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    Game of Thrones in 4K?

    Will they lose the HBO content? Does this effect their licensing arrangement? Any price changes? I would be mad if they lose the licensing and the HBO stuff disappears. I have been holding off on buying several seasons hoping for a sale of some sort.
  2. S

    Game of Thrones in 4K?

    HBO Max is dead now. How is this going to effect Kaleidescape?
  3. S

    looking to expand 6tb

    My vote also would be for a Compact Terra. Although an Alto would be significantly less expensive, it is not future proof.
  4. S

    looking to expand 6tb

    You have two options, you can connect the Alto to your network anywhere. Strato C will see content seamlessly using your network. Second option is to get to connect them to each other. You will need a CoStar switch from Kaleidescape for this. This will allow you to use the built in disc player...
  5. S

    looking to expand 6tb

    4K HDR is supported only on Strato/Strato S/Terra/Compact Terra. Compact Terra 6TB is the least expensive and current model among these. Strato 6TB or Strato S 6TB could be slightly less expensive on the used market. If you don’t care for 4K HDR, Alto 6TB can expand SD and HD storage for...
  6. S

    Movies on Sale...

    Skipping this week too. Maybe I would have 24 hours but not at $20.
  7. S

    Any way to delete inferior quality duplicate versions in one shot?

    https://www.kscapeowners.com/XF/threads/what-is-hdr.4951/ I posted this recently. It’s a short video (not mine). It explains HDR and how it is handled in display devices. In some cases, an offline HDR to SDR conversion with multiple passes under an engineer’s supervision can give better...
  8. S

    Game of Thrones in 4K?

    First season looked very subtle to me, not the best use of HDR. Same for Westworld. Later Westworld seasons looked recognizably improved. I didn’t watch GoT beyond the first season.
  9. S

    Game of Thrones in 4K?

    How do you think they will price the 4K versions? $35 a piece without sale?
  10. S

    What is HDR?

    I came across this video yesterday. It is very informative and fun. I thought I would share it here. I also liked Every sound is sine and the LCD videos.
  11. S

    Movie Updates

    Check out The Ghost and the Darkness on Kaleidescape! The Ghost and the Darkness Finally!! but that cover art is going to get changed the minute I download the film.
  12. S

    Alto into system with Strato/Terra

    on number 2, can you not choose the highest quality option on the app while purchasing the movie? I thought this option downloaded the best possible resolution for the most capable player and ignored all lesser players? I always use this in my Terra/Premiere Co-star'd system and it downloads the...
  13. S

    Alto into system with Strato/Terra

    I have a costar paired setup. Unplugging the download destination doesn't route the downloads to the other possible server. Instead, the downloads pause and I get a warning message that one of my servers can not be detected (something in this sense)
  14. S

    Remote commands for Crestron

    I don't really use subtitles. I am not the expert but opensubtitles.org is well known one.
  15. S

    Remote commands for Crestron

    As far as I know it is not possible as they are not inside the same container. A while ago I recommended a feature which Oppo players have. You can plug a USB thumb drive with subtitle files to any Oppo player and have the player overlay those subtitles to discs which normally does not offer...
  16. S

    Super Bundle Requests

    D2D pricing is pretty poor on these. The audio soundtracks listed are confusing. All films get English dubs only and except Fist of Fury has “Chinese” in addition to the English dub. Chinese? Not Cantonese or Mandarin? Which ones do we really get? There are multiple versions of Game of...
  17. S

    Movies on Sale...

    That’s pretty sweet. I can look at the superbundles that I can not qualify nor I can buy for another week.
  18. S

    Movies on Sale...

    I take it no new sales this week?
  19. S

    Kaleidescape Video Quality Not Always The Best… I found

    My point was if the theatrical cut is the last version the director worked on therefore that is the director’s cut. All later versions the director is not involved in can not qualify as the director’s cut. We just made it very clear it is very complicated and worth paying attention to as in some...
  20. S

    Co-star scaling

    Some SD content is from a progressive source and includes the appropriate flags. These output correctly at 480i in pass through mode. The unflagged SD content is upscaled to 1080p in pass through mode. If you want these to output at 480i as well, you need to select pass through (ignore display...