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    Umm...I use the app quite a bit and has always worked for me. If your kscape server can contact kscape, then the app should work Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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    FOR SALE: KScape 1U Server with 4x750GB Drives

    Server Sold Server has sold, please close thread. Thanks!
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    FOR SALE: KScape 1U Server with 4x750GB Drives

    1U Server with 4 750GB Drives Server is still for sale. Dropping price to $2500.
  4. H

    FOR SALE: KScape 1U Server with 4x750GB Drives

    Dropping price to $2900. Server is in great shape! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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    FOR SALE: KScape 1U Server with 4x750GB Drives

    Looking to sell 1U Server. The system is in excellent condition. It is fully loaded with 4 750GB drives. This is a great way to add storage to your KScape system. Asking $3600 or best offer for shipment in the US. Payment by Paypal. Chuck
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    FOR SALE: CINEMA ONE (4x500GB Drives) Under Warranty

    Cinema One Sold Cinema One sold, please close thread/
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    FOR SALE: CINEMA ONE (4x500GB Drives) Under Warranty

    Looking to sell a Cinema One System. The system is in pristine condition with the original box. It is fully loaded with 4 500GB drives. This is an awesome system that has everything you need to get started with a Kaleidescape system. The unit is under manufactuer's warranty until 12/21/2012...
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    Kaleidescape legal update

    Take a look at this link. http://news.cnet.com/8301-31322_3-57398729-256/ultraviolet-drm-by-any-other-name-still-stinks/?tag=mncol;topStories
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    Simultaneous Importing (2) x M-700 Disc Vaults with (1) 3U Server?

    Dual Imports with M700 What I am seeing is very close to twice the import speeds when compared to using only one loader. Importing BluRays to a 3RU server using only one M700 vault on average takes about 40 minutes to 60 minutes. Importing BluRays using two vaults takes on the average of 50...
  10. H

    M500 Player Syncing Issue with AMX Panel

    Just the OSD. The AMX panel when using the osd works with other sources such as the oppo bluray player. The video signal put out by the m500 seems to be giving the AMX panel some video syncing issue when using the rgb component input to the AMX panel.
  11. H

    M500 Player Syncing Issue with AMX Panel

    I have an AMX 1500VG RGB Panel and I am trying to get the component output of the M500 Player working to the AMX Panel. The composite/s-video output of the M500 Player works great to the AMX panel but with the component output, I am only getting a quarter of the screen on the panel from the...
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    WANTED: Looking for 500GB for Cinema One

    I have two of them but they woold need to be initialized by k. $200 a piece if you are interested
  13. H

    FOR SALE: Cinema One with all drives

    Cinema One Did the item still for sale?
  14. H

    FOR SALE: 2 750GB Disks - Reinitialized and Ready

    750GB Drive Do you still have one of the 750GB drives left?
  15. H

    WANTED: M500 Player

    Looking for a M500 player (Region A) Please email me at chuck@cpuarchitects.com if you have anything available. Thanks, Chuck
  16. H

    WANTED: 2TB Disks for a 1U Server

    Hi, I have a 1U server that I?m running out of space. I?m interested in purchasing four 2TB initialised disks (for a good price). Please contact me at chuck@cpuarchitects.com or PM me with any offers. Thanks, Chuck
  17. H

    FOR SALE: Gently Used MDV and M300 Player

    Will you sell just the M300 ?
  18. H

    FOR SALE: M-300 Player (any region) and MDV.

    M300 How much for one M300 ?
  19. H

    WANTED: 3U Server

    Hi everybody, I am looking for a 3U server. It would be nice if the server has at least 4 TB of storage capacity. Anyone interested please e-mail chuck@cpuarchitects.com or reply to this post.