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Search results

  1. J

    NEWS: Two New Terra Models Announced

    Hello, all! I got an exclusive first look at the 22TB server and here is my review: https://www.residentialsystems.com/technology/video/review-kaleidescape-compact-terra-22tb-movie-server Though, if you're familiar with any compact Terra servers, it is identical, just with more storage! John
  2. J

    K Newbie/New Install hints/tips?

    Not sure that it matters which order, as you will add them to your account and then they will pair up. (I recently installed my first Terra/Strato-C and it was a breeze!) But you'll go to the Web Browser and it will say something like "Add Kaleidescape components to your account" and then you...
  3. J


    Thank you, Mike! I'll work on that patience being a virtue thing! :-)
  4. J


    Anyone have a feel for how long it typically takes Extras to get added...? Been waiting for the Spider-Man: No Way Home special features to drop, and would also like to see whatever is included with The Batman.... Thanks!
  5. J

    Black levels (The Batman)

    Ah! OK. Thanks for the clarification! :-)
  6. J

    Black levels (The Batman)

    Yes, but it is the "Minimize Display Mode Changes" instead of "ALLOW..." that seems to be the source of the black level bug...
  7. J

    Black levels (The Batman)

    FYI, this was @TomVaughan post to me on FB: “We did find a bug that raises black levels. It's getting fixed by a patch that is starting to roll out now. You can avoid the bug if you set your player to "Allow Display Mode Changes" through the browser interface...
  8. J

    Black levels (The Batman)

    Thanks for the pics @rehr0001! Pretty sure that I’m experiencing the same Display mode change issues and have changed the settings! Awesome that K support and @TomVaughan monitored the forum and gave the suggestion!!!
  9. J

    Black levels (The Batman)

    I've watched several films lately -- recent big releases -- and I've been disappointed with the black levels. I'm watching on a Sony OLED A80J and it's apparent right from the opening title scenes that black levels are more like dark grey (I'd subjectively say around 15 IRE) instead of the true...
  10. J

    Oscar 2022 Nominated Films

    Hoping you have had a chance to check out Cineluxe since I became publisher in November! We're really trying hard to stay on top of our reviews game, and we have covered nearly all of the Oscar nominated films, most of which were viewed from Kaleidescape downloads. If you're curious about any...
  11. J

    Video artifact in American Underdog?

    Thanks, John! Would you agree it is likely a gamut clipping error captured in camera? (I've never seen anything like it before...)
  12. J

    Video artifact in American Underdog?

    Thanks, John! It was definitely the HDR version. Downloaded on Friday 2/4, watched on Saturday. I'll PM you my server s/n.
  13. J

    Video artifact in American Underdog?

    The second instance is at 1:39:13; here is a pic below. None of the other neon signs do this; and I've never seen another instance of this...
  14. J

    Video artifact in American Underdog?

    Hi! I watched American Underdog last night, and there is a part at about 26:54 where they are in a bar and there is a neon beer sign in the upper-right-corner. This has some really weird black and blue circles and blobs that appear on it. It cuts away and shows the same sign with same artifacts...
  15. J

    Ghostbusters: Afterlife

    Our latest Cineluxe review is on the Kaleidescape download of Ghostbusters: Afterlife. This review is done by Ryan Rutherford, forum member Amblinfan, so show him a bit of love by checking it out! Ryan says, "One of the Top 5 Dolby Atmos presentations I’ve ever come across, this mix is one for...
  16. J

    Interested in reviewing movies?

    Hey, guys! I'm publisher at www.cineluxe.com now, and a regular part of our coverage is content (movie/music/streaming) reviews. We're looking to expand our coverage and part of that involves getting some additional reviewers on-board, and I figured what better place to start than right here...
  17. J

    Selection for "Not in a Collection"

    Hey, Mike. One thing that I think would be helpful would be a new "collection" of movies that is movies IN your collection but NOT on your server. With my 6TB Strato, I frequently need to out-with-the old/in-with-the-new and then when people come over, it would be nice to be able to let them...
  18. J

    Matrix Resurrections????

    Here's our (spoiler-free) review! https://www.cineluxe.com/review-the-matrix-resurrections/
  19. J

    Recent movie releases/reviews

    We've done several in the past -- Hans Zimmer, David Byrne, INXS that I can think of -- that will all be reposted and we'll continue to add more. Thanks for the suggestion! Atmos music titles will be a big thing we're looking to cover as well!
  20. J

    Recent movie releases/reviews

    Some of the previous links that were posted have not been re-posted onto the new site yet. So it is definitely possible that those older links are giving you a 404 for now. Rest assured, they will all be back up and working though those old links might be broken with the new hosting service…...