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Search results

  1. cinelife

    dvd not existing in K store

    The disc needs to be one that K has bookmarked, you cannot do it on your own, and being unrecognized is an indication it is not bookmarked. Jim
  2. cinelife

    M700 optical drive apparently blocked - can drive be swapped? How to load K firmware?

    Be sure rollers are clean. Have you tried to help it feed manually? (meaning when it hesitates to feed, have to pushed it slightly?) Also, some discs are much thicker than others, and these can sometimes have problems feeding. Jim
  3. cinelife

    About K

    One other point, video always looks better when we spend a lot of money to produce the image, I can "see" that every time I spend more for a new projector. :ROFLMAO: Jim
  4. cinelife

    About K

    1. Your question indicates (implies) you are asking if K's Premiere line can provide bookmarking for personal discs, and ht guy's answer is correct in that regard. You can add personal discs (family movies,etc.) to a Premiere system (Grandfathered or not), BUT, you will NOT get any K...
  5. cinelife

    Temporarily moving a Strato (with storage)

    Sorry, I assumed he was temporarily removing from his current system. (Apologies Derek, I should have confirmed that in my answer. This is why we let Mike hang around.... :ROFLMAO:) Jim
  6. cinelife

    Temporarily moving a Strato (with storage)

    The Server can be moved as well, but as is normal, they need to be connected on the same LAN if you want the Strato to pull Terra content. Jim
  7. cinelife

    Temporarily moving a Strato (with storage)

    You do not re-register the Strato. You can play the content at the other location, just power it up, connect to the display by HDMI, and play the content stored in the Strato. (don't forget a remote control) Jim
  8. cinelife

    Strato Won't Play

    That reset button will not affect your content, but it is also not likely to solve the problem you are experiencing. The reset on the rear is used to reset the Strato back to DHCP for selecting an IP address. Keep in mind if you try that anyway, and you are using a fixed IP with a...
  9. cinelife

    KScape 88TB Terra

    Yes, of course, it's a general post, not a private message. If other members have experienced a problem with the Terra 88 I'd expect them to post as well. Jim
  10. cinelife

    KScape 88TB Terra

    I've sold a bunch of 88's. Yours is the first I'm aware of that had a problem. (Not saying there aren't others.) I'm not aware of any problem with the 88TB's. Jim
  11. cinelife

    CinemaOne (second generation) Strato/Terra compatibility?

    They are similar. The Alto is based on the Cinema One (2nd Gen), BUT, it is intentionally restricted from communicating directly with Premiere Servers. This is why they look alike, but they serve different purposes. You can keep looking for reasons that these should work together, but...
  12. cinelife

    Terra server problem -18Tb -any ideas?

    There's actually a very simple answer, you have another defective unit. It has already been acknowledged that, unfortunately, K received a part that has a higher than usual fail rate, and that part is in some of the Terra 18TB models. Not all Terra 18TB's are affected, and some 18's...
  13. cinelife

    Running with Three Disks on KSERVER-1500

    @ddetton, based on what AW just posted, I may have misunderstood your meaning of a "missing" drive. I assumed you meant the Server only has 3 working drives confirmed by Support to all be good drives, and that you had an empty slot ("missing" drive). I did not think you were...
  14. cinelife

    Running with Three Disks on KSERVER-1500

    Yup, best to check back with Support, your problem is not the number of drives. Jim
  15. cinelife

    Running with Three Disks on KSERVER-1500

    Yes, a 1U Server (K1500) should operate normally with 3 drives (assumes the drives are good and there are no problems with the file system). Jim
  16. cinelife

    CinemaOne (second generation) Strato/Terra compatibility?

    The Cinema One cannot communicate with a Terra Server. Only Strato and Alto communicate with a Terra. Strato cannot read from a C1. If you want to view content on the two systems simultaneously you need a Co-Star. Jim
  17. cinelife

    SOLD: Terra Rack Mount/Ears

    Yup, they're $195 retail. Jim
  18. cinelife

    Apple TV 4K Discussion Thread

    I see it in the US Store, but so far HD only. Jim
  19. cinelife

    Apple TV 4K Discussion Thread

    Okay guys, points made, let's move back to a friendly discussion related to the original post. THANK YOU! Jim
  20. cinelife

    Apple TV 4K Discussion Thread

    Please reread my post, I said "Although.....I'd rather see it myself, I'd ACCEPT" Kris's evaluation." (That's because of my respect for Kris.) We created this sub-forum to allow members to discuss alternatives to K, so we're not bothered by the discussion, BUT, I will not allow snarky...