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Search results

  1. Skynet Cinema

    US BR & 4K Releases for November & December 2022

    Release date of Lamborghini on K disappeared. Released on streaming providers today. Anyone have an idea what the reason is on K?
  2. Skynet Cinema

    Movies on Sale...

    In the mobile app there are definitely three titles necessary, the bundle discount was only taken into account for 3 selected ones.
  3. Skynet Cinema

    US BR & 4K Releases for May & June 2022

    I assume this is the digital release on VOD platforms. I'm wondering what Paramount will do with the Paramount+ release date.
  4. Skynet Cinema

    US BR & 4K Releases for July & August 2022

    Bought both. I'm looking forward to watch The Black Phone. Btw.: The aspect ratio of Dominion is not 1.85 like mentioned in the K-store, instead it is 2.00.
  5. Skynet Cinema

    US BR & 4K Releases for May & June 2022

    Blu-ray release date is estimated for August 2022 and Digital release is estimated for July 2022. If we are lucky, K get's it to the Digital release date.
  6. Skynet Cinema

    Multiverse of Madness release?

    Is the K version with IMAX Enhanced? Hopefully not.
  7. Skynet Cinema

    Disc to digital question

    +1 here for a better process. Would be great, if K could response to the mentioned proposals in this thread.
  8. Skynet Cinema

    iOS and Android apps 1.6.1 released

    Thanks for the update! It would be very helpful if the aspect ratio information also be visible in the movie details page. For me this information is important and I have always to switch from the mobile app to the browser to finalize my purchases.
  9. Skynet Cinema

    Strato S Discontinuing

    The product discontinuation could have been made earlier, as a new customer of a Strato S 6TB that I only received 2 weeks ago, I am now disappointed to learn that I would have got the new entry-level Strato C and CTerra 6TB for almost the same money. And that after less than 2 weeks I already...
  10. Skynet Cinema

    Mother (2009)

    Thanks a lot!
  11. Skynet Cinema

    Mother (2009)

    Hi folks, can please anyone confirm the language for Mother (2009) in the US store. According to the store description it's English, but I have my doubts about it. I assume it is Korean. And the information for the subtitles is missing, are there English subtitles included? Thanks & BR Markus
  12. Skynet Cinema

    Play Trailer/Common Sense/Rotten Tomatoes

    Thanks Mike for the prompt response. Unfortunately I don't see anything what you mentioned. I don't have a movie store item in the details menu, probably I'm blind? Have you a screenshot please? Thanks & BR Markus
  13. Skynet Cinema

    Strato & Electrical Noise

    I use the inakustik optical fiber cables, they start at 1m upwards. Not cheap, but they work. I heard the Monoprice cables should be good too and much cheaper, but I have no experience with them. Good luck! Markus
  14. Skynet Cinema

    Strato & Electrical Noise

    Same noise issue here with a new Strato S 6TB. When scrolling through the menu, I had a faint humming sound on my subwoofers (DBA). I already knew this problem from the HTPC. A jitter measurement of the Strato would be interesting. An active optical HDMI cable between Strato and Lumagen has...
  15. Skynet Cinema

    Play Trailer/Common Sense/Rotten Tomatoes

    Yes, I'm also interested. Anyone else?
  16. Skynet Cinema

    Store Sort By Price

    I'm new to the game and that was also one of my first thoughts while browsing the store. Hereby bring this post up again and hope that others are also interested in it.
  17. Skynet Cinema

    PayPal US

    You can try, if PayPal Key works and generate a VCC number.
  18. Skynet Cinema

    Incorrect version listed for Red Cliff

    There are no information about the audio and subtitle for this title in the store. Can someone who owns the title please provide the information? Thanks & BR Markus