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Search results

  1. Drhemi

    Issues with Store March 23, 2022?

    Is anyone else having problems with the Store website this morning? Most of the drop-down menus and links don't appear to be working. I don't know if it is just me, just the CDN Store or more widespread. Just thought I would ask in case something needs attention. Wayne Quick update - seems...
  2. Drhemi

    Studio List in K Store

    Has anyone noticed that the list of studios in the K Store has shrunk down to the big studios only. The US Store lists only 7 studios. The Canadian store even less. I did notice one title on the CDN Store (Young Adult) that is from Paramount even though this studio does not show up on the drop...
  3. Drhemi

    Special Pricing Section of the Store.

    I noticed the new section of the Store called "Special Pricing" today instead of the previous "Pre-Order" area. This is great as pre-orders have been few and far between these last few months. Who knows when studios will begin the regular release of new titles. I believe it is slowly starting...
  4. Drhemi

    How to Deal with Incorrectly Identified Disc?

    I have the recent collector's edition of "Dances with Wolves" from Shout Factory (826663190731) that has both Theatrical and Extended cuts of the film, each on their own disc. When importing the discs I entered the title, disc number and UPC code as per usual. Once identified and the edit flag...
  5. Drhemi

    Wizard of Oz 4K HDR

    The Wizard of Oz was available briefly in 4K HDR. After only a day at most, it has disappeared from the Store. Has anyone heard of a problem as to why this may have happened? The disc is due out on Tuesday. Perhaps, this was not meant to be released early. Hopefully, it is something along those...
  6. Drhemi

    Paramount have added new disc to digital titles

    I did not notice this earlier, but it seems like Paramount have added disc to digital upgrades for a bunch of titles in their catalogue. I had a number on my wish list but it was too expensive to upgrade at full price for titles I already owned. Now they are definitely worth it to upgrade older...
  7. Drhemi

    New Collection "New Arrivals"

    I am pleased to see that K. have introduced a new collection called "New Arrivals." This seems to complement the "New Releases" section. The new arrivals are generally older catalogue releases but new to the Kaleidescape store. Well done K! This makes it much easier to track new additions to...
  8. Drhemi

    Data requirements between Terra and Strato

    Someone asked a question of me the other day that I could not answer. He wanted to know what the speed of data transfer is from server (Terra) to player (Strato). According to him there is no way a full 18Gbps signal can pass through a single Cat 5e or Cat 6 to the player. I tried to explain...
  9. Drhemi

    HDMI over Ethernet - 18 Gbps possible?

    After years of getting my system set up and working just right, we are unexpectedly looking for a new home. The home we are looking at has a centralized rack and runs HDMI over Ethernet to the various displays in the home. None of the displays are 4K, but I plan on changing that for 2 prime...
  10. Drhemi

    DV-700 failing to identify and import discs

    One of my DV-700s started acting up recently. It now refuses to identify and then import any discs. The discs were all clean and inserted the right way and when inserted into another vault were processed just fine. I thought it could be a dirty roller problem, but the discs insert and eject...
  11. Drhemi

    Unusual Strato Issue

    Unfortunately, it looks like there is a problem with my Strato’s audio. I have it connected as I normally do, using the audio HDMI out into my Meridian system. Currently, I am getting only 2.0 or maybe 2.1 audio output; no centre, no surround. Video is connected directly to the display and is...
  12. Drhemi

    HDR titles starting to appear

    HDR titles starting to show up in the store. Today The Amazing Spiderman 2, Concussion, Elysium, Ghostbusters II and Risen show availability in HDR and Atmos audio. Can hardly wait until my new display arrives and try it out! Wayne
  13. Drhemi

    Multi region 4K display?

    I currently have 2 Kaleidescape M500 players, 1 for each region A and B. It works great into my Kuro 141 which is compatible with 50 and 60Hz content. Wonderful setup! My Strato is region A only as it can only access the Canadian Kaleidescape store. It is currently displaying only 1080p because...
  14. Drhemi

    2 system question for Mike Kobb

    Hi Mike, I just got my Terra/Strato system up and running today and wanted to download a bunch of disc to digital upgrades to the Encore system only. As this was the first time I tried downloading with 2 systems, I goofed. Instead of specifying not to download to the premiere system, I ended up...
  15. Drhemi

    Feature Request: Owners' Log-in Site at Kaleidescape.com

    I thought it would be great idea if a support venue for system owners at Kaleidescape.com could be set up to give access to our system info, similar to what dealers get on the extranet. Each owner would register for the site and be "linked" with their system(s). This would give us information...
  16. Drhemi

    Selective Replication?

    It has been a while since I performed a replication. I am wondering at this point, is it possible to replicate specific titles or groups of items. For example, can I move some blu-ray quality downloads from one server to another? I am trying to free up space on the one server and trying to avoid...
  17. Drhemi


    Just noticed NBC/Universal now in the store. Wow! Excellent work K Store!!! Keep the studios coming. Wayne
  18. Drhemi

    server offline suddenly

    I am having an issue with one of my K servers. The 1U server is offline. According to the K Store, it has been offline since Saturday. I have rebooted it and unplugged it for over a minute and then rebooted, all to no avail. The front display starts blue on power up, lasts for 13 or 14 seconds...
  19. Drhemi

    Will Batman, the TV series make it to the Kaleidescape Store?

    Hi All, I have recently read of Warner's fall release on Blu-Ray and DVD of the complete Batman TV series. I am curious as to whether or not this will make it to the Kaleidescape Store (not only USA, but Canada, UK as well). As we are not usually made aware of future releases, I guess we will...
  20. Drhemi

    Canadian Store?

    I was just wondering, now that we are 8 months or so past the US launch, if anyone (moderators, dealers, Canadian owners, or anyone else in the know) has heard anything about any progress or developments for a Canadian store. I realize that K. rarely announces anything before they are fully...