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Search results

  1. J

    Ghostbusters: Afterlife

    Our latest Cineluxe review is on the Kaleidescape download of Ghostbusters: Afterlife. This review is done by Ryan Rutherford, forum member Amblinfan, so show him a bit of love by checking it out! Ryan says, "One of the Top 5 Dolby Atmos presentations I’ve ever come across, this mix is one for...
  2. J

    Interested in reviewing movies?

    Hey, guys! I'm publisher at www.cineluxe.com now, and a regular part of our coverage is content (movie/music/streaming) reviews. We're looking to expand our coverage and part of that involves getting some additional reviewers on-board, and I figured what better place to start than right here...
  3. J

    The Matrix Trilogy

    With the fourth film getting ready to drop next week, it felt like the perfect time to revisit this amazing franchise and rewatch the original Trilogy. All three films are available at the Movie Store in 4K HDR, with Reloaded and Revolutions both in Dolby TrueHD Atmos. (Luke says he's *still*...
  4. J

    Cineluxe 2.0

    Hello, everyone! Many of you have read the coverage over at Cineluxe.com over the past couple of years, which has featured a ton of info and reviews of Kaleidescape content. Some news...I took over the site as publisher on November 1, and we have had a total redesign that relaunched today. (I...
  5. J

    WANTED: WTB: M300

    Added a room onto my house a few years ago, and now there is a TV in it.... What is the going rate of an M300, and anyone here have one they aren't using they'd consider selling? Thanks! John
  6. J

    Store Demo Script Suggestions

    Just got a new Strato to demo in my showroom and use as a puppy-dog loaner, and I've loaded it up with about 85 4K HDR titles from my library... What would be your suggestions for a "Wow!" demo script that has like 5-10 pre-built-Kaleidescape scenes...? Scenes should be fun, dynamic, show off...
  7. J

    SOLD: JVC DLA-NX7 4K DILA Projector

    For Sale: JVC DLA-NX7 native 4K video projector, $5575. I'm the original owner, and purchased the unit directly from JVC in October 2019. Ceiling mounted in non-smoking home. Used almost exclusively for movie watching via my Strato. Currently 499 hours on original lamp. All original parts...
  8. J

    Loading up new Strato

    I just got my new store demo Strato! (W00t!) Is there a way to go through my purchased content (it is linked to my personal account with like 200 titles) and checkmark tons of titles for download, or do I need to do it one at a time? Thanks!
  9. J

    K-Vault10 grinding sound (help!)

    Had an issue where my K-Vault10 got disconnected from my M500 player. Rebooted it, and when it came back on line it started making this grinding sound. I thought maybe there was something in the carousel, so I opened it up and the carousel is totally free and spins normally. Looks like it is a...
  10. J

    Ten Commandments video aspect

    Just downloaded and watched the new 4K HDR version of the Ten Commandments. When watching on my LED TV it is window boxed. Any idea why this would be? This doesn’t happen with any other titles that I can think of. Says it is 1.78 aspect (though more accurate it is 1.85). Curious if any one can...
  11. J

    20th Anniversary Podcast Discussion

    Mike Gaughn (webmaster at Cineluxe.com) and I had the opportunity to chat with Kaleidescape founder Cheena Srinivasan, new-CEO Tayloe Stansbury, and new VP of marketing Norma Garcia-Muro about the company's history and where they are going forward. A pretty interesting listen! Ep. 16...
  12. J

    4K HDR Wishlist

    The three main contributors over at Cineluxe put together our individual wishlists of titles that we’d love to see get new 4K HDR makeovers. Here’s my list: https://www.cineluxe.com/john-sciaccas-4k-hdr-wish-list/ What titles would you most love to see get a new transfer?
  13. J

    New Interview with Kaleidescape CEO Tayloe Stansbury

    I had the opportunity to chat with Tayloe about his love of home theater, going from being a Kaleidescape customer to CEO, movies during the pandemic, his plans for Kaleidescape, and more! Enjoy! From Customer to CEO: A Conversation with Kaleidescape's Tayloe Stansbury - cineluxe
  14. J

    Recent movie releases/reviews

    Hello, all! As many know, I do a lot of Kaleidescape movie reviews for Cineluxe.com focusing on the picture and sound quality, and I thought I'd share a recent slate that I've posted so you can decide if these are films you want to add to your library and watch! If you're so inclined to give...
  15. J

    Disc Vault Waiting to Eject

    I have two discs I’m trying to get out of my K-Vault-10 (Dacal) and I can’t get them to eject. Went into the OSD of my M300 under disc and hit “eject discs waiting to be ejected” but still nothing. I have two vaults and these discs are in the vault attached to a co-Star paired system. Any...
  16. J

    Spartacus 4K HDR

    This new 55th Anniversary 4K HDR transfer looks amazing! Regardless of how many times you've watched this epic, you have never seen it looking like this, with a new 4K digital intermediate taken from a 6K scan of the original 35 mm Super 70 Technirama prints. And if you've never seen it -- as...
  17. J

    Strato with 2020 D&M receiver?

    Hi. I've got an install with a Strato connected to a new Marantz SR7015 and Sony 950H TV. Running through the Marantz I get flashing white screen periodically when watching 4K HDR content. Might not happen until 5-10 minutes into a movie, but then once it happens, it regularly happens every 10...
  18. J

    Interview with Kaleidescape's Mike Kobb

    Chances are you've interacted with Mike Kobb here at the forum as he's the Principal Engineer of User Experience at Kaleidescape. You might not know that he's an avid movie buff with an incredibly custom built home theater that he was heavily involved in designing. Here's an interview I did with...
  19. J

    Kaleidescape Movie Reviews

    Hello, all! I've been writing for a site called Cineluxe for awhile that focuses on luxury home-cinema topics, and I've reviewed a BUNCH of recent Kaleidescape store releases, mainly looking at picture and sound quality. (I try to keep the reviews spoiler-free.) Kaleidescape has been very...
  20. J

    1917 video issue?

    Hi. I watched 1917 last night (great movie!) and while the vast majority of the movie looked great, there was a moment in the scene marked "The Dogfight". The camera is traveling horizontally behind these vertical wooden slates of a small pen and the image is a real mess. I watched it a few...