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Search results

  1. H

    Movies on Sale...

    A good week for all of us to refuel all our cars. Food, gas, KScape store not necessarily in that order. 😉
  2. H

    Super Bundle Requests

    Game of Thrones Stargate SG1 10 seasons Clint Eastwood Films library Eastwood Man with No Name Trilogy John Wayne Film Library Rambo collection Rocky collection
  3. H

    Movies on Sale...

    Ditto! Ironcross everyone values the service you provide multiple times each week and sometimes each day. This is the most anticipated thread by all owners.
  4. H

    Cataloging Your Disc Collection

    After you’ve cataloged be sure to submit your system email address to get an excel spreadsheet of all the D2D pricing. That will help you manage your KScape conversion plan. Here is the link: https://extranet.kaleidescape.com/dtd-report-request/ Some D2D pricing is a great deal and others...
  5. H

    VUDU - James Bond. some yes. some no.

    I'd forgotten all were in 4K now and Jim our kind forum owner pointed that out to me privately. So above is what it would have said without my brain fart.
  6. H

    VUDU - James Bond. some yes. some no.

    James Bond D2D is $25.59 for each title so not many people will jump on that. I have everythng in Blu Ray disks plus Craig titles in 4K. I'm hoping they will have a good sale one day or better yet do a bundle deal that could get us motivated. Including sales tax converting everything to K...
  7. H

    Disc to digital question

    if content providers can’t or will not allow other means of authentication then K should start selling hardware for the sole purpose of cataloging and authenticating the customer has possession of the disk in their home. That is what they do now with the Alto. They should be able to do this for...
  8. H

    Disc to digital question

    About 120 of my Bluray cataloged discs were actually for titles where I own the 4K disc. When KScape figures out how to meet customer cataloging needs better it would make sense if they would allow 4K cataloging in the future with an appropriate additional D2D discount for owning a 4K disc vs...
  9. H

    Disc to digital question

    I totally agree that there needs to be a better process for the masses to catalog the discs they own. I borrowed an Alto from Kaleidescape when Brett Bjorkquist was still there. I'm not sure who is managing this for Kaleidescape now. Even though I cataloged over 1200 disks and I plan to make...
  10. H

    Store "Hole" Feedback

    Here are some requests for movies not currently available in the store. The Fog (1980) Hellfighters (John Wayne) The African Queen (Bogart) The Godfather, Part III ( Godfather Coda is in the store but that is a significantly re-edited version. I cataloged Godfather III) Young Frankenstein...
  11. H

    Movies on Sale...

    Now if they’d put the entire Bond collection (except the new one) on sale for $9.99 each. Maybe once the studio has upgraded the full collection to 4K and there has been time at full price. I just can’t justify $25.59 D2D now when I already have the disks.
  12. H

    Ready Player One HD only?

    It is also available to rent in HDR.
  13. H

    Store "Hole" Feedback

    The Mule with Clint Eastwood is in the Movie Store in HD only. You can rent HDR and it has been for sale in HDR in the past for the same price as it’s listed in HD.. Is this just a mistake?
  14. H

    Request: From the Earth to the Moon (HBO)

    I have the DVD set and would pick this up in HD on K if available.
  15. H

    Discs not in store

    This link was recently posted in a D2D pricing thread.. Submit your email address and K customer service will email you a list of all titles you have cataloged or purchased with relevant D2D pricing. You can sort columns to see a list of cataloged titles not in the store. This is a great...
  16. H

    Selection for "Not in a Collection"

    These are all great suggestions. I’ll throw out another reason to show all downloaded and cataloged content that might move this up the priority list. I think Kaleidescape would get more spontaneous 4K purchases if the cataloged Bluray titles showed up on the OSD for those of us with...
  17. H

    Matrix Resurrections????

    I watched it on HBO Max in 4K Atmos and it is a very good movie that certainly looked and sounded pretty good for streaming.
  18. H

    Alto to Strato strategy

    I had a very unfortunate experience that I need to share. I borrowed an Alto from Kaleidescape, and cataloged hundreds of discs. I followed the instructions to 1) remove the Alto from my Strato/Terra system. 2)After it was removed from the system I was instructed to open the Alto in the browser...
  19. H

    Strato & Electrical Noise

    Are your amps also plugged into the Cyberpower UPS? If so, try removing them from the UPS. It is not recommended to plug amps into the UPS even if you have a dedicated UPS. I learned this from last tear from several people including both amp manufacturers. Sometimes the UPS waveform does some...