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Search results

  1. C

    Remote control on the K app

    With the new software upgrade, were any changes made to the K app remote control? Are there any plans to make any changes? I understand that it is perfectly functional now but a little color in the interface may be nice.
  2. C

    New kOS release supports disc cataloging on Strato

    Cataloged a few discs which was straight forward and painless. The Canadian prices are understandably higher. The cheapest upgrades were $5.97 and $ 6.31.
  3. C

    Who's got 10.14.0?

    I am in Canada. Hasn’t moved up north yet!
  4. C

    US BR & 4K Releases for November & December 2022

    I understand that the movie catalogue in Canada is smaller than in the US. What/who decides on this availability? I am assuming that the movie studios have some say in this! I am interested in " Adele at the Royal Albert Hall" and "Sara Bareilles: Brave Enough". Not available in the Canadian...
  5. C

    Remote control

    Thank you. Worked perfectly. Most grateful.
  6. C

    Remote control

    My K system didn’t come with a physical remote and I have been using the app which works perfectly. Last week I got a physical remote but it does not work. Almost as if K does not recognize the remote. Do I have to enable the remote in any of the set up menus?
  7. C

    New Unfolded Circle Remote (f.k.a. YIO)

    I am still looking for a reasonably priced remote control. To be used only in the theater room to control lights - Lutron caseta, AV gear and Kaleidescape. Easy to program by me. Any such remotes available?
  8. C

    Sub titles : position and font size

    In some movies, the lower part of the subtitles (ST) get cut off especially the two line script. The screen is set to the correct zoom etc. And on the K menu the selection is for the non masking option so that the ST are within the frame. My questions are: can the font be made smaller, and is...
  9. C

    Making a Scene

    These are great pointers Mike.Thank you. I am ready for a steep learning curve.
  10. C

    Making a Scene

    Thank you SJHT. That will be my weekend project.
  11. C

    Making a Scene

    I love my Kaleidescape after having it for a few weeks. I think one of the nice/cool/smart features of K is the access to the pre determined scenes. After a movie, my wife and I would spend a little time and enjoy a few scenes from known older movies. I am a hands-on DIY home theater guy and I...
  12. C

    Strato C + Terra 6 Troubleshooting

    I am asking this question on behalf of my son who is not a member of the forum yet. He has experienced blackouts of the picture in the middle of a movie for a few seconds and then it is back again. What could this be due to?
  13. C

    Remote control

    MikeKobb. Thank you. It worked. Much appreciated.
  14. C

    Remote control

    So I tried a different iPad and it worked! I will get a physical remote for my wife. Does K automatically upconvert HD to a higher video format?
  15. C

    Remote control

    I got my Strato C and Terra yesterday and set it up. I am using my Android phone as the remote and it is working as expected. I also want to use my iPad as a remote but have connectivity issue. When I try to connect a dialog box says “ No Kaleidesape players were found on your network. If you...
  16. C

    Kaleidescape and Lutron

    I currently use 4 Lutron caseta dimmers through the Lutron app on my cell phone to control my movie theater lights. Basic but I have scenes programmed and is quite effective. I understand that Kaleidescape can control Lutron lighting among others such as blinds and masking. Planning to get K...
  17. C

    Canadian conent and D2D

    Thank you both for the clarification.
  18. C

    Canadian conent and D2D

    This is my first post. I am dipping my toes gently into the Kaleidescape waters. I am in Canada and the K store has less titles compared to the US store. I realized that one of my favorite movies "LA LA Land" is not available in the Canadian store. May be one day. Hope the other features of...