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    SOLD: 3U Server, Grandfathered, 25TB (17TB usable), 4 free slots

    For sale is my 3U server, located in the UK. I have replaced it with a new 1U server. It is grandfathered (i.e can import DVDs) and has 2x4TB, 1x3TB, 7x2TB and 4 empty slots. As the 3U servers have a parity disk and a hot spare, the 2x 4TB are used for parity and hot-spare, leaving 17TB of...
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    FOR SALE: 1U server, 4x750GB, Grandfathered, New PSU, in UK

    I'm in UK and selling a 1U server with 4x 750GB drives. I've put a new PSU in it and a new battery on the motherboard as old one was a bit low in voltage. It has the Kaleidescape demo content (i.e like new) on it. It is grandfathered, i.e has DVD import rights, and of course you can replace...
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    FOR SALE: UK. Set of 4x 1TB disks

    For sale is a set of 4x 1TB disks removed from a 1U server that was upgraded. They are in the UK. I'm after around ?500 for them. They'll be shipped in a proper Kaleidescape disk shipping box for maximum protection. I can ship worldwide at whatever it costs to send properly insured. Thanks...
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    FOR SALE: KPLAYER-6000 1080p player / reader, UK

    Hi, I have a spare KPLAYER-6000 1080p player and reader. In its original box. (it does not have a remote as it didn't come with one) It has a DVD drive currently set to Region 2, but can be reset a few times. I'm in the UK and after ?850 ono for it Thanks Richard
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    FOR SALE: KPLAYER-300 1080p Mini Player (UK)

    Hi I have a spare Kplayer 300 1080p mini player. Excellent condition, with remote control, psu, UK mains lead. I am in UK. ?750 ono ? Thanks Richard
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    FOR SALE: KSERVER-1500 for sale

    Hi I'm in UK. I have a fully working KSERVER-1500 for sale. It was the result of an insurance claim when the rack it was in fell over (previous owner, Kaleidescape know), but I put different drives in and a new front on it and ran it for some time. It now only has the Kaleidescape standard...
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    FOR SALE: KPLAYER 6000 in UK

    Hi I have a KPLAYER-6000 for sale. Serial 000000030C53. It was replaced by Kaleidescape about 2 years ago under warranty, and was removed from my system and boxed up shortly after that. I'm after ?1000 for it, including UK shipping. Cheers Richard
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    Kaleidescape, DVD Regions and Bluray Zones

    As one of those not living in USA/North America, and having recently been asked about different regions and zones and Kaleidescape a few times, I thought i'd brain-dump my experiences here. I hope it will help others, and please feel free to correct any mistakes I make. Most of this is well...
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    FOR SALE: 1U Server with 2x 2TB disks for sale (UK)

    Hi I am selling a 1U server, with 2x 2TB disks (and two empty slots with blanking plates). The two disks are under warranty until 30th July 2013 (and were new before that, so you can extend the disks warranties quite a bit). Content is just the 6 standard items supplied with a new server...
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    FOR SALE: KSERVER-1500 with 2x 2TB in UK

    Hi I have a KSERVER-1500 with two 2TB drives. The KSERVER is out of warranty. The 2TB drives are 6 months old and thus under warranty until 30th July 2013. The warranty can be extended on those further. UK RRP for a KSERVER-1500 with 4x 2TB is ?7695 + VAT UK RRP for a 2TB disk is ?750 + VAT...
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    WANTED: Front panel for 1U server

    Has anyone got a front panel for a 1U server? Thanks Richard
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    FOR SALE: 1U server in UK (empty)

    Hi I'm probably about to buy a 3U server and thus either will sell or part-ex my 1U server. It will come with no disks as they will go into the new server. UK RRP is ?7554 including VAT. I beleive on 1st May that goes up to approx ?8k. I'm after around 5K for it, so please do make an offer...
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    Anyone know what DVD drive is in new Kscape (DVD) players ?

    Hi All I have an old 4 zone music player with a DVD drive that is getting dodgy. It is out of warranty and I really don't want to send it across the world to get a new DVD drive in it, when a DVD drive is ?20. I looked in a newer K-5000 that didn't have the seal on it because its had a new...
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    M-Series 'Crestron/AMX/etc' cover art with parental control now works properly.

    I've just swopped out a Movie Player 2 for a M500 in my viewing room. There was a Kaleidescape issue that meant that only cover art for the lowest level of parental control (for me, G) was ever supplied to remote management ethernet devices. (I did discuss this with Kaleidescape many years ago...
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    Conductor to work on non-administrator logins

    Hi We have individual logins on our Windows PC and use Conductor to sync a single playlist per user onto the PC. However, Conductor only seems to work on 'Administrator' windows logins. Given we have small children I don't want them to have Admin logins, I want them to have normal user logins...
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    Ability to build playlists without other privileges

    Hi On my kaleiedescape I have 5 Music playlists ("collections") (one for each member of the family) that auto-sync using Conductor into the family member's individual logins on whichever PC they normally use which then sync to our iPhones/iPods/iPads. The trouble is the family members can not...
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    Blu-ray "remote" vault

    With DVDs where one has 2 Kaleiedescape systems one can watch the DVDs in both because the DVDs are loaded on both systems and the DVD is in a drawer. However, with Blu-ray the BR disk needs to be in a vault. And thus only available at one location. Subject to the licence agreement, it would...
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    FOR SALE: Another KPLAYER-5000 in UK, on maintenance

    Hi, I have another KPLAYER-5000 "Movie Player 2" for sale - this one is on maintenance to 28th February 2011. It has a couple of marks on the case where its been in and out of a rack, and also comes with a rather worn set of rack ears which my Kaleidescape dealer gave me from their system that...
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    FOR SALE: 750GB 1U/3U disk - re-initialised

    I have a spare 750GB disk which has been re-initialised by Kaleidescape so can go in any 1u or 3u server. It is on warranty until July 2011 Offers around ?500 ? Richard
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    FOR SALE: KPLAYER-5000 in UK

    Hi I have a spare KPLAYER-5000 as i'm just buying a M series. It is not on maintenance. Fully working and has the rack mount ears Needless to say in great condition. It has been in a rack so does have a couple of minor marks on the top Im after £1000 for it. I may have a second in the new...