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    NEWS: Kaleidescape Conductor is being retired

    I have Roon Nucleus Plus that I purchased "bare bones". I installed an after-market 4 TB SSD. I was upgrading my system and included a Roon in that upgrade. One of the items upgraded was going from our CP2E Crestron Processor to an MC4 (Series 4) Crestron Processor. The integrator found that...
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    OFF-TOPIC Forum Members, Enter to Win Store Credits

    Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks Jim for providing this incredibly generous offer. Happy New Year to all!! Paul
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    OFF-TOPIC Forum Members, Enter to Win Store Credits

    Thanks for doing this again Jim! Stay safe and stay healthy! Please include me also. Thanks again, Paul
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    Merry Xmas gang, may 2021 change all our fortunes!

    Best Wishes to everyone for a very happy holiday season!! My present to all is hope for the best 2021 for everybody!! Paul
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    OFF-TOPIC Covid Vaccine

    Glad you and family are doing well! Thanks for the encouraging news!
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    New Lossless Music Export Tool

    :) I was concerned about the Ferrari comment, but did it anyway. Too bad about another potential CoVid cancellation. Good luck to the F1 Team! Paul
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    New Lossless Music Export Tool

    Thanks John! Much appreciated! Paul
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    New Lossless Music Export Tool

    Thanks Jim! I did not know that information. I will re-export in the FLAC codec. By the way, Ford vs. Ferrari was a good movie. Thanks again, Paul
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    New Lossless Music Export Tool

    I thought I would share my experience with the new Music Export Tool. It worked flawlessly for me too (one small exception see below). I exported approximately 4400 tracks, including 255 albums in ALAC (Apple Lossless) estimated to take 89GB (actually took 104GB on disk). This took...
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    OpenHAB for Kaleidescape

    Oh and a really nice job with OpenHAB Josh! Looks like a lot of potential power there to exploit. Thanks for sharing! Paul
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    OpenHAB for Kaleidescape

    Mine is also a DS1515+. Not really used in with Kalidescape though. Server grade disks used. Fully reliable, no problems with anything. Running 24/7 since June of 2015. Paul
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    Another P.M. - Last night
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    Another P.M.
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    Sent you P.M.
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    K-System 6000 Start Up Issue

    Correction on previous post... Please note that I had a typo in the above post. The 3 voltages are 5 volts, 2.5 volts (not 12 volts as in originally stated) and 3.3 volts. Just wanted to have that corrected and accurate. Thanks, Paul
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    K-System 6000 Start Up Issue

    This may be the start of a new topic/thread, so I apologize if I am out of order here. Regarding the K-4000 Music Players failing and a power supply replacement not solving the problem. I have one such unit and started to look at it at the board level. I will try to state what I have learned...
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    3 free movie downloads until 2013

    I just wanted to say thanks to Tom for his very informative responses. Although I am not much of a poster, I do watch this forum and find the content useful. I also wanted to share my experience with the K-Store. I have used up my four credits - Thanks Kaleidescape! Download times varied...
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    WHERE'S MY ACCOUNT? Hacked, or Major data loss on this forum

    Josh, I am extremely sorry to hear of this loss and the efforts required by you to fix it. I want to extend my appreciation for all your efforts in keeping this forum the active and vibrant experience that it continues to be. That is Thanks for your endeavors (not to diminish the many other...
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    Power Supply for original K-Scape player 1st Generation

    Hi Guys, I have had power supplies go out on me on my K2500s also. I ordered a power supply repair kit (includes Power Supply replacement board and fan) as a kit from KScape. I am sure if you contact them that they can provide the correct part number for this kit since I don't currently...
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    KO Forum, a little retrospective

    Thanks Josh for all your efforts in starting and continuing this forum. I find this place to be a valuable resource of information. I don't often post. However, I do read through the recent posts frequently (generally without signing in). I suspect that there are many people like myself that...