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Search results

  1. J.Green

    Cataloging: How to Catalog

    OK. Let me clear this up: Up until a short time ag, you would only receive digital offers for cataloged content that was still present on your system. And thus, for people who had cataloged content using a borrowed Alto that they activated as a separate system, once they deactivated the Alto...
  2. J.Green

    Harvesting 3U drives for a 1U (?)

    Not quite. The shrinking of the file system happens as you describe (again, assuming that the removed disks were never written to ever). However, those disks that you removed from the file system are not "blank" and cannot be used in conjunction with a different file system. They are still...
  3. J.Green

    Any tips/tricks to force Strato to update kOS?

    You posted enough info above that I was able to figure out which system was yours. There was a data issue in the headend that resulted in your Strato not getting the software updates. Because of this, no amount of reboots would have helped. That has been corrected now so your Strato should...
  4. J.Green

    Separating Terra & Strato, but keeping them on the same system

    If there is a UHD/HDR digital offer available, it will be displayed on the Alto's OSD even though the Alto can't download/play UHD. For example, here's a sample screen shot of the Digital Offers flyout on one of my Altos: As for discs that you catalog on the Alto, they will only appear on the...
  5. J.Green

    Separating Terra & Strato, but keeping them on the same system

    The "My Movies" page on the store will, by default, show all of your movies however, there are tabs that allow you to see just the content that is on each system: The Downloads page will similarly show you the downloads on a per system basis. When you ungroup the Alto and reregister as a...
  6. J.Green

    Separating Terra & Strato, but keeping them on the same system

    You would need to ungroup the Alto from the Terra/Strato system and activate it as a separate system (on the same store account). By doing this, The Alto would only show content that is stored on the Alto hard disk (your concerts) and your Strato would only show content that's on the Terra's...
  7. J.Green

    Ejecting discs from vault without server, onscreen?

    Ah. Didn't realise that you were shipping the vault elsewhere. If you are hand-bombing the vault from one location to another, I wouldn't worry about removing all of the discs but if you're boxing it up and shipping it somewhere, I personally wouldn't leave the discs in it. As for switching the...
  8. J.Green

    Ejecting discs from vault without server, onscreen?

    You can just group the DV700 with the new system. The fact that it disappeared from the old system shouldn't cause any issues. On that note, if you're planning to group the DV700 with a new system, I would recommend waiting until you have done that to eject the discs rather than disassembling...
  9. J.Green

    Ejecting discs from vault without server, onscreen?

    The vault is supposed to allow you to queue the discs for ejection via the "Options" button and the front panel. However, I just tested it here with one of my vaults and the functionality is broken. I have filed the bug but don't have an ETA on when a fix will be available. Unfortunately, the...
  10. J.Green

    Issues Setting Up Terra/Player

    The My Systems page on the web store only shows server components so your Strato C (which is strictly a player) won't appear there.
  11. J.Green

    Movie Store Access On Device

    That dialog is an indication that the local database (that resides on your server) that enables access to the OSD store hasn't fully updated yet. If it persists for more than a hour or so then you should contact our Support team so that they can look into the issue. Odds are something (either a...
  12. J.Green

    Movie Updates

    You can find all of the titles that you have downloaded for which there is an update available under Mangae > Movie Updates on the web store or by selecting More > Movie Updates in the mobile app. If a movie you have downloaded to your system isn't listed on the "Movie Updates" page in the...
  13. J.Green

    Capacity Needed?

    On the web store, you can select "My Movies" from the "Manage" menu. On that page, ensure you have the "All My Movies" tab selected then, on the filter bar, select the "Not downloaded to..." dropdown and select the name of your Strato system. That will show _all_ of your purchased movies that...
  14. J.Green

    Adding Terra Server? To Strato S, Alto & Disk Vault Question.

    Off topic but: Pro-tip: There's a system created collection called "Watch Soon" which, unlike most other collections, will remove any movie in it once you have watched it. Thus, you can use it as your "Movies I've Never Watched" collection as long as you remember to add the movie to that...
  15. J.Green

    question around Disney Opt-in for Premiere system and out of print discs

    I'm assuming that you are also buying a Strato C to go with that Terra since the Terra can't be used with Premiere players and a Terra by itself is just storage. If you don't opt in your Premiere system for Disney downloads then any of that content will download to your Encore system. For zones...
  16. J.Green

    Advanced filters in K-Store search

    On a personal level, I'm with you all. I, too, would like a comprehensive set of filtering options and search modifiers to allow me to really narrow down the focus of searches on the store. The filter bar options on the store used to be significantly more comprehensive than they are now...
  17. J.Green

    "Documentary" category in TV section

    Our little search box is a bit more advanced than it seems. While the hint text in the box tells you that you can "Search by Title or Name", you can actually search by other parameters. Enter a genre in that field and you'll get not only movies (or actors) that match the word you entered but...
  18. J.Green

    "Documentary" category in TV section

    Store web interface Pro tip: there are far more genres (in both Movies and TV) than are listed on the dropdown menus. You can load other genre collections by either clicking on one of the genre names on the detail sheet of a title you are looking at or by loading the URL directly in your web...