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    No KScape hardware yet, where to start?

    You have 2 choices. Stick with the newer system (Encore) and re-purchase any movies you have on disc right now as downloads or do what I did and create a hybrid system of both the Premiere and Encore Systems. Using a Co-Star switch you can meld both systems and have the best of both worlds as...
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    Guidance on 2 failed drives in an old 3U

    I believe you just replace the drives (must buy them from Kaleidescape dealer). Don’t need any kind of formatting as they come ready from Kaeidescape. You cannot do it yourself.
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    WANTED: If your're NOT a Premium member, post any "WANTED" items here. (Premium members can make their own "Wanted" post at the main Marketplace forum)

    WANTED: M300 Player. Let me know if anyone has a working one for sale. Thanks! Sean
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    Newbie help needed on removing cataloged titles without discs in UI

    I'm not sure you can hide them, but some more experienced guys on here might know. If they are not ripped to the server, or in the disc vault, why do you still want them cataloged? You can simply put them in the trash can. Later if you want one you can import it.
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    Downloads - Switching Servers

    Oh yeah I did do that, so its automatic and I don't have to select I guess. Thanks Sean
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    Downloads - Switching Servers

    So today I purchased a D2D download of Deepwater Horizon and it only gave me one choice to download to (my paired system). 2 downloads are in progess. I know the HDR is going to Strato, but is the HD one going there too or to Premiere? It did not give me any choices besides (My paired...
  7. S

    Prices Jumped

    Not sure what happened, but must of been a glitch because today the discounted prices are back. Sean
  8. S

    Downloads - Switching Servers

    Sweet. Thanks! Sean
  9. S

    Prices Jumped

    I am in the process of importing all my DVD and Blu-rays and was waiting until it was all finished before deciding which ones to select for D2D offers and also waiting for the Strato to arrive to hook it up and see which ones I want in UHD. I have been looking at the offers for over a week and...
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    Downloads - Switching Servers

    Hey Everyone, Question on downloading to either Strato or Premier server. For UHD or Disney titles I have to download to the Strato. So no choice there. But for HD (Blu-ray) I can download to the Premier to save space on Strato for UHD titles. My question is: Would I get a better output...
  11. S

    Question on Downloads

    Ok thanks, that is what I thought it was going to do. Wishful thinking, haha. Thanks! Sean
  12. S

    Question on Downloads

    When I have the Strato and Premier system connected together, will all content play through the Strato player and upscale? Thanks Sean
  13. S

    Second Screen iPad app

    Thanks for the info, this is nice.
  14. S

    Question on Downloads

    I am assuming if I download the UHD version now and it currently loads the HD version until the Strato comes, that when I re-download the UHD when I get the Strato, I would have 2 on the system now? Then I would just delete one? Or does it upgrade the one I have and just show one copy on the...
  15. S

    Question on Downloads

    Wow that good to know. Yeah the Strato is on the way, but wanted to get downloads going on stuff I am importing into my Premier system. Thanks! Sean
  16. S

    Questions on Premier System

    That was it! Support helped me figure it out. Thanks! Sean
  17. S

    Question on Downloads

    Hi All, I have my 3U server up and running and will be getting a Strato soon. I have been downloading a lot of D2D upgrades for my DVD/Blu-rays I have imported to my server. But I have a question on 4K ones. Some of the movies are marked UHD/HD. I know the Premier can't accept UHD(4K), but...
  18. S

    Questions on Premier System

    Thanks Jim, Another question. Does the 3U server ever go into standby mode to save power, or is it always just running at 100%. If so what triggers it to go into standby. I am using the Premier Setup Guide (175 pages) from 2017. Not sure if that is the latest but seems to cover everything and...
  19. S

    Questions on Premier System

    Thanks, I did try and enter IP address in the window, but it did not find it. I was using an iPad not iPhone, but thought it was same app. Also, there were 2 movies that cam as Recommendations, but I did not download or buy them. However they showed up in the Movies tab too, not just on...
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    Questions on Premier System

    1. I received my first Kaleidescape components today. A 3U server and M500 player. Got it registered and everything seems to work, all blue lights. How do I get it updated to latest software. Or what is latest? It is on now, last updated Dec 1st (I assume means last December)...