of Thrones in 4K?

    More than 4K, HDR provides image improvements, which unfortunately is only part of UHD spec. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. 2

    Game of Thrones in 4K?

    Came across this news: Game of Thrones in 4K is coming to HBO Max Is there a chance that GoT could be released in 4K in K as well?
  11. 2

    NEWS: New James Bond Superbundle Promo

    At last! Immediate buy from me to complete my Bond collection. Now for the 4K version of Game of Thrones and I can get rid of those discs as well.
  12. 2

    Looking to change Speakers

    I settled on Alcons for the LCR and width channels and JBL series for remaining bed channels and Atmos.
  13. 2

    Looking to change Speakers

    I was considering them earlier before I switched gears to another brand. What I was told is 5160 can be a bit overwhelming unless you have a huge space. So it would be preferable to use 3160 for lcr. You can use them for possibly bed channels with ci200rr for atoms or use 200rr for both bed...
  14. 2

    Looking to change Speakers

    Another option is JBL M2 or SCL-2 for LCRs and SCL-3 or SCL-4 for surrounds and backs and SCL-5 for Atmos.
  15. 2

    Strato 6TB HD Failure!

    So the bigger Terra servers (24,48 and 72) all get 5 years warranty and there is an option to extend the warranty beyond 5 years. If a drive in these Terra servers fail when out of warranty, the failed drive alone can be replaced by the user by purchasing drives from K. And if there are other...
  16. 2

    WANTED: (New) Strato S 6TB

    Hearty +1 for Jim's awesomeness!
  17. 2

    SOLD: Strato S 12 TB - Bought Apr 2020

    Thanks for the kind words John and Jim. Very much appreciated. John, Welcome to the K club. You are going to love the unparalleled K experience. Enjoy your Strato.
  18. 2

    NEWS: HBO Added as a Studio

    Excellent news. Hopefully the 4K versions will come soon. Would be great if someone from K can comment about the 4K version of GoT currently in pipeline or not. @MikeKobb?
  19. 2

    SOLD: Terra 24TB - bought Jan 2018

    PM sent.