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Search results

  1. thrillcat

    HDR issues with my Kaleidescape and Anthem AVM90

    I believe there’s a known issue with the Anthem 8K HDMI boards which could very well be causing your issues.
  2. thrillcat

    Lip Sync Test Disc in the Store

    It would make sense that the relatively gigantic audio stream coming from K vs streaming could theoretically be the cause of the sync issues. Has anyone reported issues with disc playback vs K? Would be more of an apples to apples comparison than streaming.
  3. thrillcat

    US BR & 4K Releases for January & February 2023

    Downloaded Babylon yesterday- 114GB.
  4. thrillcat

    Anamorphic Lens and Video Processor

    It was odd that it was being used in a lot of CEDIA demos this year instead of showing off masking systems.
  5. thrillcat

    Anamorphic Lens and Video Processor

    And I'd love for a Lumagen or MadVR system that was scalable. All I want is tone mapping without having to build my own specialized PC to do it. The last feature I'd request would be to stretch or squeeze the image to fit my screen. I almost understand it for VAR content, but I'd still rather...
  6. thrillcat

    Movies on Sale...

    Welcome to the money pit! And I say that with all the love in the world.
  7. thrillcat

    Terra Connection Failure

    Likely this, and contacting your dealer was the best choice. https://www.kscapeowners.com/XF/threads/strato-c-terra-6-troubleshooting.5012/
  8. thrillcat

    Request from Kaleidescape: Mobile Apps feedback

    If I understand it correctly, it's basically the same collection information you get from my-kaleidescape in your web browser, but it adds a graphical interface more aligned with the players, and it adds remote control functionality. Pretty sure it's created as iPad only, but it does also run on...
  9. thrillcat

    Kaleidescape Won’t Connect to Network

  10. thrillcat

    Kaleidescape Won’t Connect to Network

    If you pull the power on the server and then plug it back in, listen closely - does the fan ramp up, down and back up again? Does it sound like it’s stuck in a loop? Could be the same issue a batch of servers have had this year.
  11. thrillcat

    US BR & 4K Releases for January & February 2023

    I’m guessing all their “excitement building” efforts are focused on adding subscribers to Disney+, not sending them to other vendors.
  12. thrillcat

    Movies on Sale...

    Did the Babylon pre-sale go up $5 today?
  13. thrillcat

    Strato C + Terra 6 Troubleshooting

    I also keep mine off, which made identifying error lights impossible. @MikeKobb is there an opportunity for an error to override the user’s panel light setting to make sure it’s visible, even noticed more quickly? Or would the error itself often prevent such a process?
  14. thrillcat

    Lawnmower Man

    It has a somewhat recent Blu-ray release from Shout (I think) and the viewer reviews seem to claim it holds up. It’s on Amazon, so I may rent and give it a whirl.
  15. thrillcat

    Lawnmower Man

    I’m not exactly why this movie popped into my head just now but I haven’t seen it since the VHS release and would LOVE to revisit this one.
  16. thrillcat

    Movies on Sale...

    Whats really odd is when I try to add them to my wish list, only one will show up.
  17. thrillcat

    Movies on Sale...

    I was also trying to figure that out. Only difference I can see is a different set of extras for each.
  18. thrillcat

    Star Trek: TMP- The Director’s Edition request

    Exclusive windows, maybe. But everyone thought the 4k Atmos Star Wars would all be Disney+ exclusives with the first announcement but they made it to disc and K. AppleTV+ may end up as the only holdout, but they’ve built a business model on killing off physical media, and adding K to their...
  19. thrillcat

    Call Me By Your Name Subtitles

    We just watched that last night and as I was scrolling through this thread I was thinking of mentioning the Jive language subtitles had been burned in already.
  20. thrillcat

    Charge to download when i already own movie

    Mike, a UX suggestion on this situation. If you look at my screenshot from the mobile app of Spiderman above, the "You own another edition..." notification is in the perfect location - right above the button that will cost the user money. On the desktop interface, the "You own another...