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    HDR Vs UHD for JVC Projectors

    My own experience with the JVC DLA-NX9 is that HDR movies look great with the built-in tone mapping.
  2. R

    Audiocontrol amps?

    I use the AudioControl Director Matrix 6800 for whole house audio and have been very happy with the product.
  3. R

    What control system do you recommend? Control4 vs Savant or Creston?

    I use Control4 and am very happy with it. It easily integrates to standard iPads and is very modular. I do prefer their SR-260 remote even though it is older (much better battery life and easier to use). The UI is easy and intuitive.
  4. R

    Creating new scripts

    I am able to access the scripts UI from <IP Address>/scripts, such as
  5. R

    OFF-TOPIC Forum Members, Enter to Win Store Credits

    I am so, so in! Thanks for this and best of luck to all! Ramon
  6. R

    Collections - sharing/hiding

    Another variant on these ideas is to "hide" a movie for a period of time and have a filter to include or exclude hidden movies. Say you watch a film and know you don't want to watch it again for at least a year (even if a friend selects it). Hide it for one year - after which it pops back into...
  7. R

    Projector & Strato Set Up

    That amount of time seems pretty normal. Believe it or not - most JVC owners are happy with this time as it is much better than previous generations :)
  8. R

    Projector & Strato Set Up

    I just ran the JVC firmware update - went smoothly. I am another with a similar setup - Kaleidescape Strato > Marantz AV8805 > JVC NX9. Most people have been recommending changing the JVC HDR Level from Auto (default) to Medium or High.
  9. R

    4K Player

    Up until very recently the Blu-ray player that was recommended for the JVC NX7 was the Panasonic DP-UB9000 (or in some cases the DP-UB820). These have special features for working with projectors and specifically for the JVC NX5/7/9 (for better HDR pictures). With the upcoming firmware upgrade...
  10. R

    Projector Recommendation

    Check out the NX5 as well. The NX7 just increased in price making the NX5 an even better deal (comparatively). As I recall the main improvements with the NX7 are an additional 100 lumens of brightness (that is not a lot), a wider color gamut (HDR color filter for 100% DCI; cuts 10% of light with...
  11. R

    Projector Recommendation

    I recommend the JVC NX series (NX5, NX7, or NX9) - particularly with Kaleidescape. JVC is releasing a firmware update in a couple of weeks that does DTM (Dynamic Tone Mapping) for HDR content. Sony does not have this feature and you would need some pretty expensive outboard gear to get a similar...
  12. R

    CEDIA 2019

    Thank you for a measured and constructive set of comments! I think I can shed a little light on the disparity on the Alita soundtrack (from observations over time - not from any special knowledge). I believe Kaleidescape has studio agreements and workflows in place for HD releases to get files...
  13. R

    CEDIA 2019

    One of the fun things in the past has been hearing how Kaleidescape is included in so many of the other booths at CEDIA. Hope the same is true this year. In a similar way I always smile when searching Home Theater pictures and see so many of them with the Kaleidescape cover view on the screen...
  14. R

    Premiere no longer shown on K's website

    I think it is great that you have clarified Kaleidescape's plans and more importantly the rationale behind those plans! We've talked a couple of times in the past and I have been tempted to reach out - but instead I will take this opportunity to mention a few things. No response needed or...
  15. R

    Play During Downloads

    That would be a much appreciated feature. Amazon used to do this as well (when downloading movies on TiVo). Might not be possible on a Strato-only system since downloads slow when playing a movie. But if there is a Terra in the system, it would be nice to allow starting a movie if the time to...
  16. R

    Latest KoS Version & Changelog?

    Agreed. The lack of activity has been disappointing. Policy or not - the lack of communication is also disappointing. I too am concerned about the impact to Kaleidescape of no longer having UV while not having MA. I wish them all the best and really enjoy my system, but I also want to see them...
  17. R

    Supporting the Kaleidescape Store

    I switched over to purchasing all of our movies from Kaleidescape about a year ago and have never looked back. It's become a Friday routine - we usually purchase several new releases each Friday. I also enjoy looking at what is new in the store and love the fact that they added trailers. I...
  18. R

    Show Ratings on Device in UIs

    I think there is a use case for quickly checking audio codecs to verify if you have the latest audio version in cases where there is a later upgrade to the audio. Of course, some type of automated notification would be even better.
  19. R

    Kaleidescape Website...

    Thanks for helping to further foster an excellent community around Kaleidescape and its products. I hope we are all respectful enough to you and your time to continue to earn your helpful and insightful posts on occasion!