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Search results

  1. M

    My New Tech/AV/HT Endeavor - Techthusiasm

    Enjoying these videos. Good balance of appreciation for K and analysis on opportunities to improve (y)
  2. M

    What is the future of Kaleidescape with streaming only titles?

    Apple Music lossless audio just announced, at no additional cost: https://www.theverge.com/2021/5/17/22440090/apple-music-lossless-audio-dolby-atmos-support-audio
  3. M

    Second Screen iPad app

    Hi Mike, I've always loved the Second Screen app - a somewhat unsung hero of the system IMHO, so I'm glad its getting some attention here! It works great for me, so the only thing I'd suggest in terms of a change would be a fresh lick of paint in line with the iPhone app as its perhaps looking...
  4. M

    Readers' Rooms

    Yes I saw that Jim, but they were referring to the one in the rack. The ones on the bench also seem to have perfect optical drive shaped reflections. ;) Reflections of what might have been perhaps!
  5. M

    Readers' Rooms

    The 2 Stratos on the bench look like they have optical drives too 🤔 🤫 😂
  6. M

    Readers' Rooms

    Great post, Tim and amazing set up. It will be tough to say goodbye to I'm sure. You missed an important item off the Equipment List that I spotted in the pics though: * Can of Stella An essential part of the experience surely! :D
  7. M

    4K purchased but only HD showing

    Perhaps because the end to end system isn’t set up, the K system cant confirm that there’s a HDR capable display. I didn’t think this would prevent downloading though. I’ve had a similar issue where my display wasn’t reporting its capabilities correctly via EDID to my HDMI matrix and onto my...
  8. M

    Home Router Recomendations

    Had mine for about 9 months. Rock solid with no issues so far whatsover and provides great insight into what's happening on the network. Definitely a brand I envisage sticking to, upgrading access points to wifi 6 when time is right etc. Would recommend (y)
  9. M

    FOR SALE: Premiere system for sale

    Pm'ed you
  10. M

    M700 not outputting video

    Thanks for replying Andy. Yes, it is part of the system and I restarted it from the browser interface while troubleshooting the issue. I also removed it from the matrix it was connected to and connected directly to the TV with a new cable. Problem still persists. I have heard of the HDMI module...
  11. M

    M700 not outputting video

    Hi all, overnight my M700 doesn’t seem to be outputting a video signal. I’ve rebooted, switched cables, connected to a different display and have the same problem. Is this just the symptom of a worn out integrated player, and if so is repair possible, or might there be another fix via settings...
  12. M

    Video Cutting Out on Strato

    For what its worth, my Co-Star is hooked up straight to the TV (also an LG OLED) and I had the same problems as you at 18gbps.
  13. M

    Video Cutting Out on Strato

    Yes, I had the same issue of flickering and drop outs and this was more or less my exact experience. Got fancy, expensive new cables but before connecting them I reduced to 13.5gbps in the video settings on the player which fixed it completely and as I‘m pretty sure I can’t see any loss of...
  14. M

    Signal loss between end of playback and OSD

    Yes, already tested by unpairing from Co-Star and playing directly. Same problem. Will report back when I’ve tried the fancy new cables!
  15. M

    Signal loss between end of playback and OSD

    Thanks Jim. Wonder also for anyone using a matrix or similar, is having to limit to 13.5Gbps common? Could understand this with the long cable runs and HdbaseT connectivity common with matrices. But having said that I’m also having the same issue with my direct to display Strato C/Co-Star...
  16. M

    Signal loss between end of playback and OSD

    Thanks guys, will try that out 👍
  17. M

    Signal loss between end of playback and OSD

    Hi all, I have my Strato connected to a HDMI matrix. All works fine except that at the end of movie playback there is a loss of signal which causes my TV to temporarily show a screensaver with a “no signal” message, before eventually returning to the K OSD. This is likely matrix related as this...
  18. M

    OFF-TOPIC Forum Members, Enter to Win Store Credits

    A lovely idea and very kind Jim. Please include me. Happy New Year everyone!
  19. M

    Home Router Recomendations

    Dream Machine Pro, 24 port switch, couple of 8 port switches, 2 Flex HD APs, 1 In Wall HD AP. Been up and running for just over a month. Very happy so far!
  20. M

    HDR titles not showing in OSD

    Thanks Mark. I thought so. Checking with the matrix manufacturer who will hopefully have a solution (y)